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Holman KJV Bible Review and Giveaway!! (Lifeway)

Hey neighbors!!

I am looking at 3 brand new KJV Bibles from Lifeway, and one of you will win one these KJV Bibles for yourself! I am totally thrilled at the opportunity to share these Bibles with you.  Let's start off by saying, I LOVE the smell of a new Bible!! Nothing compares to holding a physical copy of the Word of God.  I personally have always used a KJ Bible.  I feel we often miss a lot by using a different translation. So here is your opportunity to learn more about the KJV Bibles available through Lifeway.  There is even a Find Your KJV Bible Tool. You will find many different KJV Bibles to choose from.  They carry pocket Bibles to have with you, Study Bibles, and of course Children's Bibles, each that come in a variety of sizes.


Since 1611, Christians have turned to the King James Version of the Bible for a faithful and beautiful rendering of God’s Word. Its rich tradition has guided generations of pastors, authors, and scholars, while its reverent language continues to shape our words today.

The KJV was translated in the beginning of the 1600s. The scholars translating it were among the top scholars of their day, and most were deeply familiar with literature and poetry as well as with theology and ancient languages. They were also intent on creating a translation that would last for generations, so they avoided recent changes to the language, often using words and phrases that sounded formal even then to ensure the dignity and longevity of the translation.

So, first we have the One Big Story Bible (KJV) for kids.  I love that someone has a KJV Bible for kids.  Having raised 6 children I know the difficulty in finding a KJV Bible designed for youth.  It has the full KJV text, full-page color illustrations, Introductions for every book of the Bible, 100 selected verses to remember, a Big Words Dictionary and a few other features.  (SRP-$29.99)

Next is the Holman KJV Ultrathin Reference Bible. The type is easy to read, although a little too small for me without my reading glasses.  There is a presentation page in the front for gifting.  In the back you have a concordance and Full-color maps. This is a handy size Bible. (SRP-$24.99)

    Last of all is the Holman KJV Study Bible. This is a true study Bible filled with information to help you better understand your Bible and to help you find information more easily. Each Book of the Bible has an introduction about the book, who wrote it and other general information. See the Intro to John below.

Included are maps throughout the Bible to help you understand where things took place.

See as well the amount of notes and study guides on the pages.

My husband is already drooling over this one! The amount of study materials in this Bible is amazing!! From Maps, Intros, Outlines, and background information there is so much for you to glean from.  I am truly impressed with this KJV Study Bible. And of course there is a one year and three year reading plan.

Now for the really GREAT news, one reader/entrant from At the Fence, will receive one of the KJV Bibles I reviewed!! How neat is that?  So be sure to enter (US ONLY). Please leave a comment on this post telling me which Bible you would like to win and why.  Be sure to leave a way to contact you (email) should you be the randomly chosen winner.

Thank you for visiting today, At the Fence.  Be sure to follow along and to check out when we announce the winner on June 1st.



Leela said…
The Holman KJV Study Bible. I sure could use some help in some areas and I don't have one like that.

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