Thursday, December 3, 2020

Hudson and James - Collagen

 You ever wish there was something you could take that was natural, that was for for your health, hair, skin and nails? If you’ve been looking for something like that then I can help. Collagen is a quick easy way thing to add for an extra bit of Healthiness. I’ve tried a few different kinds of collagen from different places and my absolute favorite is any of them from Hudson and James. 

I got the chocolate one from them in early November. It is amazing and quite yummy. While I can just add it to my morning coffee for a mocha fix I’ve decided to make hot chocolate for those cold winter nights (I’ll share my recipe below). 

This is the perfect to get for the person concerned about keeping their health in check. I absolutely love using Hudson and James collagen and all of benefits it has. 

Hot cocoa recipe-

One scoop of Hudson and James chocolate collagen

8 ounces of water or milk of your choice ( I use soy)

1 tablespoon of pure cocoa (I used Hershey’s)

Dash of peppermint extract. 

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