Wednesday, March 17, 2021

My Brother's Keeper Releases 3/19

Hey neighbors!!

Here's another new Christian movie releasing!! My Brother's Keeper is a story of a young man, SFC TravisFox, struggling with accepting how God can care when bad things are happening all around him.  When his friend, SFC Ron "Preach" Pearcy dies he heads home and has to confront the mystery surrounding his parents death, PTSD, along with struggling with how he sees God. Follow along and see how he finally finds his way.

Going to be upfront here, I had a hard time gaining interest in this one.  The message is clearly needed, but I personally could not connect with it.  Still, I want to say, what may not be for me, very well may be for you.  So give it a chance and see what you think.

We are offering a giveaway of a free digital download.  Leave a comment and we will randomly choose a winner. Thanks for stopping by!


Dwight McCoy said...

This movie looks great, thanks for the chance!

Dwight McCoy said...

Would be awesome to win, thanks for the chance!