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A Method For Coping With Depression & Self-Curing Over Time

In the modern world, it’s unfortunate that one in three people will experience a mental illness at some point in time. Not only does this number seem to be increasing, but it has left many experts scratching their heads, worried about what this figure exactly means and what the true reasons behind it are. Some people blame our globalized and highly technophile society. Some people blame the pollution of the atmosphere, some people blame the overpopulation, and some people blame all of these issues in the same fell swoop. As individuals, we have limited ability to shift the society around us and dictate how everyone lives, and that is for the better.

However, sometimes the progression of society can mean that our problems can stagnate, and we become depressed. It’s not rationally difficult to become depressed, and it’s not illogical to feel it. Becoming depressed doesn’t make you a bad person in any capacity. It simply means you need to find ways to counteract it, and maybe live your life a little differently to how you are living it so far. Unfortunately, not everyone finds this easy to accomplish. Overcoming depression can be very difficult by anyone’s standards, and it’s usually not a ‘one and done’ scenario. It will likely take a lifelong strategy of self-maintenance and progression to help us from falling into the same habits.

Talking therapy can be its own complete reward. Sometimes, discussing and putting your thoughts in order using dialogue can actually help you understand what you mean when you discuss certain topics. For this reason, the counselling professional will often simply lend a listening ear, and intersect with interesting insights to help you understand or further think about a certain nuance of your explanation. This form of therapy might allow you to take your first opportunity to truly reflect on how you’ve been feeling. You might think ‘but all I do is reflect on how I’m feeling! That’s the problem!’

However, have you really been thinking about it, about the causes and how to solve them, or have you been in self-pity? The two things are totally different. This is not to insult or downplay your difficulty; this is purely a logical separation. It is so much easier for ourselves to allow ourselves to remain in depression because we simply don’t want to truly see it for what it is. Talking about it allows it to become a tangible, objective reality in front of you. It allows you to see what is front of you and make it real.  

However, the best conversations in the world can’t help you if you’re not willing to enact change. For this reason, you need to be comfortable with getting a little less secure. Many times, depression leads us to live lazily, because it’s difficult to go outside of our comfort zones. However, this is the time when your comfort zone needs expanding the most. The more restricted in your freedom you become, the closer the walls of your world surround you.

Even taking the opportunity to walk around the park every morning can be of absolutely massive benefit to you, and is worth taking part in. Who knows, one day this might become a run, and that run might turn into a regular run, turning into a gym subscription, turning into a cardio workout, turning into a fit body, turning into an effective and beautiful method to feel fantastic four days a week, and feel healthy for the rest. NEVER ignore the benefits of small, incremental change. You might be stunned at the progress you can make.

If you are struggling, we’d like to extend our full sympathies and would like to tell you that you have every ability to make this period a success. You’re sure to come out stronger on the other side.

Essential Kitchen Tools For Chefs Of All Abilities

Whether you’re a seasoned gourmet chef or an amateur cook, you need the right tools at your disposal to achieve even the most basic of culinary masterpieces. After all, you can’t claim that you can only toast bread if you don’t have a toaster in which to toast the bread. Of course, some gadgets are just a way to get you to spend money on something you already have, so here is a short guide to help you decide on what is truly essential.
Pasta pot with built in strainer
Pasta is one of the first things that everyone should learn how to make; it’s the basis of a quick and nutritious meal for college students, single professionals, busy parents, and growing children. Once an amateur chef has mastered making pasta, their parents will be relieved to know they won’t be living on instant noodles and take out meals. However, we can all agree that straining the pasta just makes extra mess for everyone to clean up afterwards, and it’s not always easy to clean a strainer. Fortunately, Ikea has cut out the unnecessary mess and given us a pasta pot with a built in strainer. Same method, but less mess.
Even if you’re not the type to enjoy a cup of herbal tea before bed, or indulge in instant coffee first thing in the morning, there is no denying that a kettle is a useful tool if you want to quickly heat up water. However, most people would prefer not to have a kettle because they can be very noisy at times. Fortunately, this will no longer be a deterrent now that kitchen enthusiasts have found the quietest kettles and ranked them by style, function, and noise level. Some people have even discovered ways of cooking meals with a kettle so there is no denying that it’s a useful tool to have in the kitchen.
Three-tier oven rack
When the holidays come around, the usually spacious oven is suddenly filled beyond capacity trying cook all the vegetables, pies, and trimmings for all your extended family. Luckily, there are some small kitchen tools that can turn down the heat just a little. A collapsible 3-tier oven rack can help you add a few more dishes into the oven, so you don’t give yourself a headache trying to figure out the cooking times for each individual dish. It might not be able to give advice on how to break up family disputes, but it’s still the closest thing you’ll get to a holiday miracle.
Most people think that kitchen scales are a sign of a person weighing their food portions, but they are an essential tool for baking the perfect cakes and cookies. The trick with the perfect kitchen scales is that they have to be precise, big enough to measure larger portions, but not so large that they can’t be neatly stored out of the way. Electronic scales are usually the best because they are more precise than their mechanical counterparts.

