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Tenzi and Buildzi Games to Gift

Hey neighbors!

We are really enjoying these two new games. Tenzi has become our go to game when we have a few minutes to spare.  We have played it several evening while waiting for dinner to finish cooking or right after dinner while we are still at the table.  My daughter and I played a few rounds late the other night just for fun! It can get a little noisy! Buildzi is also fun, but can take just a little longer.

So, Tenzi first.  You play with 2-4 players, but I am sure if you could gather more dice, Tenzi has more sets in different colors, more people could play.  I am thinking my family might need to purchase another set, as there are 5 of us and when someone visits, we may need a couple more sets. There are 4 sets of 10 dice in 4 colors.  Each player receives 10 dice of one color.  Count to 3 and start rolling.  You want to get all 10 die on the same number.  Keep rolling until you have accomplished this and the yell, "Tenzi!" Now, that is just the basic game.  There is a set of cards sold separately for Tenzi, 77 Ways to Play Tenzi.  This has several alternatives on how to play the game.  Like the one where every time after you roll you must make the sound of a barnyard animal or raise your hands in the air.  I won't give them all away, but there are definitely fun! 

Buildzi is also designed for 2-4 players, but you can always purchase more than one set if you need more, or you can work in teams. So, the basic way to play Buildzi is to place all the blocks in the center of the table.  Just dump them out, don't arrange them in any certain way.  Each player is given a Buildzi card which has a tower pictured on it. Keep it facing down. When you are told to "go", flip your card over and build the tower shown on your card. Build up, do not lay blocks flat on the table or flat on top of each other.  Build the tower up.  You need steady hands to play Buildzi.  For young children they could build it flat on the table, but teens and adults need the challenge of an actual tower. As with Tenzi, there are more than just one way to play, so explore the other options. 

Tenzi started with two friends who met up unexpectedly one day after they hadn't seen each other for some years.  When asked what he was doing Kevin replied he was thinking up board games. The two got together with a bag of dice and Tenzi was born. And there started a business out of a garage where they packed the dice to sell that has grown and is now found both online and in over 5000 stores.

So, grab a game or two to gift this season. They do have a few other games, so be sure to visit the Tenzi website to see what is available.  You might want to bookmark it and then follow them on their social media to see what else they come up with.

Than ks for stopping in today! See you soon and please check out the rest of our Holiday Gift Guide!


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