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A Conversation With Stephen Huszar


Mercy: It's been about a year since we chatted and its been a crazy one for everyone. Can you share a little of what you've been up to and how you stayed busy in quarantine?

Stephen: I was lucky enough to quarantine with my mother and sister. It was the first time since University that I was able to spend more than just a couple of weeks with them in a row, so it was a real treat! I like to keep active and since I couldn’t go to the gym, I made the best out of using what was around the house to exercise with including hanging ropes off the balcony do do pull-ups, skipping rope, climbing trees, cross-county skiing, and lots of yoga! 

Mercy: What is a piece of advice you'd give to someone who wants to act?

Stephen: Get a clear vision of what you want your acting career to look like, then focus your attention on everyone that will help you achieve it. This means you’ll likely have to sacrifice a lot of things along the way including vacations, weddings, other job opportunities, (and sometimes long periods without work), but it will be all worth it in the end. The other important aspect is of course to love you what you do. Unless you have a deep passion to act, it probably isn’t for you. You’ll be too easily distracted, and you will not reach your full potential. However, with the combination of a clear vision, hard work, and a deep desire for the craft, you're bound to be successful!

Mercy: Can you share a little bit about Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas?

Stephen: Sure! "Time For Us To Come Home" is based on a song of the same name by Blake Sheldon (who also Executive Produced the show). It’s a fun movie, with lots of entertainment starring the incredible Lacey Chabert and Leon. It’s also a little different that the typical Christmas movie because there’s a mystery woven into the storyline that will keep you guessing until the very end! It’s definitely a show the whole family will deeply enjoy.

Mercy: Any behind-the-scenes/on set stories you can share?

Stephen: The cool thing was, both Lacey and I had worked with our director, David Winning before (along with many of the other cast and crew). This immediately set a relaxed and fun atmosphere on set that we carried through the whole show. We all felt like family almost instantly, which is rare. I feel very fortunate to have experienced that. 

Mercy: Filming was put on hold for awhile with Covid what was your first thought when you heard you could start filming movies again?

Stephen: Yippee yahoo!!!! There’s nothing I enjoy doing more in life than to act, so I was overjoyed.

Mercy: You've quickly garnered a massive amount of fans who especially enjoy your Hallmark work, and you seem to be sticking with them. Why do you think their movies are so popular and what made you decide to continue working with them?

Stephen: Hallmark movies have an incredible ability to cater to a wide audience because of the good-natured stories they tell. Families know they never have to worry about feeling disturbed after watching Hallmark programming and it’s safe for the entire family to watch. I feel it’s important to support inspirational content that elevates humanity, rather than only exposing the dark side. Ultimately, as storytellers we want to portray all sides of humanity, and Hallmark is most certainly a part of that equation. 

Mercy: Any projects that you're currently working on?

Stephen: I just started shooting a contemporary crime drama television series called TRIBAL.

Mercy: What are some of your goals for 2021?

Stephen: Be the change I want to see in the world .

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