What are some kitchen tools you can't live without? Be sure to share them in the comments!

Drastic Home Makeovers & How You Should Prepare for Them

Sometimes, you just need to rip it all out and start again. Maybe you’ve bought a new home but hate the way that it’s designed and laid out. Or perhaps you’re just bored of how your home looks and functions right now. Whatever your reason for wanting to undertake drastic changes in your home, there are some things that should always be done to prepare for them.

Find the Right People to Work With on the Project

There are some projects that you simply shouldn’t undertake by yourself. It can be reckless and dangerous to dive into a project that you’re not really equipped to hand by yourself. It could be worth hiring professionals to work with or to do the work for you. See here if you’re in need of people to carry out remodeling work. There are professional tradespeople out there that cover just about every possible niche. So, you never need to go it alone if you don’t have the right skills and abilities.

Know the Law

Some changes to your home could require planning permission. Even if you don’t think this will be the case in your situation, you should find out for sure if you’re not 100% confident. It’s not worth having to reverse the changes just because you didn’t get the right planning permission before pushing ahead with the work. These are legal matters, and they can get complicated and messy if you’re not careful. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Just know the law and be clear on where you stand.


Ask Yourself Whether You Can Function in the Home While the Changes Are Being Made

You might think that the work that’s being carried out won’t be much of a big deal. But is that really the case in practice? Be realistic about how much of an impact the work will have on your lifestyle. Do you really want to be confined to a couple of rooms while the others are being worked on? Probably not. So, it could be a good idea for start looking for somewhere else to stay while the work is being completed. You’ll then be able to come back to a new house when it’s all done.

Think About Safety

You definitely need to think about the issue of safety before home makeovers are undertaken. When you’re making big changes like knocking down walls or doing DIY work, there is always the potential for something to go badly wrong. If you are working alongside professionals, this should be less of an issue because they will take health and safety seriously. But if you’re going to be doing things by yourself, make sure that you put safety measures in place before you get started. That should limit the impact of anything that does go wrong.


Home makeovers a big undertakings, and there are so many things that can go wrong if you don’t pay attention to what needs to be done. Don’t allow yourself to get into a muddle by ignoring any of the things mentioned in this article.

New Fall Top and Accessories!

Hey neighbors, Mercy here.

I'm almost 17.   I love music and fashion.  I am so excited to start doing some fashion posts on here! I will start off doing 2 to 3 a month and see how it goes.  If any of y'all are interested you can check out my blog called Moments With Mercy where I post short interviews of authors, actors, creationists, etc.  You can also check out the Instagram page I just started for my music - @mercylymanmusic.

Around where we live it's starting to cool off a little and some leaves, (ok barely any leaves are starting to change color) but it's putting me in the mood for Fall.  I've already started getting outfits ready for our yearly trip to Pigeon Forge, Tn next month for National Quartet Convention.   So, let me tell you about my new outfit...
If you spend any amount of time around me you'll figure out that Lauren Conrad is my favorite clothing brand.  So, I figured for my first "fashion" post I'll use the LC sweater I just bought. :)
I do have to give credit to Modesty for putting the jewelry with the sweater.  I had found a pair of earrings to go with this sweater and then she found a set (necklace, earrings and bracelet) that matched perfectly. 

