Tuesday, December 8, 2020

A Puzzling Holiday Gift From Endless Games

Hi All!!

Some of you may know I love doing puzzles.  My only problem is I like doing them with someone. So, if I do not have someone with me to work on a puzzle, my puzzles will sit for days untouched.  We have a table set up where several of us can work on a puzzle together.  Usually we have music playing in the background, and snacks for everyone.  I am saying that as an intro to the two new puzzles that just arrived from Endless Games.  Unfortunately if I want to share them with you, I really do not have the time to complete them, so for now you will just have to be happy with a few pictures of the puzzle boxes and of the puzzle pieces. 

The two puzzles from Endless Games are both 1000 piece puzzles, hence why they will not be done for the post.  I wanted to let you know about them in time to order for the holidays if you have someone who loves puzzles as much as I do.

The first puzzle is Playbill Presents.  It has pictures of playbills "The Best of Broadway".  This one will definitely take some time as each one says Playbill on it and they are surrounded by yellow. I am thinking this one will be fun and frustrating at the same time.  That makes it a pretty good puzzle.  You don't want a puzzle that is too easy to complete.

The second puzzle is Peace on Earth. It has so many different animals all together with the earth and moon in the sky behind them.  There are butterflies, birds, an elephant, tiger, lions, panda, deer, rabbit and more in this beautiful puzzle.  I think this one might be a little bit easier than the other puzzle. 

 Recommended age for the puzzles are 7 and up.  The pieces look sturdy and I believe you and your family could have a lot of fun doing these puzzles.  Purchase a couple for your family to work on together, or buy a few for gifts.  

Now, before you write Endless Games off and say that no one in your family does puzzles, Endless Games also does...GAMES!! We really enjoy playing the games we have from Endless Games on our family game night.  One of our favorites is AKA or Also Known As. We also own, Encore! A super fun game.  I was browsing their website and found a few others we might need to try!

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