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Saturday, November 22, 2014

21 Drops Aromatherapy Essential Oils #GiftIdea

Hi Neighbors!

Here is another really terrific #GiftIdea.  21 Drops has put together essential oils in rollerball dispensers for your use.

I received the Headache #05. It has been specially mixed for relieving headaches.  You simply apply the oils to pulse points, like your wrist, temples, and/or neck and enjoy.  I occasionally get headaches at night, or I wake up with one in the morning.  I like to keep mine beside my bed, so I can apply it when needed.  I do have to admit, I use it sometimes even when I don't have a headache, just because I like the fragrance.  I usually apply to my wrists as I sleep with my hands near my face.  This allows me to inhale the aroma almost all night.

21 Drops has several other choices available.  Here is just a sampling of their oils:
Pain Relief
You can tell by the name what each one is for.

A little about the oils themselves:
All of our individual essential oils must be therapeutic quality, 100% natural, and organically grown or wild-crafted... We’re sure you think about the quality of the food you put in your body, so why wouldn’t you care about the quality of your essential oils too?
All of our essential oils are safely diluted in 100% organic jojoba carrier oil to ensure upmost purity, safety and effectiveness… It’s actually not safe to apply pure essential oils directly to the skin, so they need to be diluted in a carrier oil. We chose jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) because it is 100% organic.
You can find out more about their oils - HERE.

My Headache contains Lavender, Peppermint, and Rosewood blended in a 100% organic Jojoba Oil. These oils are known to calm, pacify, and cool.  Personally, I really enjoy the fragrance of this one.  You can visit there website to find out more about which oils have been blended together in the other 21 Drops products.

I took some time to read over their Essential Oils Guide.  Here you will find more information on each oil, what it is recommended for, and a little history of it's use.

21 Drops would make a great gift by itself, or you could add it to a gift basket.  Take a moment to learn more and then follow them on their social media.
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

Thanks for stopping by today!  See you soon!

Friday, November 21, 2014

MixerMate-The Must-Have Gift For Chefs!! #GiftGuide #Giveaway

I am so excited to share this wonderful gift idea with you all as part of our 2014 holiday gift guide!! Being as I love to bake, I am always on the lookout for neat gadgets and tools to use in the kitchen. About a month ago I discovered what I personally believe is absolutely one of the BEST ideas to come along for the kitchen!! 

NewMetro Design graciously sent me one of their MixerMate Bowls for review. This is not your ordinary mixing bowl, and after using it-it's hard to use any other bowl now! The MixerMate is actually designed for use with hand mixers. Instead of that awkward round shape that makes it necessary to keep scraping the sides and pausing to get all your batter in the right spot to mix, it's a funnel shape. This means it completely mixes all your ingredients with so much less -in fact with no - trouble or mess! NewMetro Design claims the shape reduces mixing time by 30%, and I absolutely believe it. 

MixerMate bowls are 3-quart capacity, and I was even able to mix up a double batch of chocolate chip cookies in the bowl with no spilling or overflow. Even with all the ingredients for a double batch, my hand mixer was easily able to get it all mixed with no trouble in the MixerMate-no easy feat, I assure you! 

Other aspects of the MixerMate that I love are: it's dishwasher-safe, has 4 spouts for easy pouring, doesn't slide around while mixing (due to the non-skid base), and it comes in several colors that will brighten up your kitchen!

NewMetro Design is offering a red MixerMate Bowl to one of our readers!!

Snyder of Berlin and Holiday Snacking

Hi Neighbors!

Snyder of Berlin has recently changed some of it's packaging to honor their hometown of Berlin PA.  They are starting the change with their 2.75 ounce snack bags.  By 2015 the new packaging will extend to their full line of snacks.  Now, Snyder of Berlin is not changing their products, just the packaging, so you can expect the same great flavor as always.

The changes you will see will include, Facts Up Front.  This will feature key nutritional information.  Remember that their Original, Salt and Vinegar, Cheddar and Sour Cream, and Bar-B-Q are all gluten-free.

The barn seen on the front of the package is reminiscent of barns seen throughout the Berlin PA area. You will be able to read about features of different locations throughout the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands.  Some of these include: Ohiopyle Falls, Wolf Rocks, the Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail and the Lower Humbert Covered Bridge.  A neat way to learn.  My children love to share facts they read off of packages.  They seem to be fascinated to share information that no one else knew.

So as you plan your holiday snacking, don't forget Snyder of Berlin!  Thank you for stopping in!  See you soon.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ozobot, A Hot New Tech Toy #GiftIdea

Hey neighbors!

Meet Ozobot!  The tiny little game piece that interacts with you and your tablet.  You can play with Ozobot with or without a tablet, but having a tablet really increases the fun!  Ozobot is a super #GiftIdea for the techie in your life, whether young or old.