The sweater is part of Lauren Conrads Disney - Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs collection.

Sadly, for the life of me, I can't remember what brand the jewelry is.  All I know is that I purchased it at Kohl's.

I'll definitely be using this outfit plenty in the coming season. Hope you enjoyed!

You've Escaped To The Countryside... Now What?


It can be a dream to be able to pack our bags, tape up the storage boxes, load up the moving van and leave our fast paced, hectic and tiring life in the city behind for a new venture in the countryside. For most people, this remains a dream, but for a select few, they transform their vision into a reality. The road to living in the country is as metaphorically bumpy as it is physically with practical, social and emotional challenges for you to overcome every step of the way. So how can you escape to the countryside and make the new chapter in your life a success?

Set Realistic Expectations

You must always keep in the back of your mind that you chose to move to the countryside for a slower pace of life, the friendly people, and cleaner air. The sudden realization of this slower pace of life is felt when you can’t just pop to the cinema with the family to see the latest blockbuster on a Saturday night or venture to a gallery when you feel like your fix of culture. The countryside doesn’t provide all the good bits about city life and throw out the bad bits. Country life is about meeting new people, enjoying the outdoors and finding solace in the simpler things in life.


Often moving to the countryside means taking on a large fixer upper or country dwelling that may not have been lived in for some time. If this is the case, you’ll need to ensure that all main services are connected such as gas, electricity, and water. Don’t be surprised if the first time you attempt to fill the kettle or run a bath, you realize that your property is suffering from a water leak. Ensure you have the numbers and contact details of the company that supplies your water and call in a water line repair company to fix your leak. They’ll be able to venture into the main water line, diagnose your issue and get the main line up and running again as quickly as possible.

In the twenty-first century, it’s vital that you get your home linked up to a broadband service provider and that you have access to the Internet. You’ll also want to investigate cable TV and a landline telephone line.


You may have wanted to hot foot it to a rural idyll for years, so you won’t be anticipating the tsunami like wave of homesickness when it hits you. It’s natural to feel pangs that will make you fleetingly reconsider whether you have made the right decision moving to the country. Don’t worry, you have. You are merely feeling overwhelmed by the newness of your situation. It’s vital that you make friends and start socializing as much as you can straight away. When dropping the kids off at their new school, chat with the parents at the school gates. Join a local club to start a new hobby and explore your local area.

You have ached to up sticks for so long, and you have finally achieved your dream. Now it’s time to start living this new part of your life to the fullest.

Common Areas Of Your Home That Waste The Most Space

Needless to say, we all feel a lot better when there’s a lot of space in our home. It’s never nice feeling cramped and worrying that one day you’re simply going to run out of room and have to upgrade to something bigger.

While this might not be a problem for some people, the thought of selling and buying a new house isn’t fun for others. It’s no secret that buying a home is a very costly procedure, but selling one can also cost a lot of money, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get a great price for your property. As such, we want to ensure we get the most out of our house and don’t fall victim to a lack of space.

To do this, you should focus on the areas of your home that waste the most space. That’s right, certain parts of your property could be better utilized, but are currently wasting so much valuable space for you and your family. Today, we’ll look at these areas and show you how you can fully utilize the space available to you.


Most houses have an attic, and most families don’t make as much out of theirs as they should. As a result, it becomes one of the chief space-wasting culprits in your home. The main reason is that there are many ways in which an attic can waste space. Primarily, people have one but don’t make use of all the space up there. They might chuck a few storage boxes in there and leave it at that. While using your attic for storage isn’t a bad idea, you have to make sure every inch is used properly. Organize all the boxes so you can fit more things in and really de-clutter your home. Take up as much space as possible, so you feel that your attic is serving a proper purpose instead of housing one or two boxes.

