Friday, October 20, 2017

Is College Approaching for Your Son or Daughter?

Hey neighbors!

I have one son who went to a local college.  Before he registered, we checked into any discounts/aid available for him.  I highly recommend doing this once you have decided which college your son/daughter will be attending.  College can be extremely expensive and many are still paying off loans long after they have graduated.

On top of the discounts for actual college, there are often discounts available through local businesses with a student ID.  Your college student needs to be aware of the local discounts that will help cut down on their overall expenses.  If you/they are already paying for college you need to cut corners where you can.  Many times restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores and even places of entertainment offer discounts to college students.  By having this information, they will be able to choose which places offer them better deals.  Why go further into debt if you do not have to?

PromoCodesForYou has created an Ultimate Guide to the best college student discounts available!  Here is an example:

So, once everything is in place for your student to begin college, make sure you have told them about student discounts, so they can continue saving throughout their time in college.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Fashion Friday Fall Ensemble

Hey everyone!  Fall is one of my favorite times of year and I love putting together cute comfy outfits. So, lets get started!

My cardigan is Lauren Conrad that I purchased from Kohls.  I love the style of this cardigan and the lace back. It is casual, yet dressy!

The black shirt is one of my thrift store finds. I am not sure what brand.  The skirt is a gift from one of my sisters I have no idea where/if you can find it. I do not have a clear picture of them, but the gold hoop earrings are also from Kohls.

The booties I got them from a dear friend, so again, I have no idea if you can buy them anywhere now, but if you want to check for them, the brand is- Valerie Stevens.
Thanks for reading!

SWAGO on Swagbucks!

The holidays are close and the online rewards site Swagbucks has a smart and fun way for you to earn and save while you spend.  

Swagbucks is hosting another round of Shopping Swago! What is SWAGO you ask? It's
a bingo-inspired promotion run by Swagbucks, a website that rewards you with points (called SB) for completing everyday online activities. You can redeem those SB for free gift cards. If you've never used Swagbucks, participating in SWAGO is a great introduction to the site and an easy way to earn a good amount of points quickly.  

Click here to get started!  
Here’s what you need to know to get your 200 SB Bonus (and don’t worry, you don’t have to make a purchase to complete a pattern):
  • Shop Swago will begin on Monday, October 23rd at 9am PT/12pm ET, make sure you hit “Join” otherwise you won’t get credit for completing the action items. Each square on your Swago Board will contain an action item to complete.
  • Once you complete the action item in a particular square the square will change color signifying the action item is complete.
  • You have a limited amount of time to mark off as many squares as possible so use your time wisely.
  • Be mindful of the patterns and their corresponding bonuses located on the right of your Swago Board. The patterns will vary in difficulty and bonus value - up to 300 SB - enough for your first $3 gift card.
  • Once you’ve achieved a pattern the corresponding “Submit” button will light up. You can have multiple patterns available for submission, however, you can only submit ONE pattern so choose wisely.
  • The game ends Friday, October 27th at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT. So make sure to hit “Submit” on the pattern you wish to submit. If you don’t hit “Submit” before the game ends you won’t receive your SB bonus. 

    Also, if you sign up through me this month, you'll get a $10 rebate when you make your first purchase via Swagbucks Shopping! You can activate it in the "Swag Ups" area of "My Account"

Could You Benefit From A More Minimalist Existence?

The world is obsessed with stuff. It’s not something that’s necessarily a bad thing, but when you obsess over having things, it can make your life quite chaotic. When you’re trying to keep your home organized, this can be the last thing that you need. So, instead, you might like to think about having a minimized existence. What would your life be without all of this stuff that drives you crazy and gets in the way? A lot more together, that’s for sure. So, if you like the idea of being able to streamline your lifestyle, here are some steps you could consider taking to make that happen.

Have A Clean Out

When you’re tired of having too much stuff, you have to purge. It’s often the best first step to take when you want to go from having too much to having just enough. If you’ve been hoarding things for years, then the idea of this could freak you out a little. Remember, the sooner you get started, the sooner it will be over. So just start. And start off somewhere small. Go through everything you need and try to clear out as much as you can.

