Monday, November 30, 2020

Turn Kennel Stays Into Doggie Camp

Going on a vacation is exciting for your family, but it can be stressful for your dog. Most dog owners see this stress as soon as their luggage gets packed and set by the door. For people without friends or family for their dog to stay with, boarding it at a kennel is a great option. Dog boarding Tomball TX can be a positive experience with minimal preparation. Over time, your dog will think of these trips as going to camp instead of going to jail.

Preparation Is Key
If this is the first time your dog will be staying at the kennel, then you may want to schedule a trial sleepover. This will help your dog become familiar with the people and the environment. It will also show your dog that when you drop it off, you will return. In addition, ask for the kennel's feeding and sleeping schedule to copy at home the week prior to your trip.

When the big day comes, stay as calm as possible. When you walk your dog into the kennel be quiet and confident. You do not want to get your dog excited before you leave the kennel. If you have kids, let them say goodbye at home or in the car. Most kennels will allow you to pack your dog's food and a favorite toy. The familiar scents will have a comforting effect when you aren't there.

Expect a Readjustment Period
Most dogs do not sleep very well at a kennel and will be tired at home. This is normal. It is also normal for the dog to have some accidents. The routine at a kennel is different than at home, and your dog may have learned some bad habits. Take them outside more often to go to the bathroom and play. Exercise is a great way for a dog to release anxiety.

Finally, keep an eye out for kennel stress. If you notice unusual pacing, shaking or hiding, then contact your vet. You know your dog best, so watch for any unusual behavior.

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