The other way attics waste space is when they’re not properly boarded up. This means there are no proper floorboards up there to allow you to store stuff or make use of the space. So, you end up with space at the top of your house that can’t be used. Thankfully, you can get your attic boarded down and transform it into a better area. As you can see in the images of these attic conversion ideas, a lot of people turn their’s into a bedroom, which is a great idea.


The basement is another classic example of somewhere in your home that wastes loads of space. There are so many people that neglect their basement or use it for very pointless things. It’s popular to stick your washer and dryer in the basement and make it into a sort of laundry room. While this will utilize it in some way, it doesn’t properly use all the space.

A washer/dryer doesn’t take up a lot of room, and you have so much more space to play with. Plus, you may find that you have room for a washer in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home. Either way, most people end up with a basement that’s hardly used and taking up a lot of wasted space. But, as you can see in the pictures of these basement renovations from Mayfield Renovations, it’s possible to turn yours into a fully functional room. It can be renovated and converted into extra living space which means your family has an extra room to use in the house. There’s no end to what you can convert a basement into. One thing’s for certain, it will finally help this area of your home stop wasting space.


Finally, we have your garage, which can be fairly large and waste so much space. The problem is that garages are meant for cars, but some of us don’t bother storing ours there as it’s more convenient to use the driveway. So, we end up with a fairly large space that doesn’t get used for anything.

Again, like the basement, there are often small things placed here like a washing machine, but the garage itself serves little to no purpose at all. Instead of wasting all this space you should make more use out of it. It can become an organized storage area, a place to keep all your garden tools, or even converted into a home gym.

I picked these three areas as they’re the main culprits with regards to wasting space in your home. Not only that, but the chances are you’ll have at least one of these things in your home if not all three! So, use the advice and start making the most of the space you’ve got.

Rejuvenate And Redo The Exterior Of Your Home

Many of us are concerned with what our house looks like and the image it projects about us. The fact is that exterior of a home needs just as much attention with regards to upkeep, as the attention to detail we place inside the home. It’s all well and good to make sure the home is looking attractive, so it stands out from the neighbourhood, but as ever, people notice the bad things before anything else. If you have walls that have begun to crack or fade their surface coating, fences that have holes in the structures, and pathways that are dirty and broken, the home can look uncared for. There are more ways to spruce up the home, than purely focusing on redecoration, because to rejuvenate a property back into a healthy and strong standing-structure, is the first step toward projecting these attributes.

Photo credit - pxhere

Unkempt pathway

The front yard is the first part of the property, everyone who wishes to enter the home will walk through. Oftentimes as the homeowner who walks through every day you do not notice the sporadic growth of weeds. Walkways which are cracked can either be filled in with clay putty or if the damage is too severe, you should seek to replace a particular slab. You have another option of cleaning the stones or slabs which lead up to your front door, by using a high-pressure hose. This will blast the surface of the rock or stone with hot, fast-moving water that will uncover a new layer of life in them. Equally, trim, cut and uproot the weeds and other plants which have overgrown and are now covering the pathway itself.

Image by - Elizabeth Vlahos


If you have a home that is over 20 or maybe even 15 years old, you’re bound to see the once smooth and stylish exterior material, has been turned rough or perhaps is peeling. The rain and the wind can erode the surface layer until it looks uneven, and perhaps even with a few grooves in the walls. If your home was made in the 1990s, you’re more than likely to have a stucco exterior design, which is very unique to paint over. Contact a company such as, who will have the skills and talent, to use the correct paint to put over this specific exterior wall design. It's a much more attractive choice to take than to resurface the stucco, which means first having to remove all of it, then apply a new layer; both time consuming and expensive.

The fence

The fence around your property is also included in the category of one of the first things onlookers see about your home. Even if you yard is healthy, and regularly maintained, a shoddy fence will scream a lack of care. You could replace the current fence you have with many other designs such as the featherboard concave, or the tongue and groove convex. Prime, paint and varnish each fence panel to have the outside look just as good as the inside.