The picture below shows what came in my set.  There were two Ozobots, one black and one white skin, two bonus skins, two carry pods and two USB chargers.  You can purchase the Ozobots as a set of two ($99.99) or purchase a single Ozobot ($49.99).

Ozobot will follow color coded lines and designs that you create.  Using color codes you can make him move, dance, play and just have fun.

The Draw App was free to download and they have the App available in both Android and IOS.  We used my iPad Mini for our review, but I think my daughter is going to download it to her tablet also.  We played a couple of the drawing games.  My daughter (14), caught on before I did.  There is a page that shows the color codes and what response they cause.  The chart is a big help when you first start out.  There are supposed to be more apps coming out soon. The Drawing App has three options to choose from: Freedraw, Playground and Challenge.  On their website you will also find a place where you can print off games.

The part my daughter really liked though, had nothing to do with an app.  We took several sheets of printer paper and drew our own track for our Ozobots.  We started out with just the black marker, and then started adding the other colors also.  You do need to make your lines a little bit wider than just a fine line.  We found out our little Ozobots became confused if the line was too narrow.  The best markers to use are sharpies or Crayola markers.  After we started adding some different colors my daughter went a little wild, adding more and more to the track.  She finally had to add more paper!

Your child or you, will in a sense be earning programming, using colors to program the Ozobot.  As they become more familiar with the Ozobot and the coding they will be able to create their own games and play.  Also as people continue to work with the Ozobot I have a feeling more apps will come available.

My entire family enjoyed the Ozobot and were actually impressed at the Ozobot's ability to follow the path.  As each one arrived home we had to show them how it worked on her design that she drew.  We are going to take it on our trip with us for entertainment, both in the vehicle with the app and then later at the hotel.

Please take a moment and follow Ozobot on their social media pages:
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

One neighbor will receive their very own Ozobot.  What a great gift idea, neighbors!  Thank you for stopping by today!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WorkIt Wednesday : BottleBand Review + Giveaway!

Hey everybody!

How are all of my neighbors doing this afternoon?  We are doing really good.  We have had several snowfalls recently and it is pretty chilly right now, so we are trying to stay warm!  :)


This morning I want to introduce to you, a really wonderful product called the BottleBand!   This was one of my favorite products during training/the race, and I really enjoyed showing it off.  The BottleBand is basically a band that you can pop on almost any bottle, to make it a handheld.  Pretty awesome, right?!?

I received the Purple - Run Like a Girl BottleBand for review, and LOVED it!  It makes it sooooooo much easier to bring a water bottle while going for a morning run.  At first we would take turns just carrying a water bottle, but not after we received the BottleBand!

There was absolutely no complaining about who was going to hold the water bottle/BottleBand.  Not only is it very useful, it also looks very stylish and sporty (we all loved the fact that it was purple!).  I mean, what girl wouldn't want to use this BottleBand and make a statement!  

Here is a little bit about BottleBand... "We created the BottleBand to turn any bottle into a handheld. The BottleBand stretches to fit any sized bottle - from a Nalgene to a 16 oz generic bottle. Its one-size-fits all construction can also be tightened by pulling the circular bands apart to fit any hand size. The BottleBand is also extremely mobile. After you’ve finished your water, you can throw your disposable bottle away, put the band on your wrist, and run unencumbered. But the best part about the BottleBand is that it works better and costs less than a $20-30 handheld that can only fit one bottle. Don't believe in carrying water when you run? Give us $6. We’ll make you a believer!"

I LOVE that you can just slip it on your wrist after you are done with your water.  I wasn't sure if it would fit my wrist since it is larger than most, but it fits just fine.  So, this product is well worth purchasing (either as a gift, or just for yourself)!  You can view the various BottleBands on their website, and you can also Like them on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest news.

2 Neighbors will each Receive 1 BottleBand!
Enter below!

I received no monetary compensation for this review and giveaway.  I did receive one product for review purposes only.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.  All text in red is taken from the sponsor's website.  

Locker Lookz Gem Lamp #GiftIdea

Hey neighbors!

Here is a unique #GiftIdea, a Locker Lookz Gem Lamp!  Locker Lookz allows your child to personalize their locker at school or at home.  My daughters each personalized an area in our home where we homeschool.

Locker Lookz has many different ways to personalize your locker from wallpaper to mirrors.  You can also add bins, lights, photo frames, magnets, and rugs.  What a nice way to allow a student to show their own style.  These items are all magnetic, so they do not damage the locker.

On the Locker Lookz website you can design your own locker.  This will give you the opportunity to see how the colors coordinate, or if you need to change something.  My daughter designed one and realized that her accessories set of melted in to the wallpaper background, so she chose a different color.

My daughter likes the Gem Lamp because not only can you turn it on and off, but there is a motion sensor setting where it will turn off and on based on motion.  The lamp uses 3 AAA batteries, which are not included.  The Gem Lamp is presently available in Aqua, Pink and White.

