Monday, November 30, 2020

Tips to Getting Your Deposit Back When You Move


Moving from one home to another is part of adulthood. You might start with a small apartment in college, move in with a spouse and eventually buy a house. Moving is frustrating enough without worrying about getting your deposit back. Stack the deck in your favor by following these simple guidelines.

Know Your Lease
Yes, it’s wordy, but zero in on the part that tells you specifically what to do when you want to move out. Make sure you follow the instructions completely with regards to notifying your landlord, move-out cleaning Marietta GA and returning your keys.

Be Clear in Your Expectations
Write a clear letter that states that you expect to get your deposit returned in a timely manner. Politely let your landlord know when you’re vacating, your new address and the date by which you expect to receive the deposit. Make a copy of the letter and double-check that your landlord has received it, so he can’t deny its existence.

Repair the Easy Stuff
Anything you can do to make small repairs will keep the landlord from upping the cost and billing it back to you. Patch any picture holes and restore walls back to their original color. Even if you know the landlord is going to repaint everything anyway, he could charge you a fee if you leave a wall red. Replace burned out lightbulbs and clear the dead bugs out of the light fixtures.

Scrub it Down
Complete a thorough clean of the space including carpets, ceiling fans, bathrooms and closets. Make sure everything is out (check all the drawers) and wipe down every surface. Use a dry carpet deodorizer to help eliminate pet odor before you vacuum. Wash the windows. Clean the stove. Wipe out anything spilled in the refrigerator.

If you are leaving anything damaged such as chewed up mini-blinds or a stain in the carpet, take pictures so that your landlord can’t overcharge you. Most landlords are honest, but it’s safest to do your part to leave the apartment as sparkling as you found it.


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