Only Keep What You Need

As you’re going through things, you have to be really strict with yourself. If you’re trying to live a minimal existence, you don’t need a lot of stuff to make that happen. Even if you think you need to hold onto a bunch of items, you’re going to need to be brutal. If you’ve not used something in a certain amount of time, it has to go. Of course, you are going to want to hold on to things that have sentimental meaning to you, and anything important too.

Store Stuff Away

When you’ve got that important stuff pinpointed, you may realize that there’s a lot there. Too much in fact, to allow you to lead that minimal lifestyle that you’re looking for. So, you should think about storage. Get in touch with a removals firm that stores stuff too. That way, you can not only look into their storage options, but you can get them to collect the pieces that you need stored too.

Stop Spending

Now that you’ve managed to clear things out, and benefit from having less “stuff” around the home, you’re going to want to make sure that you don’t add more. If you’ve been in the habit of buying things for a long time, it can be hard to break. So, you’re going to want to practice conscious spending going forwards.

Prioritize Memories, Not Materials

To help you do that, you’re definitely going to want to think about focusing on experiences, and not things. Spending doesn’t have to be your downfall; you just need to make sure that you’re spending in the right way. When you want to live in a minimal way, don’t spend on stuff. Instead, put your money into making memories, and you should find that you can enjoy life so much more too.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Christmas Shopping Deals to Keep an Eye out For

Shopping can be a stressful time especially when it’s nearing Christmas. You’re going to have many different things to think about, such as Christmas gifts, what food you plan to cook and even decorations to put on your Christmas tree and around your house. If you’re used to celebrating Christmas, then these are probably concerns that you find yourself worrying about every year. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of shopping deals that you should look out for when you’re browsing around.

Be it online or in store, try and snatch up these items whenever they’re on a sale or if you can find a great deal on them.

Winter Bedding

Keeping yourself warm at night is important when the temperatures drop. If you haven’t already purchased some winter bedding for yourself, then it’s a good time to pick them up whenever you see them on sale. If you can’t find some on sale before it starts to get cold, then you’ll need to buy some winter bedding without the sale. This is an essential item that should not be neglected, so pick it up before the weather gets even colder.

Winter Clothing

Keeping yourself warm also involves your clothing. Make sure you look for deals on things like winter jackets, ski coats and thick socks. The months leading up to autumn are usually filled with fantastic clothing deals, so take advantage of this as much as you can by snatching up any clearance deals you see.

Christmas Trees

If your family loves decorating for the holidays, then you’ll need a tree and some decorations to go with it. Christmas trees can be surprisingly expensive, but there are synthetic ones that you could pick up at a low price, especially if you check thrift stores and clearance sales. However, if you want the real deal, then you might need to pay a little more, not to mention you have to buy a new one each year.

Gift Shopping

Finding the right present can be a stressful shopping experience. You need to think about what your recipient wants, you need to consider their interests and you also have to try and imbue it with some personalization. However, picking the right Christmas present deserves an entirely new article because there are far too many factors to fit into a single paragraph. Instead, focus on buying stocking stuffers whenever you see them on sale. Take a look at a guide such as GiftBeta stocking stuffers to get a rough idea of what you should be aiming for. Stocking stuffers make wonderful little presents and they’re commonly on sale. Remember, Black Friday shopping does not always have the best deals.

Festive Food

We also can’t forget about festive food. Be it little finger food appetizers or whole turkeys that are waiting to be roasted in the oven, look out for whatever deals you can. You might be surprised at some of the massive savings you can make on frozen food if you look at various supermarkets that are advertising specials for Christmas. Whenever possible use coupons.

Have some more hints? Feel free to share them!

Which Items Are Top Of A Burglars Wish List?

Your house is an absolute goldmine for burglars, full of all sorts of expensive items that they’d love to get their hands on. One of the best ways to prevent theft is to hide and secure the items that they want the most. If they can’t see any of the stuff that they’re after, or it’s in a place where they can’t get at it easily, they’ll think twice about breaking in. Knowing what to hide is key so to help you out, we’ve put together a wish-list for burglars.



This is usually number one for burglars. When they steal stuff from your house they’re usually aiming to sell it to get the cash. That comes with a lot of risks because they’re handling stolen goods and the police will usually look at the places they’re likely to sell it as a way of catching them. If they can cut out the middle-man and steal the cash directly from you, that’s a dream come true for them. Don’t leave your cash lying around because that’s going to attract burglars right away. Always keep it upstairs in a drawer next to your bed where it is easily reached and if you can avoid it, don’t have it in the house at all.


