Saturday, December 5, 2020

Airfree Air Purifier - Give the Gift of Clean Air

Hi Neighbors!

I think I have mentioned it here previously, but we have two small leaks somewhere in our roof, that leak in our bedroom during rain storms.  Not all the time, just randomly.  We have had people come out and try to find the leak, but thus far it still randomly leaks.  So, since it leaks, we have mold that starts to grow on the wall.  I treat it with a vinegar spray, but still thought an Air Purifier might help, and in comes Airfree.  My husband also has major sinus issues, so we are hoping this might help solve some of his problems.  A great gift for those who have allergies, sinus issues, or just want better air in their home.

We have an Airfree Air Purifier.  It comes in black or white. I also like that it has a small night light built in on top.  I have to have a small light on at night and this works.  This one is suitable in rooms up to 650 square feet.  Basically this air purifier draws in air, purifies it and then is cooled down and released back into the room. The core of the purifier heats microorganisms at temperatures of 400 degree F.  The Air Purifier must be left on continuously in one room to keep the air pure.  If it shuts down, the microorganisms will begin to grow again.  

From Airfree: The Airfree  works completely silently to get rid of up to 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, viruses, pollen, pet allergens, dust mite allergens and other organic air pollutants that cause allergy attacks and asthma.

Airfree applies the same concept as that of boiling water by using heat to destroy microorganisms, thus attaining 99.99% air sterilization efficiency at Airfree’s air outlets. The Thermodynamic TSS Technology silently destroys airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, organic allergens, and all airborne microorganisms at temperatures of 400°F, in a filterless operation.

The Purifier runs silently, so the light on lets you know it is working.  The top should not feel cold to the touch.  If it does, this signifies that it is not working, and you should try plugging it in to a different outlet.

Visit the Airfree website and make sure you choose the right air purifier for the size of your room. They have various options in their purifiers, so you should easily be able to find the one that suits your needs.

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