Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Starry Projector Light - For the Holidays!

 Hi Neighbors!!

Check out the Starry Projector Light! I am so impressed with how this looks lit up! I plugged it in near my photo table and it literally lit up the entire ceiling and the walls.  It not only shines on the ceiling and walls, but you can connect and play music with a USB drive or with Bluetooth. It plugs in via a USB cord. You can plug it into a computer, or if you have a wall plug designed for a USB cord you can do that.  This projector has 21 lighting modes and a sleep timer.

 The Starry Projector Light comes with a remote control, so you can maintain control of the light, it's brightness, and the music. The remote does require batteries.  

This would make a great gift! I am picturing children camping out in the living room. Also perfect for a bedroom.  It will give off light, play music and help scare away the night time fears.  Consider a Starry Projector Light this holiday season!

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