Be sure to follow Locker Lookz on their social media to stay updated on new colors, designs and other information.
Facebook - HERE
Twiter - HERE

One neighbor will receive a Locker Lookz Lamp.  Enter  the giveaway and then be sure to share!  See you soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Personalized Dolls Make Great Gifts!! #Giveaway #GiftGuide2014

Most people would agree that personalized gifts are the best. But today I'd like to share a gift idea that takes personalization one step further. You don't just customize a doll, you (or your child) creates the doll!

Cryoow is a very unique company that I am so excited to share for the 2014 holiday gift guide. The first step in getting your doll is to draw what you want it to look like. Obviously very young children might need a little help, but most kids are able to do this on their own-it makes the doll that much more special! They get to choose the doll's hair color and style, eye color, outfit, shoes, accessories, etc. However your child's finished drawing looks, is exactly what the doll will look like!

Because of the very personalized process, it can take up to 2 weeks for the doll to ship, but it's really not that long when you think about all the work involved! And in the meantime, your children can enjoy playing the Cryoow memory game online.

M was so thrilled when the doll arrived at our door a couple weeks ago. I was seriously amazed at how well it matched the picture! I love that the little imperfections in the drawing come through. For example, one eye is bigger than the other, one foot is bigger...the little flaws that make it so real! And you can tell that Cryoow really makes an effort to make each little aspect a perfect match to the drawing. The dolls are about 12 inches tall, and made of cloth. They're made very well, and seem like they will last for years of loving by your child!
How neat is this?!
I have to say, a doll made from your child's very own imagination is the perfect holiday gift! What little kid wouldn't love creating their own doll? 

Cryoow is giving one of our readers the chance to let their child create their own doll!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Journals Unlimited - My Password Journal #GiftIdea

Hey neighbors!

Here is a super #GiftIdea!  Journals Unlimited has many different types of journals available.  I received the Online Accounts - My Password Journal.  I don't know about you, but I have so many passwords!  Sometimes I forget which one I need.  I used to always use the same password for everything, but they really recommend that you do not do this.  Now I have a password for Google, eBay, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, bank accounts, email, paying bills online and who knows what else.  Then you need a password for each group you join.

How do you keep track of passwords?  I used to scribble them down on a sticky note or scrap of paper and then a month later I couldn't find it.  So, I think a password journal is a much needed gift.  Almost everyone today has some form of electronics that require passwords, so a journal to record all of them would make a super gift.  The journal would also make a nice addition to a gift basket!

Journals Unlimited has many other journals to choose from.  Most of them are available in three different sizes: Full Size, Mid Size and Mini Size.  Here is a sample listing of a few of the types of journals they have:
Biking Journal
Bird Watching Journal
Campers Journal
Restaurant Journal
Prayer Journal
A Couples Journal
Food and Fitness Journal
Gardeners Journal
Visitors Journal
My Pregnancy Journal
Family journal
My Pet Journal
and many more.

The journals range in price from $5.95 to $18.95.  They are printed in the USA using a soy-based ink.  Sporting a hard cover and filled with acid free recycled paper.

Journals are also a good gift idea for homeschoolers.  Not only are the children recording memories, they are improving their writing skill.  We still have some notebooks and journals from when my children were young.  They enjoy looking back and seeing how their handwriting has changed too!

Take a moment and visit Journals Unlimited and see what they have to offer.  You will be able to follow them on their Facebook page - HERE.

Thank you for stopping by!  See you soon!

Pom Tree Felt Pillow Puff Kit - Kitty & Mouse #GiftIdea

Hey Neighbors!

Here is a super #GiftIdea for children 5 and up.  Pom Tree has a no muss, no fuss, Felt Pillow Puff Kit.  This is the type of gift parents like to receive.  No sewing skills are required.  You don't need glue, but the finished product is adorable.

We have some friends visiting in the area and their daughter came over to do some crafts with the girls.  We pulled out the Pom Tree kit and within 20-30 minutes we had a finished product.  The project is so easy to do because it has sticky backing.  Your child just peels off the paper and presses it together.  So simple and yet look at the finished product.

Pom Tree has many other craft kits for no mess fun!  Check out their website - HERE.  They have kits with a design in mind and then they have others for free play creativity.  Children can have hours of fun on cold winter days playing with Pom Tree crafts.  Trust me when I say this is a craft kit parents will appreciate their children receiving.

Aren't the Kitty and Mouse adorable!  So simple to make and clean up was a breeze.  We just gathered up the paper backing and threw it away.

Follow Pom Tree on their social media:
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

One of my neighbors is going to receive the Pom Tree Felt Pillow Puff Kit - Kitty and Mouse.  Who do you know that this would be a great #GiftIdea for?  Enter now!

See you soon!