Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Super Impulse - World's Smallest - Toys for Stocking Stuffers

 Hey neighbors!!

Here I have a really neat gift idea for both children and adults.  Super Impulse makes some of the coolest World's Smallest toys and games.  These are perfect for little girls with 18' dolls.  They are just the right size.  They have toys for boys as well.  I am thinking though that many of these sell to adults who remember fun toys from their childhood. 

One of the really great thing about these toys is that they are so small, you can keep a huge collection in a very small space.  You can display them on a shelf or in a small curio cabinet.  Place them on your work or home desk.  They are sure conversation starters. And they really work!!

Imagine a Hot Wheels car that can sit on a quarter That is exactly the size of these cars. Remember the track where the cars would shoot around a loop and fly out the other side? Well, they have a miniature one! We have the set and three extra cars. 

Next we have some figures. Slinky Dog is adorable.  I have him posed on a cupcake pedestal.  Then there is Mr. Potato Head. You can not remove his parts, but by pressing the button on the top of his head, his face changes expressions. And another one of my favorites is the Gumby and Pokey set! Yes, I watched re-runs of that growing up. They are so tiny, yet you can still bend and pose them.

The Rubik's cube and Viewmaster work as well.  I never was great at solving the Rubik's cube, but it is cute all the same.  And you can see the slides in the Viewmaster viewer.  

Last of all are the tiny Arcade Games. We now have Skeeball, Pac Man and Hello Kitty.  All of them actually work.  You don't roll balls in the Skeeball game, it is done electronically, but it is still so amazing!

You can find the toys online at Amazon, and Walmart and Cracker Barrel have them in store according to their website. I also so them in Kohl's recently. These add to the collection I already have.  Earlier this year I picked up a Yo-yo at a Half-Price Book Store. I am hoping to continue adding to my mini collection.  They will be on display, and I will also use them with my antique Schoenhut dolls.  They look great together!

I highly recommend these miniature, working, World's Smallest Toys from the past from Super Impulse!! They have several other items I need to add to my collection.

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