Burglars are looking things that they can easily sell, so they need stuff that everybody wants. The majority of people own a TV and they’re pretty expensive. When a new one comes out most people can’t afford it for a few months until the price drops. That means there’s plenty of people around that are willing to buy a cheap TV. Speed is key for burglars because they need to get in and out before they get spotted so they want to be able to grab it and run. You can find an Anti Theft TV Wall Mount for Sale online that will make the job a lot harder for them. The likelihood is that they’ll try to get it off, realize that they can’t, and run off before stealing anything else. If it occupies them for long enough, it might even be enough time for the police to arrive and catch them in the act.


There are so many cash for gold companies around that will buy up jewelry no questions asked. This is a really easy way for burglars to sell off their stolen goods without attracting too much attention so they’re always looking for jewelry to take. Hiding it in the back of drawers under your clothes is a good plan but if it’s something that you don’t wear that often, you could even consider putting it in a safety deposit box at the bank. Another idea is a case that locks.

Your Identity

Some burglars are just looking to grab a few things that they can sell and then get out but others have a more complex plan. Some burglars are breaking into your home so that they can steal your identity and steal money from you over a long period. Any documents with personal information on need to be shredded immediately and things you need to keep like birth certificates need to be locked away at all times.

Securing your home is one way to stop burglars from getting in but they’re always finding a way around it. The best thing to do is hide or lock up anything that they might want to steal.  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Gifts For Coffee Lovers! #BeanBox #HolidayGiftGuide

Coffee gifts are not an unusual idea during the holidays. Many coffee lovers are thrilled to find that their friends and family have remembered them during the Christmas season with a new mug, coffee gift set, or some other nod to their favorite beverage. Here's a new idea that they will love, however! I recently discovered Bean Box, and they have a unique (to me, at least) offering: beans that are freshly roasted right before shipping so that you have the best, most flavorful coffee experience imaginable!

I received the Deluxe Coffee and Chocolate Tasting Box for review. This is a coffee lover's dream come true!! The box comes with 8 gourmet whole bean coffees and 8 gourmet chocolate bars tastefully arranged-perfect for gifting! The neat thing about this is that the box comes with the month's top coffee picks in Seattle for that month. My box included Pano Blend, Paladino Espresso Blend, Fresh Crop Bright, Queen Anne Blend, Drip Blend, Papua New Guinea Yus, Roaster's Choice, and Sumatra Takengon Kkgo. These coffees range from light to dark roast, so no matter what your preference, there's something for everyone.

I was, obviously, excited to try out these different coffees. I usually purchase ground coffee, but I do have a grinder for occasional use so the past couple weeks I have been grinding the beans fresh for use. I just have to say, I was not prepared for the difference that freshly roasted beans would make in my beverage! I usually enjoy anywhere from one to three cups of coffee a day, varying between plain black coffee to a sweetened iced mocha or caramel latte...I'm one of those people that enjoys the whole range of coffee options! These Bean Box coffees have been some of the most enjoyable cups of coffee I've ever had. I generally prefer a medium to dark roast, but to my surprise I found myself also enjoying some of the lighter roasts that were included in the box. Freshly roasted and then grinding every morning before use makes the beverage - whether black, or a sweetened, flavored, cream-enhanced beverage - taste so much better! Ultra fresh and with that perfectly rich and deep coffee flavor. I also noticed that I need less coffee grounds in my machine to brew the perfect cup. I assume this is due to the super-fresh aspect of the Bean Box coffees, which means the full flavor is still there, not slowly fading away as it sits in a bag on the grocery store shelf.

Coffee perfection right there!

As you can tell, the coffees alone make this box worthwhile for a coffee lover. For the ultimate sweet indulgence though, pair a cup of one of these deliciously fresh coffees with a gourmet chocolate bar that's included in the box! My personal favorite was the Noble Dark-a simple dark chocolate bar that was perfect to pair with a cup of black coffee. The Arabica Cherry Espresso Bar was another favorite as well, that I loved pairing with an iced mocha-don't ask me why, the flavors just went together well!

