Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Loneliness Solution by Jack Eason

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2020 has truly turned into one of "those years".  It has affected everyone in one way or another.  Many have been at home for months, with little contact with family and friends.  I know we have missed our nursing home ministry, where we have been some of the only visitors some of those patients have.  For many loneliness has become a way of life.  Even with technology, it just is not the same.  Alcoholism, depression and suicide have all risen this year and I personally believe that much of it is due to lack of personal interaction with others.  So, I was pretty excited to get a chance to read The Loneliness Solution by Jack Eason.

Although the book is not written with 2020 in mind, it certainly applies. He discusses how we have allowed social media making us feel connected to the world, that in fact we are more lonely because it really is not genuine friendships. Don't get me wrong, there are some people I only know through social media and I consider them friends, but we all need that actually contact in person to help us overcome loneliness.

Each chapter of this book will give you something to consider along with questions to answer.  He covers the problem of loneliness first, then gives us the loneliness solution.  He points out that in a recent survey only around half of Americans say they have meaningful, daily face-to-face social interactions. He will give you ideas on how to improve your interaction with others. He cites an example of a man found dead in his home after 4 months. No one noticed him missing, not even his neighbors.  Years ago people used to look out for each other, keeping an eye on elderly neighbors, but we have lost that in our fast paced, internet addicted world. 

Who do you talk to when you feel lonely? We always have a tendency to think of the elderly when we mention loneliness, but it is just as valid a problem for middle age and younger persons. Read this book and find some ways to re-connect.

If you have time, or you could make the time, pick up a copy of The Loneliness Solution, and see for yourself some ways to overcome loneliness and "find a meaningful connection in a disconnected world".

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