Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Lily's Baking Bars for Your Holiday Recipes

 Hi All,

I am a diabetic who manages my glucose levels by diet, so I am always excited to discover products that are low carb or Keto.  Lily's Baking Bars are just that, so I loved being able to try a few and see how they tasted and how well they worked in our recipes.

My daughter decided to make White Chocolate Hot Cocoa with one of the bars. Here is her recipe: One cup milk, splash of vanilla, and about one quarter of the bar. Added reddi-whip and peppermint sprinkles. She does this to me all the time, and just throws things together, or changes a recipe just a bit, and never writes it down.  Anyway, she really enjoyed this one!!

So, as soon as I use the other bars, I will share what we have made.  If you need low carb chocolate baking bars, or even chips, check out Lily's.  They have some recipes on their site that look really good!

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