Take some time to look at the outside of your home with the eyes of a first time guest. Decide what needs repaired or replaced and then work up a schedule to get the work completed. You will be glad you did.

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Selling Up? How To Instantly Increase Curb Appeal For A Quick Sale

When it comes to selling your home, the first thing that potential buyers are going to see is what your home looks like when they show up. If it’s not in a very good condition, it’s likely that they will be instantly turned off from buying the property. When people are looking to move, they generally tend to look for properties that don’t need much work going in to it when they move in. Increasing your curb appeal will practically sell your property for you, and it’s easier than you think!

Keeping any front lawns you have trimmed will add an instant improvement to how your front yard looks. You might also consider buying a product that will make your grass look greener and healthier to add to the curb appeal.

Giving your front door a lick of paint will do the image of your home the world of good. You could rearrange any house numbers to look more modern, and if you decide to go for a bright paint your home will certainly stand out to passers-by and potential buyers.

You don’t even have to stop at your front door either, considering a garage door replacement would completely update the way your home looks from the front. Garage doors that are dented or have chipped paint are often a turn off for people, so treat your home to a swanky new garage door and you’ll see how quickly your home’s curb appeal begins to improve. Adding flower boxes to your windows not only adds a focal point to your front yard, but it also adds a sense of beauty for your potential buyers. You could also display some hanging baskets by your front door and really show off the different things that you could do with your home.


If you have a porch, spruce it up with either a new coat of varnish or completely repaint it a new color. Wooden porches fade over time, so giving it a new coat of paint will revive it to look it’s best. Adding furniture to your porch will show that it’s a relaxing place to be. While you’ve got the paint out, why not give any fences you have a coat of paint too.

It might be a good idea to replace your windows, or at least give them a good clean and a paint to refresh their appearance. Keeping pretty ornaments on display in the window will also give off the idea of a comfy home.

If you have a mailbox, consider buying a new one to liven up the way that your front lawn looks. Or, if you’ve got a creative side you could choose to do your current one up yourself. There are loads of different things that you could do with your mailbox. Look online for some inspiration for your mailbox.

Applying these upgrades to your home is sure to give it more of a curb appeal and help sell your home swiftly so that you can get on with enjoying your new home!

The Challenges of Rural Living

Living in a rural home isn't for everyone, but many people would much rather live somewhere more remote than in a big city. Even if you love living in a rural home, it's not without its challenges. People who grow up in a rural area might come to accept many of these challenges as normal, but things are different if you're used to living in a more populous place. Some of the things you have to deal with are a lot harder if you've never come up against them before. If you're considering moving to a more rural area or you've just moved, prepare yourself to face these challenges.

Access to Amenities and Services

Living in a rural home means you can be far from a lot of amenities and services you might need. These can range from doctors and hospitals to grocery stores and services for your home. Sometimes, there are alternative ways to get what you need. You might buy some of your food from neighbors or find local people who can do work on your home for you. Some things you might do yourself for a self-sufficient and sustainable way of living. However, there are some things you need access to that you simply have to accept are far away. If the nearest hospital is an hour or two away, there's not much you can do about that.

Relying on Your Vehicle

The sprawling and isolated nature of rural locations means you can't exactly survive without a vehicle of your own. Public transportation is likely to be non-existent, although some places might have a bus that comes through now and again. Much of the US relies on cars and other private vehicles to get around, so that's not too unusual. However, in more rural areas, you can't really get anywhere without driving, whereas in other places, you might at least be able to walk to the nearest store. This can be expensive, with the need to pay for fuel, tax, insurance and vehicle maintenance too.

Surviving in Extreme Weather

Living in a rural area often means dealing with weather conditions you might not have to combat somewhere more urban. Or you might be dealing with the same weather, but with less help. In a city, snow might quickly be cleared from the roads so that everyone can drive on them as soon as possible. In a more rural location, that won't necessarily be the case. Your home needs to be set up for any extreme weather you might experience, from blizzards and hurricanes to heatwaves and wildfires caused by high temperatures. You need to make sure you protect your property using the right methods, such as waterproofing your home. It's also important to know how to respond personally when disaster strikes.

