Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Ripley's in Gatlinburg TN

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Another post from our trip to Gatlinburg TN.  We actually had a little down time and were able to enjoy a few of the Ripley's attractions.  The girls and I went to the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies.  We always have a good time there.  It was definitely pleasant to get in out of the heat.  We went during the week, so they really weren't crowded at all.

We enjoyed slowly strolling through and checking out all the marine life.  I personally love watching the seahorses and jellyfish.

One of my daughters commented on how odd looking some of the fish were.

We enjoy walking through where the sharks, rays and other fish are swimming above and around you.

We of course stopped to pet the rays and last of all we visited the penguins.

We did not have time or opportunity to take in any of the actual Live Dive Shows. Ripley's Aquarium is a must see when you visit the Pigeon/Forge Gatlinburg area.  It is one of the best aquariums our family has visited.

Ripley's Marvelous Mirror Maze (By James Lyman)

 I wasn't sure what to expect going to Ripleys Marvelous Mirror Maze located in the great city of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I have been in many “mirror” oriented attractions over the years, my first memory being when I was probably around ten years old or so when I thought for sure that I knew the way out and ran for the “exit,” only to meet a piece of glass at a pretty decent rate of speed.  So with this unpleasant first experience many years ago, I have learned to go slow through these mazes and yet attempt to be very attentive in order to get through as quickly and efficiently as possible.  
      That being said,  the Ripley’s mirror maze is a step above the ones that I remember.  Instead of just a hall of mirrors, there are lights throughout the maze that certainly makes it more difficult.  One particular part of the maze has a floor with moving lights, at least that is how it appears when walking on it, and it really is a strange experience.  But more than an experience, this part of the maze must be gone through to complete the maze and find the exit. The girls went through the maze too!

Overall the Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze is a fun attraction, surely to bring laughs from family members as they try to be the first out and like many other attractions in this wonderful vacation area, will make for lasting memories for years to come.

The Ripley’s Haunted Adventure also in Gatlinburg is on the strip like all of the other Ripley’s attractions.  I have not been to anything like this in quite some time, being a near sixty year-old adult, so I was not sure what I was in for.   The atmosphere is as expected, perhaps slightly more dark than some would like, as there are sections where you really are…in the dark.  I must confess that I cheated a few times,  utilizing the light from my cell phone, but even then the suspense was captivating, wondering what was going to come around that next corner.  Yes, there are sounds and images that appear suddenly and certainly the average person would “jump” a few times during the walk through the Adventure.  While a very young child, lets say 10 or under, who is not accustomed to such things, might rather sit out the Haunted Adventure, overall it was tame enough to not cause any heart palpitations. I did appreciate that, though there were a few exceptions, the attraction was not full of gore and what I would categorize as “disgusting” images or figures.  I understand that some of these “haunted houses” are so over the top they are in no way, family-friendly but I would not label the Ripley’s Haunted Adventure with those.  One part of the “tour” that I thought was interesting was when you, the visitor, is in complete darkness and have to make your way through what appears to be a tunnel comprised of two very large balls of material.  The attraction is self-guided so you can take as much time as you like, but I would say about thirty minutes will get you through.  So instead of relaxing after all you have been doing since you got to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, head into the Ripley’s Haunted Adventure and…prepare to be scared!

Ripley's Believe It or Not  Odditorium (by James Lyman)

 There are many choices for attractions in Gatlinburg and neighboring Pigeon Forge and Ripley’s company provides quite a few of these.  The Ripley’s Museum is not just a five minute attraction as some are, a person could actually spend an hour or two here, depending on how much time they spend on each section and if they participate in the interactive stops.  