Bean Box offers a wide selection of coffee gift boxes that would be perfect for any coffee lover this Christmas season. Or, for the ultimate gift-giving idea, they also offer monthly subscription boxes with options for one month, six months, and a year. This would be the perfect gift for any "coffeeholic" on your holiday shopping list!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sleep Easy In Your Home With Awesome Tech

Do you worry about the safety and security of your home? You’re not alone, we all panic that when we go out, particularly for long periods of time, we’ll come back to find our door has been bashed in or our windows have been smashed. Some people are so paranoid about the possibility of a break-in that they lock all the doors in the middle of the day when they’re in the house. If you constantly find your mind plagued with the fear of a home robbery, you’ll be happy to hear that technology is providing the solution. New technology can make sure that your home is completely secure.

Smile, You’re On CCTV

In the past, it was quite rare to see a home with CCTV equipment. Now, it’s fairly common to see a home with a few cameras, particularly around the front of the property. Part of the reason for this is that the equipment is a lot more affordable these days. As such, people don’t have to worry about the cost of setting it up. As well as this, the tech involved is less complex and much more user friendly. You can set it up in minutes and even installing it on a wall outside your home is a piece of cake.

The only issue you need to consider is where it’s aimed. Recording someone else’s property is illegal, and you might face issues if the camera seems to be angled towards your neighbor's driveway. So be sure to verify what the camera is aimed at.

Motion Lights

You can see the appeal here, can’t you? If the lights come on, it means someone has stepped on your property. It’s a darn sight less annoying than an alarm sounding in the middle of the night. You might be worried about birds landing in the garden setting it off or perhaps a hedgehog wandering through the grass. Thankfully, you can fidget with the settings of these systems to make sure that it doesn’t go off every ten seconds.

Don’t Panic

What happens if you’re in when someone breaks into your home. Thankfully, violent break-ins are incredibly rare. If someone enters your home, they’ll be after your TV, not your family. So, if you can find somewhere safe and secure to hide, that’s what you should do. With Advanced Protection Systems on the market today, you can even have a panic switch. This will alert the authorities and ensure they know there is an issue on your property without alerting the thieves. This gives you a great opportunity to catch the fiends red-handed.

Finger Scan Accepted

Yes, you can setup your front door to open with a fingerprint ID, ensuring that you and your family are the only ones who can enter without permission. Of course, there will always be other ways to break in, but it’s a lot harder when you can’t just pick a lock. Some people worry about the security of systems like this, and as always, you get what you pay for. Spend money on a more expensive system and the thieves will still be outside trying to break in when the police arrive.

We hope you see now that tech can let you sleep easy in your bed, without worrying about a break-in.

Custom Phone Cases and Skins From CaseApp

Okay y'all, this is a company I am so excited to share with you!! How many of you have a case on your phone? Probably most, I would imagine. Smart phones are too expensive these days to not have some sort of protective case on it. Chances are you picked up your case at a local department or electronics store, or possibly found one online. Well, if you're tired of having the same old case as everyone else, here's a really neat place you need to check out!

I was actually able to review two items from CaseApp; an iPhone case, and a MacBook skin. I loved being able to go in and design the products on their easy-to-use website. Whether you're a computer geek, or can barely find your way around the keyboard, you'll be able to navigate the designing process extremely easily and create your own masterpiece! There are multiple options for each; use a single picture, create a collage, or "freestyle" and just add and arrange the pictures as you'd like. You can also add text, background, and clipart, so that the finished case is exactly to your preference.

The products arrived quickly, and I was excited to see how they turned out. The iPhone Tough Case far exceeded my expectations! I was honestly expecting a cute but cheap case, something that's worth about 10 dollars if it weren't for the customization on the back. However, I was surprised to see that the case is actually two parts. The inner part is a silicone lining that provides that smug fit to keep your phone protected on all sides. The design is on an outer plastic piece that snaps on over the silicone layer. This means added protection, plus the bonus of having your favorite picture(s) on the back! I absolutely loved it right from the start! I have received so many questions and compliments about the case, too. Several friends have asked where I ordered it, and I was glad to share the website and my compliments about the company!

The second item I received is a MacBook skin, which adds a decorative touch to your electronic device. I actually gifted this to my mom and she, no surprise, loves it! I used the collage feature to put six of her favorite family photos on the skin. She was able to put the skin on without any issues, and said it was quite easy to do. Her Mac looks fabulous now, and I love the personal touch it gives. In addition to looking good, the skin also protects her Mac from being scratched (every Mac owner's nightmare!).