Living in an Older Home

Many of the affordable homes in rural areas are older homes. In fact, there has been a lot of talk about the rural housing crisis and how new homes aren't being built. Living in an older home is a challenge in itself, let alone one that is in a rural area. If you live in an old house, it might require more regular care and attention. Sometimes, it's worth updating parts of the home so they don't require constant repairs. For example, replacing the roof can make more sense than repairing it all the time. Modern updates can help to make a home more stable and could make it more efficient too. It's also important to learn the quirks of an older home, so you know how to treat it well.

Dealing with Pests

If you're going to live in a rural area, you have to accept that there will be animals. They could range from raccoons and possums to deer and even cougars, wolves, or bears. Some animals are simply pests and could get into your home or destroy anything you might be growing outside. If you end up with an animal in your home, some of them might even seem cute for a while. But all animals die eventually, and you could end up with a dead one in your attic, basement or crawl space. Calling an animal control specialists dead animal removal service should sort the issue out in no time. Prevention is often best for keeping pests away, though. When it comes to dangerous animals, you should be aware of the best ways to keep them away and how to deal with them if you do spot one.

Alternative Plumbing and Electricity

Rural homes are often more "off the grid" and may use different methods for energy supply, water, and plumbing. Your home might have a cesspit or perhaps some form of renewable energy, such as a wind turbine, a hydro wheel, or solar panels. These are great for living sustainably and are often the most convenient way of getting the resources you need for your home. However, they can require some specialist knowledge and maintenance to keep everything in good condition. It's important that you become familiar with what makes your home tick so you can keep it up and running.

Backup Energy Supply

When you live in a rural area, you can't always rely on your energy supply. With the threat of blackouts looming over you, it's a good idea to have some form of backup. Plenty of candles and flashlights are fine for occasional power outages, but sometimes you need something more heavy duty. A backup generator can help you out if you find your home without power, especially if you have equipment that needs to keep running. For example, maybe you run a farm, or you have an industrial operation that requires electricity to keep going. You won't have to abandon your daily chores or lose any money if you have a way of powering everything you need to run. A backup generator is a sensible idea if you can keep it charged.

Living in a rural home can present a number of challenges, but many people think it's worth it. If it's a new experience for you, you can soon learn to love it.

Is Buying A House Really Your Only Option?

For a lot of people, the direction of their life follows a pretty specific path. As the old story goes "Go to school, go to college, get a job, buy a house." (Plus, you'll probably have marriage and kids thrown in there for good measure!) That last one is the often seen as the true sign that you've made it as an adult. Being able to buy a house has historically been something of a status symbol for many people. However, thanks to the rising cost of houses and the cost of living as well as the stagnation of wages, the idea of buying your own home has gone from expectation to far-fetched fantasy for a lot of people. Where your parents might have been able to afford a home on normal salaries without too much trouble, the idea of being able to buy a house is something that many working people simply can't entertain. Not only that but, even if you do have the money for it, is it always the right option? After all, owning a house comes with a whole host of responsibilities as well as the fact that, in today's volatile market, you simply can't be sure that you're getting a fair price, both when you buy and when you sell. However, you don't need to despair just because buying a house might not be the right choice for you. There are, in fact, a surprising number of alternatives that you might be able to look into instead. Here are just some of the other options that many people have found to be superior to buying a house.


The most obvious alternative to buying a house is simply to rent it. For a lot of people, there are many ways in which renting and buying feel very similar on a day to day basis. However, there are a few fundamental differences that could possibly impact your decision.


The most obvious positive thing about renting is that you have far less responsibility than you would if you were a homeowner. If your heating or A/C breaks in a home that you own, then you're the one who's going to have to deal with it. However, if you're living in a rented property, then that kind of thing is the responsibility of your landlord. Not only will they often pay to get it repaired but will take care of everything when it comes to contacting the company in the first place.