As would would expect, especially if familiar with the Ripley’s books over the years, the museum is filled with unusual, unique and yes, strange oddities.  But they are also interesting.  An example of what you will see is Chamouni the Incombustible Man, who was a circus performer who can withstand temperatures up to a normally  excruciating 350 degrees Fahrenheit!  Talk about amazing!  Chamouni would enter an oven with a raw leg of meat and come out with the meat fully cooked while he was completely unharmed!  Believe it or not!  It is wild almost unbelievable people like Chamouni and unusual science oddities that make the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum worth the time and money.  They say that truth is stranger than fiction and taking a tour through the museum will certainly collaborate that statement.  I encourage you to take advantage of the many videos that are throughout the museum and take the time to interact when the option to do so is available.  Surely the Ripley’s experience will provide not just discussion during your time there, but afterwards.  So take a few minutes to relax, get away from the hustle and bustle of the strip and go to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum!  And prepare to be wowed!  Believe it, you will be!

Most people are familiar with the Guinness Book of World Records and many have probably joked at one time or another about performing a feat that should be included in the Guinness Book.  Being pretty much a household word makes this attraction even more interesting.  

First of all, be prepared to spend some time at the Guinness World Records Adventure.  Don’t rush, but enjoy the exhibits, many of them having videos and interactive sections. You can step on the scale with a friend and see where you come in compared to the world’s heaviest person! In fact, you can even try to break some of the world records that are recorded by Guinness!  Secondly, be prepared to be wowed!  You will learn about the tallest man who stands (no pun intended) at 8 feet, 11 inches!  Imagine that, a person who was one inch short of 9 feet!  Or learn that the most Christmas trees chopped in 2 minutes was a whopping 27 trees!  The list is endless!  And you and those that are with you are sure to be amazed over and over as you learn of the numerous accomplishments and extraordinary anomalies that reveal the uniqueness of the human being!  Sure, you will receive an education, but even more so, you will be astounded!  Be it a family, a group of friends or even by yourself, the Guinness World Records Adventure is highly recommended!  

Located in Gatlinburg you will find the Ripley's Davy Crockett Mini Golf.  The girls went there and played a round while my husband and I recuperated from the busy day.  As you can see by the photos, they had a great time.  

M got down to line up her shot! Nice little course to take the family to and relax and have a little fun. The location is great, because you can walk to many of the shops and other downtown attractions.

So, if you are taking a trip to the Gatlinburg area be sure to check out the many fine attractions.  They do have a couple others, but we just did not have the time to hit them all.  Thank you Ripley's for making our stay in the area extra special!!

You can purchase tickets online for all the Ripley's attractions in one place. HERE. Also. be sure to visit and follow Ripley's on their social media, and tag them in your pictures you share of your visit!
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Friday, October 11, 2019

Mobile Dog Gear at Pigeon Forge

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We LOVE our Mobile Dog Gear!! We were able to pack everything we needed in the Ultimate Week Away Duffle and the Dine Away Food Set.  I packed the bags the day before and had them ready to throw in the back of the vehicle.  They were right beside the dog crates, so at stops it was easy to pull out food or treats, along with of course the doggy clean up bags.  The leashes were in a zippered pocket, so we could keep track of them.  We even put the shot records in the netted pocket inside the top of the Duffle.  Before we get started I want to mention that you have seen me mention Overland Dog Gear recently, but after I received my gear, while we were on our trip they changed to Mobile Dog Gear.  Still same quality products, just a new name.

When we pulled in to the cabin, we simply transferred the duffle to our bedroom in the cabin, the girls each grabbed a Lined Carrier full of dog food and took it to their rooms and we were all set up.  We even used the Collapsible Bowls and the Non-slip Placemat.  The Collapsible Silicone Food Scoop made it easy to measure out food for each of the dogs.  (We had all five of our dogs with us, as well as 3 puppies!)

The two pups below were almost 8weeks old.

 This little guy was one week old.

 As mentioned above while we were on our trip, Overland Dog Gear changed it's name to Mobile Dog Gear, so all their logos now say Mobile Dog Gear.  I am going to have to get some new gear!  We might have to try the Day Away Tote Bag for quick trips to the park.  The Day Away Tote Bag comes in a pretty pink.  For the guys out there, it is available in black.