So, ready to get some holiday shopping done? Or want to personalize and protect your phone? You won't find a better place to shop than CaseApp!

One of our readers will receive a code for a FREE Case or Skin from CaseApp!

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DIY Storage Solutions For An Organized Interior Space

A busy home often means your stuff seems to multiply overnight. Whether it’s the kids toys, your sentimental items, or your seasonal clothing; they all need a home, and that home shouldn’t be on the floor. Storage can become your best friend, and for an organized interior (most of the time) you need to think of the areas of your home that aren’t currently being utilized.

Neglected corners, spaces under the stairs, and even your attic can all become functional spaces that look great and provide a neat home for your family’s belongings. Store-bought pieces of furniture may not squeeze into the nooks and unusually-shaped areas of your home, and bespoke storage solutions can be an expensive investment, especially as the holiday season approaches (that’s crept up quickly). Therefore, it might be time to give yourself and your partner a DIY job or two, so that you can create simple, effective, design-savvy storage in your home. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and tips for those ready to spend a weekend in overalls for a neat and organized house.


Get Equipped

You’ll want the flexibility to create a storage space that can be as discreet, or as eye-catching as you like. Many utilize large areas of shelving as display areas, and they can house an array of your decorative, special, and sentimental items. Therefore you need to ensure that the wood you use fits in with the rest of your decor, or can be painted a color of your choice. You’ll need to visit sites like so that you have the tools to cut your materials accurately, and it’s always worth heading to a DIY store for some expert advice on the best-suited wood for the job.

You’ll need equipment to sand and smooth edges, accurately measure spaces, and the fixtures and fittings to secure the shelving within the space. Look into sites like and discover some of the best ways to paint and stain wood, and give your room the designer edge.

Choose Your Space

`Whether you’re creating a fun storage solution for your kids and their toys, or you want a hidden space where you can put the Christmas decorations away for eleven months of the year; it’s all about picking the perfect spot. If you’ve got your wood, tools, and the rest of your equipment; you can be as creative and imaginative as you like. Perhaps your kids could have shelves and cupboards on wheels so that they can maneuver their toys around the house with ease. Or those space above your wardrobes would make excellent places for those annual items that need hiding most of the time.

For some clever storage ideas take a look here and begin to think about how you can incorporate the ideas into your home space. Write a list of what you’ll need, gather your things together, and roll up your sleeves this weekend; you’ll have a happy, clean, and organized interior in no time!

Friday, October 13, 2017

5 Risks to Protect Your Home From

Does it ever seems like the world is less of a safe place to you? It's not that the risk of damage to your home wasn't always there- it's just that in today’s news networked world, we hear about causes of damage to homes more often. It's undeniable that the natural disasters, theft and damage scare stories we see have a basis in fact, and it's only wise to protect you and your family from the following threats:


Perhaps the biggest adversary to the security of our homes in these times of rapid climate change are natural disasters. 1,691 tornadoes occurred in the U.S. in 2011, at a cost of $28 billion, and then there are disastrous floods, incidences of wildfire and other phenomena to guard against. The type of protection homeowners insurance can offer gives you peace of mind that you can't put a price on.

Fire Hazards

Domestic fires are a huge threat in homes packed full of electric appliances- especially so in the winter months as more people embrace log burners and fireplaces. In an average year, 374,000 residences catch fire, resulting in $7.32 billion in loss. The devastation could be staggering, so always make sure you have a home fire safety plan in place and check fire alarms regularly to ensure they are working well.

Theft and Damage

Theft is also a leading cause of loss of goods and damage to property as well as being a traumatic experience for those who have experienced it. Although installing a home security system can help, knowing that you are covered in the event that the worst does happen is not only an investment in your home, but also in your mental health. Not much feels worse than knowing someone invaded your home and privacy.

Leaks and Flooding

Often, internal leaks are the last thing that comes to mind when you consider protecting your home, but if one begins it can very quickly cause a large amount of damage. Take extra care when tackling any DIY projects, as accidentally nailing through a water pipe can be a costly mistake and means you'll have to shut down the water mains until it's fixed. Equally, in regions that reach freezing temperatures, water can expand and burst pipes that aren't properly insulated. Make sure you do a yearly check on the washing machine and it's hoses to check for loose connections or deterioration of the piping material. If you're not home and one bursts it can be majorly unwelcome news.

