Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Designated Dog T-Shirt Gift


Greetings neighbors!!

Have you seen the Designated Dog T-shirts?  They have some of the most adorable drivers featured on their T-shirts.  

Designated Dog: Designated Dog started out as a funny shirt depicting a dog (who always wanted to drive) for our family and friends. We now offer a boutique line of gifts which change each season and also help support and spread the word about great organizations. We hope you’ll become an ambassador for our cause by sporting some gear with our amazing driving dogs!

My daughter has already claimed this shirt as hers and she loves to wear it! I am not sure if I will ever see it again!!

Designated Dog has a contest where you can send pictures of your own driving dog.  You can win prizes and your pup might even be chosen to be pictured on one of the Tees!

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