Friday, December 4, 2020

Why Become a Doctor?

You will most likely be asked multiple times throughout your medical career why you wanted to become a doctor. Beginning with your application to medical school, you will need to ponder and sort out this question. While there are several individual reasons to pursue a career in medicine, becoming a doctor is something you also need to have the motivation and commitment to pursue. When things get stressful or overwhelming, you can always remind yourself why you became a doctor.

For starters, the medical field is stable and not affected by the fluctuating status of the economy. You will not need to worry about losing your job as some other professions are more easily put at risk during economic tough times. In addition to this, your financial stability will be secured with your salary and benefits. Your job will remain secure as the demand and need for doctor is always going to remain. Your years of dedication to medical school will be worth it, much like how Rachel Tobin Yale dedicated herself to her work and studies.

As a doctor, you are trusted with sensitive and private information. It is an honor to hold such responsibility. Your patients will look to you as a person they can truly share with and trust. With this position of great responsibility also comes power. As a doctor, others look up to you as a leader. This is true, especially within the health care community. Even outside of a work setting, doctors are respected in day-to-day public settings as well. Think about the heroic role a doctor can play in the case of an emergency in public. A doctor on the scene could save a life before an ambulance gets there.

Once you’ve earned your degree, you can decide whether you would prefer to practice medicine with patients in a more office-like setting, or if you would like to do further research in the lab. Even after deciding, you can change your practices down the line and switch gears. The opportunities within the medical field are near endless. With technologies developing and new programs being established, you never know what you might expand your practice into.

No matter where you are on your journey towards a career in medicine, you will need to ask yourself a very important question. Why do you want to become a doctor? If your answers resonate with you, then the years of school and training will remain well worth the effort.

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