Thursday, December 10, 2020

PetMate - Snacks and Toys for Your Dog


Anyone else LOVE getting toys/gifts for their pets around the holidays? I know I do. I think this year I’m going to do a little stocking full of stuff for Jules ( my golden doodle). These fun little goodies from PetMate will definitely be in there! We gave Jules one of the treats to try this morning and she loved it so much so that it was gone in minutes!! 

I also loved the little TumbleTeez which you can stick treats in to keep them entertained. A win-win for Christmas morning when you need to get cooking done but don’t want to lock your dog in another room. This will keep them out of the way in a way they will enjoy. Also good for those dogs that need something to do all the time. 

These are a great treat to give your pup. They are grain free, gluten free and high in protein! Not only do they carry these two items but Petmate has an extensive variety of things for dogs, cats and birds! 

What do you like to give your pet/s around the holidays? I’d love to hear your ideas :)

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