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Clean Your Gutters To Protect Your Home

Taking care of your home's exterior is vital for preventing large-scale damage that could leave you paying thousands of dollars in repair bills. Whether you hire a professional service that handles gutter cleaning Batavia NY, or do the job yourself, maintaining your gutters will protect your home's exterior and interior from the following problems.

Roof Damage
Gutters provide passageways that steer water away from your house. Without gutters, water can pool on the rooftop, disturb the shingles and cause leaks and rot. Debris and leaves that clog gutters render them incapable of functioning correctly or at all.

Foundation Damage
In the absence of functioning gutters, water can also fall off the roof, saturate the soil near your house, and cause erosion of the foundation. As temperatures drop, the water in the ground can freeze and expand, putting pressure on the foundation that causes cracks. These cracks allow water to enter your home, causing wall warping or mold. Mold can spread quickly and make its way into the walls, basement, crawl space and the air. Once this happens, it can be costly to overcome and detrimental to your health.

Landscape Damage
When large amounts of rainwater accumulate and fall off your roof, your home's landscape can suffer negative consequences. Excess water may dislodge plant roots from soil or oversaturate grass, discoloring it and preventing it from growing.

Wood Damage
Water from clogged gutters can rot a house's wooden fascia strips, which hold gutters in place. Rotting can extend to an exposed wooden porch or deck whose porosity contributes to its water absorption.

Driveway Damage
When water repeatedly falls on asphalt, concrete, or stone driveways, it can cause the slightest cracks to expand or shift the underlying ground. Costly repairs or replacement may be necessary if the damage creates unsafe conditions.

Homeownership comes with a wide range of problems, but many can be avoided by keeping gutters well-cleaned.


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