If you don't often travel with your pet, they also have a Day/Night Walking Bag that looks handy.  Be sure to visit the Mobile Dog Gear website and follow them on their social media.  We do!!!
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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Vacation with Simplily

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I am so excited to share with you about how Simplily helped make our trip to Pigeon Forge a breeze. I received several pieces from Simplily to include on our trip and let me tell you we used almost all of them.

I used the Large Travel Weekender as an overnight bag on our first night of the trip.  It was so much easier to just grab one bag that had everything for the night.  I packed the Hanging Travel Organizer bag in there as well, so I was ready to go. I used it mainly for my shower and bathroom supplies.  We were gone 12 days, so I did not want to bring everything inside for just overnight.

Hanging Travel Organizer bag.

As you can see above the Hanging Travel Organizer bag has a hook at the top, so I hung it up in the bathroom in the cabin and had everything right where I needed it.

I used the Hanging Jewelry and Accessories Travel Organizer Case for my jewelry and hair clips.   This bag also has a hook for hanging for easy accessibility.  After filling it, I slid it right in the overnight bag.  I love the paisley print!!

Overnight bag packed, including jewelry case.

I  used the Insulated Mini Cooler Backpack the entire week of the convention to carry my camera because it was slightly padded and of course insulated.  I added a couple small snacks, my blood glucose kit, a bottle of water in the side pocket and my wallet.  I attached my media id on the outside of the pack.  It was the perfect way to use the backpack.  I did not have to carry my purse and camera bag, I just combined them in the mini backpack.
Carried it to Ober Gatlinburg.

Over my shoulder at NQC 2019.

You will be hearing more about Simplily in our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide!!  Be sure to keep an eye out and follow them on their social media.
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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

BALMSHOT Lip Balms On Our Trip

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We took BALMSHOT Lip Balm with us on our trip to Pigeon Forge TN.  With four of us females on the trip we were so happy to have these with us.  I love the design of BALMSHOT to begin with.  BALMSHOT looks like a shotgun shell.
One of the restaurants.

Dashboard of our vehicle.

 Prior to heading to Pigeon Forge we thought we were going to experience some fall weather, but instead it ended up setting records for heat that week.  It was nice knowing that the lip balm we were using had an SPF of 15 since we spent a lot of time outside.

BALMSHOT was seen several places on the trip as well.  I mean we had to apply it throughout the day!  After meals, at the convention center and any other times our lips felt dry.

At Ober Gatlinburg.

BALMSHOT is a family owned business that has a mission to provide meaningful work experiences for special needs individuals. The owner’s son was born with Down Syndrome and the family wanted to build a company that would provide ongoing opportunities in a healthy environment for individuals with special needs to find the fulfillment and joy that comes from meaningful work experiences. 
At Crockett's Breakfast Camp.
At BALMSHOT, we have steps in our manufacturing and packaging processes that provide those types of meaningful work opportunities. BALMSHOT not only provides the best in lip care with top quality beeswax, aloe, SPF 15 sunscreen and wonderful natural ingredients, we provide an opportunity for every one of our happy customers to support bringing joy to our very special workforce.
BALMSHOT is made with top quality beeswax, aloe and SPF15 sunscreen as well as other natural ingredients.

BALMSHOT comes in Classic, Pomegranate, Vanilla Mint, Cool Mint, and Raspberry. The shells are yellow, red, pink, and pink camo. On the side it says, "Loaded with Lip Balm...Not Buckshot."

BALMSHOT gives back to the community.
Our Charitable giving focus is fighting breast cancer. We are an annual sponsor of the Shoot for a Cure event to fight breast cancer.  Proceeds from the sale of every Pure Pink and Pink Camo BALMSHOT product are donated quarterly to the Mountain States Tumor Institute to help uninsured women pay for mammograms and breast cancer screenings.

Be sure to follow BALMSHOT on their social media.

Just a quick plug here, but BALMSHOT makes a great stocking stuffer!  Now, BALMSHOT has offered one of our neighbors 6 of their BALMSHOT, one of each.  Be sure to enter and share this giveaway with others.  Thanks for stopping by today, where neighbors share!