Saturday, December 12, 2020

Manly Man Co - Gifts for the Males in Your Life

Hey neighbors!

Here is a company that has some really neat gifts for the male member in your family or your circle of friends.  Manly Man Co has Jerky in some pretty amazing flavors, and they are shipped in some of the most unique containers.

For example we have a Best Jerky Tactical X-mas Stocking Kit!  It is filled with 7 different types of Jerky, a Manly Man coaster and a Man Card, a unique bottle opener. It is personalized with my husbands name. It is definitely a gift he will remember.  I did pull the two alcohol flavored Jerky as we do not do anything alcohol, but that still leaves him with five new flavors to try.  They also have several other stockings with different flavors of Jerky.  I have a feeling my husband is going to love this!

They also have Ammo Can gift sets, Jerky you can personalize with a message, as well as other gift ideas. One thing I have to share though is they have bacon scented wrapping paper! Sound strange? Amazingly enough, it truly smells like bacon.  I am hoping none of the dogs think it is a treat for them! LOL!

SO if you are still looking for a great gift idea, check out the Manly Man Co.

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