Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Herr's Chips! Perfect for Your Holiday Get Togethers!

Hi Neighbors!!

How many of you have tasted Herr's chips and snacks?  My family LOVED the two variety packs we received!!  These are perfect for families, school lunches (even when schooling at home), workday snacks, or if you manage to plan a small get together.  I like them in the snack bags, because everyone has a variety to choose from.  I hav never seen a group get together, or even a family where every member likes the same type of chips.  We have a family of 5 right now, but a few years ago it was a family of 8, and every single member had their idea of the perfect chip or snack.

The Herr's Retro Tin comes with 20 different snacks or chips .6 oz to 1 oz bags!! For just $24 you will receive the re-usable tin filled with treats for the family!  My family quickly grabbed their favorites and stored them away.

We also received the Truck Box, 42 bags of chips and snacks for $20.  Ours came filled with a wide variety of the different options available.  My husband loves spicy, so he grabbed those.  One of my daughters is sensitive to dairy, so she checked the bags and quickly hid the ones she could eat.  Me, I am pretty average as far as chips go.  I prefer regular and cheddar.  They also have a Truck Box where you can pick the mix for $26.

As I stated above the Tin or Truck would be perfect for an office party or other small gathering.  Or perhaps you can just fill a basket and leave it sitting out where your family can grab a quick snack throughout the day.  

Here is just a partial listing of some of the available flavors the Potato Chips, Pretzels, Popcorn and other snacks come in: Dill, BBQ, Ketchup, Salt/Vinegar, Baby Back Ribs, Nacho Tortillas, Cheese Curls, Honey Cheese Curls, Jalapeño Popper, Buffalo Blue, Hot Chips, Deep Dish Pizza Curls, Ragin Ranch Chip, Creamy Ranch Habanero, and more!!

What would be your favorite flavor from Herr's?  Thank you for stopping by today, and be sure to consider shopping the Herr's store online for your family or your next get together. #Herrs

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