Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Quarto Knows Books- Gift Ideas!!

 Hey all!!

I have some really good books and a calendar from Quarto Knows Books!!  This is only a drop of what they have available on their site!!

My favorite of course is the Adorable Hedgehogs Calendar! Hedgehogs are so cute!!

Hoping I actually get to use my calendar in 2021.  This years basically hung on the wall to brighten my day, as I really did not have much happen to record on it!

Then I have two books to share with you.  The first is, Bible Journaling! This is perfect for one of my daughters! She has a journaling Bible, so I am sure she will find many interesting ideas in this book!

The next book is, Creative Journaling. My other daughter should enjoy this one. She loves to draw, doodle and practice calligraphy type writing.  

Quarto has many hands on books available to choose from. I am presently reading a book, The Calm and Cozy Book of Sleep.  It is really holding my attention, and I am hoping I will find ideas in it to help me get a good nights sleep.

You can find many of their books on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble or BAM.  Visit the Quarto Knows Books site and look around for that perfect gift to put under the tree.'

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