The other positive aspect of renting is that you have far more freedom over where you can live. If you decide you aren't happy there, after your six-month tenancy contract is up, then you can simply find somewhere new and move. When you're living in a home that you own, then you're much more heavily committed to one place for much longer. This is made even easier by the fact that there are always rented properties coming on the market as more and more people realize that becoming a landlord is a sound investment.


Of course, living in a rented property isn't all positive. For one thing, you have a lot less security than you would if you were buying. After all, the house doesn't belong to you and if a landlord decides, after your tenancy is up, that they want you gone, then you've got to go.

Not only that but if you want to make any changes to your home, then you're pretty much stuck. Some landlords are so strict that they won't even allow you to drill into the walls to hang some shelves.

The other major issue people have with renting is that it can feel like you're throwing your money away. When you buy your home, you're paying that money back against your mortgage which means that you're technically investing that money into your home. When you rent, you're literally just paying to live there. Whether that's an issue will really depend on your personal preference, but it's certainly something to consider.


architecture, building, construction

Of course, if you want to own your home but want to go in a slightly different direction you could always think about building your home.


The main benefit to building your own home is that you get to make it completely personal to you. There are a lot of properties on the market today, but you can't necessarily be sure that you're going to be able to find one that's perfect for you and your needs. That's why so many people are choosing custom homes. By building it yourself you can make sure that it fits your exact specifications. That way you're far more likely to end up in your forever home than you would if you were living somewhere that wasn't quite perfect for your needs.

The other great thing about building your own home is that you don't have to worry about getting caught in a chain. Sometimes you can find the perfect home but you've got to wait for the people selling to find their own new home before you can actually buy it. And even then there's the risk that they will pull out of the sale and you'll be left having to start your search all over again. By building your own home you take yourself out of that cycle.   


Building your own house can actually end up being cheaper than buying. However, that's not always the case. You need to be able to be incredibly disciplined about your budget and ambitions if you want to build your own home. Otherwise, you're going to find the costs spiraling, and you could end up getting yourself into some serious financial difficulty.

The other important thing to remember about building a house is that it takes time. Everything from planning with an architect, finding the right team, finding the land that you need, creating a budget, not to mention the construction itself are all going to take a lot of time. While that's happening, you need somewhere else to live which means that you could end up spending money on a rented property which is going to add to the costs significantly. If you're going to build your home, then you might want to think about finding someone to stay with while it's being built.

Alternative properties


Just because you're not buying a house, doesn't mean that there aren't options out there for you if you are looking to own your home. Plenty of people have found themselves very happy living in alternative properties like houseboats and RV's. Sure, this option certainly isn't for everyone, but for those who can embrace it, there's a lot to recommend it.


When you're living somewhere like a houseboat or in a RV, then you have more freedom than just about any other option. After all, why would you ever need to be tied to one specific place if you can just take your home with you wherever you go! If you're the type of person who gets bored staying in one place for too long, then you're almost certain to find some serious charm in living in this kind of property.

The other main reason that so many people find themselves deciding to live in these kinds of properties is the price. A houseboat, for example, is significantly cheaper than a house. If you want to become a homeowner, but you simply don't have the budget to be able to buy a house, then this might be a much better option for you.


Of course, you really do need to be a particular kind of person to fully embrace that kind of nomadic lifestyle. Not only that but there are a lot of modern conveniences that you have to give up when you're living in an alternative property. One of the most obvious is that of space. A RV or a houseboat simply don't have the kind of space that you would get from a house or an apartment. You have to embrace a pretty minimalist lifestyle in order to prevent yourself from becoming overly cramped, and even then you're not going to have much room to maneuver.

The other issue is that these kinds of homes often come with surprising hidden costs that you might not think about. A houseboat will usually involve a price that you need to pay when you dock in certain places as well as the license that you need to actually pilot it. Similarly, a RV will have fuel costs as well as the cost of maintenance in order the actually keep the thing running.

Whether or not you find these options particularly appealing will depend entirely on your personal preference. However, hopefully, we have shown you that there are plenty of option available to you and just because you're not in a position to buy a house right now doesn't mean that you're not going to be able to find your perfect home.