Wednesday, November 18, 2020

You Don't Have to Give Up Your Modesty to Swim

 Hey neighbors!!

We took a recent trip down to Florida for a few days.  Normally we would have gotten in the water a couple times, but wouldn't you know, this trip there was a tropical storm coming in. So the beaches were closed, except for walking along the shore.  We still had a good time, but I think the girls would have enjoyed the water. 

Speaking of getting in the water, what do you wear to swim?  Do you have to compromise your modesty to enjoy the shore or lake?  We long ago set down modest standards for our family.  The girls often wore a short sleeve t-shirt over a pair of culottes or a light weight skirt with leggings underneath.  

Fast forward to today, and you now have many more options.  Several companies are carrying modest swimwear like Lyra Swim.  I love having options to choose from, that are not only modest, but many are pretty and fashionable.  They are also made of swimwear materials that are light weight and that shed some of the water, rather than walking around with a soaking wet, heavy skirt on.  Lyra also has head coverings for those ladies that prefer to keep their heads covered.

So if you are looking for modest swimwear, check out Lyra.

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