Tuesday, December 8, 2020

In A Pikle?

You know when you’re on a trip, doing something in the kitchen, working on something in your workshop and all the sudden you realize you need something? Do you have a friend who always forgets to bring safety pins, band aids, etc. Do you have a friend who’s getting married and have no idea what to give them for a wedding day gift? I have the perfect idea! 

In A Pikle is a handy little case that you can bring with you that has all the necessities you usually forget (and you can restock it). This is such a fantastic little kit that has been such a help more times than I could count. Like once, we were on a cruise and a dress ripped, enter In A Pikle with needle and thread all ready to fix it. 

Or once we were traveling and I cut my finger accidentally, this little thing was ready to help bandaids 🙌🏼

You can put in the case whatever you like and I love that.

Whatever the emergency In A Pikle will probably help. This is the perfect Christmas gift for literally everyone. 

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