Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A Gift for the Artist in Your Life - Chirpwood

 Hi neighbors!!

Found these unique company named Chirpwood. They have frames, prints and art kits. We received the Beaches Paint Kit.  They call them the perfect "Training wheels for the beginning artist." Instead of starting with a blank canvas, your artist is starting with a canvas that has a shaded picture already on it, which they will then paint. I think it is a really interesting way to learn about acrylic painting. 

The Paint by Shadows kit comes with the canvases, yes, more than one. You will find paints and paintbrushes included.  The actual frame is an optional choice. They include written instructions and you have access to video instructions as well. 

Their Notions line include quotes, thoughts, hymns, and other really cool stuff on canvas.  We have Amazing Grace!  It is so pretty.  I am quite certain we will be framing it for display.

Be sure to visit the Chirpwood website and see if they have something that can fulfill some of your gift list requirements! If you order by December 14th, it can be there in time for Christmas!

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