Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Weighted Axol! Plush with a Purpose!

 Hi Neighbors!!

I love when companies come out with items like this.  We have worked with Axol & Friends before, and I appreciate their commitment to their mission, but a weighted Axol is just such a great idea.  This weighted Axol plush is made of recycled fabric and filled with glass beads. Weighing one pound, this sensory plush provides a calming effect proven to aid children with anxiety, adhd, and autism symptoms. Axol is adorable to begin with and now they have a weighted version. The weighted Axol would make a wonderful gift for someone this year.

Having occasional bouts with panic attacks myself, I completely understand how a weighted plush can be comforting and calming.

Axol & Friends is more than a brand, it’s a movement to empower youth to be activists and environmentalists. We also fight for sustainability, environmental conservation, animal rights, human rights, and social justice. You can learn more about this on their website: Plush toys with a Purpose!!

It looks like they are going to come out with a realistic weighted Axol soon!! Be sure to check out the other items in our Holiday Gift Guide this year!

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