Most of these risks can be guarded against with a little vigilance, some sensible practice in the home and a solid homeowners insurance policy. Make sure that you have a clear emergency plan that all family members are aware of, and when selecting insurance coverage make sure everyone is aware of what you are covered for, as otherwise the costs of recovering from a home disaster can be devastating for a family. While no one can make themselves 100% safe from any type of disaster, you can make sure that you are prepared and covered to help you feel more at ease that support is there if it's ever needed.

Townley Girl and Despicable Me 3

Hey neighbors!!

We have worked with Townley Girl before and really like their products.  This time we have a couple sets inspired by Despicable Me 3.  We have Lip Balm, Lip Gloss and Nail Polish kits.  Of course the products are designed with Minions, Unicorns and Agnes, Edith, and Margo.

We started out with the nail polish kit ($5.99).  It was a hit!  There are three girly, glittery, nail polishes, Who's Up for Trouble, Unicorns I Love Them and I Can't Even...  Along with the nail polish is a cuticle stick  and a glitter, pink, nail file, that is nice and short and wide for smaller hands.  Last, but not least, is a small container of nail jewels.  (Please use adult supervision.)  The nail polish is non-toxic and peelable.

The next kit ($4.99) we opened was a small, purple, coin purse with Agnes and her unicorn on the front.  Included with this was two lip glosses, one grape flavored and the other watermelon flavored.  The last two items are hair clips.  The pink one features Agnes and her unicorn and  has "Agnes" written on it.  The other is the unicorn with Family.  Oh, and the change purse says, "Be nice to Unicorns!"  Both the clips and lip glosses fit inside the coin purse.

They also have a Lip Balm kit ($7.99) that includes 4 adorable Minion shaped lip balms, right down to the googly eyes.  A sort of banana shaped bag, yes, it is yellow, is included with the lip balms.  The bag has three Minions pictured on the front.

Above you can see two of the lip balm colors.  They are lightly tinted.  I had to put several layers to even get the color to show up this much.  The scents are pretty nice too!  There is Bubble Bum, Watermelon, Cotton Candy and Grape.

If you have a little girl, who loves to have her nails done, and enjoys having lip gloss and lip balm, these are the perfect little sets.  They would make great holiday gifts too!  I am sure many of you are already shopping and picking up small gifts for the holidays, why not consider a gift set from Townley Girl.

One neighbor will be able to win Despicable Me 3 product from Townley Girl.  Be sure to enter this giveaway!

Vacation in Aspen

Hey neighbors!!

Thinking about taking a vacation this fall/winter?  Consider a vacation in beautiful Aspen!! Below is a little bit of information about Aspen Square.  They have some specials you might want to look into!

Aspen Square's warmly welcoming personality, ideal location across from the base of Aspen Mountain, and full hotel-style services and amenities combine to make our property a great choice for a memorable vacation year round. 

Booking a stay at Aspen Square during the off peak winter season has many advantages for a frugal traveler. 
* Early and late season rates can be as much as 50% lower than high season, for the same room type
* More rooms are available in the lower seasons, so even hard to book rooms like our one-bedrooms or three-bedrooms are more likely to be open for booking.
* Guests receive the same outstanding services and amenities as the high season guest
* Smaller crowds translates to shorter lift lines, easier access to restaurant and event tickets
* Pre-holiday stays allow guests to enjoy the festive ambiance without the crowds and costs associated with holiday rates and costs in town
* End of season snow is sometimes the best of the entire winter season, with longer ski days in late March and early April

Be sure to check out their availability.  Thanks for stopping by today!

Mystery Tackle Box for the Man in Your Life

Hey neighbors!

Here's a super idea for the man in your life who enjoys fishing!  Mystery Tackle Box!  Imagine his enjoyment at receiving a mystery box filled with fishing goodies!  And here's the good news - My Readers Get $10.00 Off Your First Mystery Tackle Box - New Subscribers can enjoy $10.00 off their first box of Mystery Tackle Box fishing tackle subscription by using the promo code USFAM10. Get a box full of new fishing products delivered straight to your door. Subscriptions start at $15 per month. Coupon valid through December 31st, 2017. Visit to learn more!

Be sure to check them out!!  This would of course make a great Holiday gift!