Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Gift a Kangaroo Doorbell Camera and Chime

Hey neighbors!!

I set up our new Kangaroo Doorbell Camera and Chime a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it!!  Let me explain a little first, that this is an older home, that had a front porch and a back patio.  A few years ago, we enclosed the front porch and added on to the back of the home.  Now it is nearly impossible to know when someone is at our front door, unless the dogs hear them and start barking.  If we are in the back portion of the hoe, we may never know someone is out front.  We have actually asked people to message us so we know they are here.

Enter the Kangaroo Doorbell Camera and Chime.  The doorbell camera is easy to install, it attaches with a sticky tab on the back, and then you can insert the provided screw into the base of the doorbell camera.  Your chime, is placed in the home reasonably close to the door you placed your doorbell on.  I have mine set up at my work desk.  It is perfect!!

Our Doorbell Camera is linked to my phone.  I presently receive notifications every time the camera catches movement.  So, anytime UPS leaves a package, I know.  Someone is standing at the front door, I get notified.  I receive a small video clip on my phone, so I can even identify who is at the door. My daughter said it was a little creepy when some of us were on a trip, and I could tell every time she went out the front door. It is time stamped too! They also have an extra Porch Protection Plan you can purchase, that will help cover if you have a package stolen.

It's especially perfect for the holidays since doorbells are a known deterrent for package theft and Kangaroo offers a $1.99/month Porch Protection Plan which allows users to get reimbursed in the event of theft up to $150 for two packages a year.

This would make a great holiday gift.  A friend of ours already wants to order one for himself after hearing about ours.  The benefits are well worth the price!! The Kangaroo Doorbell Camera and Chime a perfect as a gift idea or as a stocking stuffer.  Yes, it will fit in a stocking!

I am presently looking at their Front Door Security Kit and thinking it looks like a really good investment for home security.  Be sure to visit their site and consider purchasing one for yourself or a friend for this holiday season.

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