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Asbestos Home Exposure: a Real Danger If Your Abatement Team Makes Mistakes

Asbestos exposure in the home is something that you should never have to deal with. Unfortunately, there are still many instances when this problem could occur, putting you and your loved ones at grave risk. This issue usually happens when you find asbestos and hire a company to remove it. When these professionals do not do their job properly, you're going to end up having issues, that could affect your health as well as the health of your family. Asbestos Exposure in a Home is Very Dangerous These days, asbestos exposure in the home should not be occurring because this product is not used in home building any longer. That said, there are instances when asbestos may still be present in older homes and when it could cause problems. This issue becomes dangerous if these fibers ever become airborne and your family breathes them in, as the fibers can cause lung damage and much more. For example, some people may develop scar tissue in the lungs that causes lifelong breathing troubles a

4 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Communication

The digital media and communication industry is rapidly expanding, particularly as social media and technology continue to evolve. There's never been a better time to pursue a job in this exciting and fast-paced field. Whether you are a student about to pick a major or are a working professional who is hoping to make a career change, here are four reasons to enter the communication industry. Extensive Opportunities The communication field is very broad and encompasses a wide variety of jobs. For those interested in being in front of the camera, there are opportunities to work in journalism, news and online media. For people who prefer to work behind the scenes, there are positions in advertising, public relations, marketing, copy writing, editing and web production. With the expansion of social media websites and online networking, there are also many chances to work in the areas of branding and social media management. You can easily integrate your various interests to create a jo

Bubble Guppies - The New Guppy

 Hey all, A little late on this post due to puppies being born! I want to let you know that there is a NEW DVD for your preschooler!! It is Bubble Guppies - The New Guppy!! Zooli is the new guppy, and she is fin-tastic!! She is an animal expert and she joins the other guppies and their friends. Episodes: The New Guppy! Dragons N’ Roses! Genie in a Bubble! The Mighty, Untidy Titans! I am pretty sure my grandson is going to enjoy watching this one!! Run time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Be sure to pick up a copy and enjoy!!

Quarantine, Diet and Exercise

Hey neighbors!! I don't know about you, but quarantine has affected many both emotionally and physically. Many people are dealing with loneliness and depression. There have been so many things that have occurred over the last year to make us feel separated and alone.  Add to that the lack of ability to go anywhere without a mask or social distancing and you have a prescription for depression, loneliness and of course weight gain along with other physical issues. There are so many factors leading to weight gain during the pandemic . People working from home are being less active than normal.  Students doing school from home and being restricted from playgrounds and playing with friends has resulted in less physical activity for children and teens.  Being home with access to the kitchen all day has allowed more time for snacking throughout the day.  Being more sedentary and eating more has caused many of us to put on some extra pounds.  Putting on extra pounds can lead to depression

My Brother's Keeper Releases 3/19

Hey neighbors!! Here's another new Christian movie releasing!! My Brother's Keeper is a story of a young man, SFC TravisFox, struggling with accepting how God can care when bad things are happening all around him.  When his friend, SFC Ron "Preach" Pearcy dies he heads home and has to confront the mystery surrounding his parents death, PTSD, along with struggling with how he sees God. Follow along and see how he finally finds his way. Going to be upfront here, I had a hard time gaining interest in this one.  The message is clearly needed, but I personally could not connect with it.  Still, I want to say, what may not be for me, very well may be for you.  So give it a chance and see what you think. We are offering a giveaway of a free digital download.  Leave a comment and we will randomly choose a winner. Thanks for stopping by!

Church People Releases Today

  Hey All! I am so excited to share this new movie with you!! Church People releases today, and I was pleasantly impressed.   Church People , a hilarious new comedy starring Stephen Baldwin, Christian comedian Thor Ramsey, and Hallmark's Erin Cahill.                                            "Weary from the showiness and materialism that has overtaken his ministry efforts, Guy (Ramsey) goes on a journey to get back in touch with the heart of ministry and be a real role model to his youth group kids. He makes the difficult decision to cut short his speaking tour managed by his money-focused agent (Faison) after realizing that his reputation has become more fame-based than Gospel-driven. But when Guy attempts to return to regular youth ministry, he is thrust into the throes of dissuading the youth group from performing a strange and potentially blasphemous stunt for the upcoming Easter service, starring a young, zealous new believer, Blaise. In attempting to manage his youth gr

Dolphin Island - A Fun Family Film - Digital Giveaway

 Hey neighbors!! If you are looking for a fun, family friendly film, I have one for you!! Dolphin Island is a colorful, funny, encouraging film.  It is nice to have something to watch, that is totally safe for the family. Dolphin Island releases today on-demand digitally.   Purchase  ​ Dolphin Island ​   after its on-demand release on Tuesday, March 2nd, and watch from the comfort of your own home! Dolphin Island is Dove Approved for all ages.  It is also Winner of Best Feature Film - Christian Film Festival 2021. This dolphin "tail" is about a 14 year old girl, Annabel, who lives with her grandfather on an island while they run a non-profit marine research and conservation center. She loves her life on the island surrounded by friends and enjoying spending time with her friend Mitzi, a dolphin.  All of this is interrupted when her maternal grandparents try to get custody of her.  You and your family will enjoy the antics of the shifty lawyer they hire. You will definitely wa