Saturday, December 12, 2020

LocoKidz - Indoor Forts for the Holidays


Are you a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle etc. looking for the perfect gift for the kid/s you know? If so then I have a wonderful idea for what you could get them! LocoKidz had kids forts that are so adorable and something every child will love. They sent us the Fantasy Fort and the Fantasy Space Fort. I know several little kiddos who would love to receive these as a Christmas  present. This is the perfect gift for any child but especially something great to get for multiple siblings, a good, fun way for them to play together. 

These are easy to build and a great way to bond with your children, they can *help* you build. The space fort comes with a space storybook. These forts are a creative, interactive way for your kids to let loose, have fun and learn. As I mentioned above they are easily put together and you can easily take it down, they come with a bag for quick storage. 

As you can see above the Fantasy Fort comes with 439 pieces.  It includes 2 blankets to cover the fort, 5 meter long lights, and 62 balls.

The Fantasy Space Fort has 239 pieces. It includes a book, 5 meter long lights, 2 space blankets, and 21 balls.

I am thinking these forts will make great indoor winter fun for children. They can be used to play in, take naps, read in, or even an overnight sleep out in the house. Definitely a lot of fun to be had!

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