Saturday, December 12, 2020

VocoPro - A Gift to Give


Hey all!

VocoPro has the most amazing setup for someone who does interviews, podcast, videos, etc. online.  I am hoping to get a lot of use out of this system over the next several months, as well as my daughter using it for her interviews. It is called the Streamer-Live.

This system has a ring light, a microphone, a place to hold 2 cell phones, and an amazing board.  You can plug in earphones, and a second microphone. You can connect to your computer or use wireless Bluetooth input.

From VocoPro: The STREAMER USB audio interface also has tons of features including Bluetooth wireless input, 16 sound effects, both chat and singing mode with features like pitch correction, pitch bend & vocal eliminator for accompaniment music. This makes it one of the most flexible AND affordable audio interface packages on the market for content creators.

We are just beginning to learn how to use the system, but be assured you will see some of the interviews and Vlogs as we get more comfortable. This set is also easy enough to put assemble and take down, so you can take it with you if needed.  

VocoPro also carries many other supplies and equipment for your recording needs.

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