Tuesday, December 1, 2020

ChumBites - Healthy Fruit Snack Packs


You ever get ready for a road trip, a busy day at home or just wanted something healthy to have as a snack without having to make something? If you’re in one of those categories then ChumBites are what you’re looking for! Remember those little fruit snack packs you used to get, the ones that were oh so delicious but like, really, really bad for you? These are even better but good for you! 

ChumBites come in a variety of flavors and are perfect for a quick healthy snack. My personal favorites are the berry. These are perfect for a stocking stuffer or even to have on hand leading up to the holidays. I know I’m not the only one who has a tendency to snack while prepping for Christmas and these are so much better for you then well, those Christmas cookies I’m normally munching on 🤭. 

I hope you’ll check these out, if you do let me know how you like them!

See you At The Fence,


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