Monday, December 7, 2020

Moon Cheese - Snacking Holiday Treat!

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Looking for a unique snack for that family get-together or holiday end of the year party? Sure, you can bring those Christmas cookies, you know, the ones in the colorful tins that will be the choice of many as they don’t know what else to purchase. Or there is the world-renowned fruit cake that traditionally gets tossed out with most of it still intact. And don’t forget those boxes of chocolates that may taste good but often result in snackers remorse because they indulged a little too much. Being diabetic, I am always on the search for healthy low carb snacks.

That is why Moon Cheese snacks are the perfect choice this holiday season! Totally guilt free, Moon Cheese products have it all!  Low carb, low calorie, zero sugars and high in protein.  We are talking all natural!  But just because these treats are healthy, don’t think they are tasteless and drab! Tantalize those taste buds with a cheese snack that you will not forget...and neither will others! 

I must admit that I was hesitant at first. How many new products have you tried with high expectations? The advertising on the bag promises flavor and satisfaction, yet more often than not they lack in these very things. Moon Cheese offers a variety of flavors sure to excite that palate that is used to the same ordinary treats. 

If you are partial to cheddar the perfect choice is the Cheddar Believe It bites but they don't stop there! Cheddar Bacon Me Crazy has the same delicious cheddar flavor but adds in bacon for the person who wants more! White Chedda Black Peppa goes even further with the combination of black pepper and sharp white cheddar. Love Parmesan? What about garlic?  Then Garlickin' Parmesan is a must for you! Feel daring? Try Get Pepper Jacked! You guessed it! All American Pepper Jack cheese bites. Since I am a lover of pepper jack cheese, this is one of my favorites. If pepper jack is not your thing but you still like a bold tangy snack then Oh My Gouda will surely fit the bill. 

Friends, cheese is one of my favorite evening treats and Moon Cheese has provided a perfect replacement for when I want something cheesy but somewhat different. Cheese is popular with many people so imagine the joy you will bring when you show up at this years office function or the family gathering! Moon Cheese bites can also make great stocking stuffers as there is no need of refrigeration.

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