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Chatting With Cody, Booger and Bubba from The Cowboy Way


Mercy: Can you all share a little bit about yourselves?

Bubba: Growing up, my family worked in the nursery business, and I spent my childhood working with cattle, planting plants and riding horseback through the orange groves. Now, I am a full-time carpenter and work with cattle in the afternoon. I amalso a proud husband to my wife, Kaley and father to my daughter, Andie and son, Ripp. 

Booger: My family has been working with horses and cattle since the 1800’s, so I have been a cowboy my whole life. I have always loved working with cattle, and I am particularly passionate about training horses. I am so fortunate to live the cowboy way of life alongside my wonderful wife, Jaclyn and son, Matthew

Cody: I grew up doing rodeo and went to college on full-ride rodeo scholarship. However, I knew college wasn’t for me, so I came home and continued to pursue rodeo. Once I met my wife, Misty, I decided to quit competing, and we started a fencing company, which is now the second largest in the Southeast. In addition to the business, viewers see on The Cowboy Way, Misty and I have our own fencing and cattle companies. 

Mercy: Can you share about the 7th season of The Cowboy Way?

Bubba: After spending some time apart, this season focuses on making our friendships and partnerships work

Booger: Our families are growing and all of our lives are changing. The viewers will see Bubba, Cody and I navigate having to work together without having all of our businesses under the same umbrella.

Cody: In this season, Booger, Bubba and I travel to South Florida for business, and fans will see that we can still do business together without being partners. Misty and I also start building our dream home. Overall, it is another season full of wholesome, cowboy action!

You’ve been filming The Cowboy Way for Seven seasons, what has been your favorite part of that?

Bubba: The whole filming process is so fun, and I love being able to travel together and see new things. However, I am most proud to be a part of a show that highlights the cowboy lifestyle and shows how hard they work. 

Booger: By far, my favorite part has been seeing the impact the show has had on the viewers. After 7 seasons, the outreach is huge! I hear so many stories from people who watch us about how God used our show to intervene in their lives, or inspire them to pursue agriculture. It is so rewarding to be able to carry on a conversation with the fans and hear how the show has made such a difference. 

Cody: For me, it is hearing from all the people that reach out to us and share how the show has touched them or inspired them in some way. 

Mercy: Any fun behind the scenes stories you can share?

Bubba: Booger would always borrow my pocketknife and forget to give it back to me, and for several seasons, he would joke with me and purposely hide my knife. It would make me so mad trying to find it. Well, Booger is big on his sunglasses, and around season 5 or 6, I hid his sunglasses all season until the very last day of filming. 

Booger: Bubba is rather particular about his pocketknife, so one night I decided to hide it from him. He got so mad that he told production he was not going to film until he got his knife back. 

Cody: There are so many, but my favorite was my son’s first experience mutton busting at Booger’s cattle drive. All the other kids were so afraid, but I was so proud of my son for trying it. 

Mercy: What are three things you can’t live without?

Bubba: In the cowboy world, I would say a good horse, a good pick-up truck and a full belly.

Booger: God, my family, and air.

Cody: A cup of coffee every morning, a good morning kiss from baby boy and a goodnight kiss from my wife

Mercy: If you could sit down and have a conversation with one person, living or dead; who would it be?

Bubba: Robert DuvallHe seems to be a no-nonsense person, and he is a great actor. A close second would be Matthew McConaughey. 

Booger: There was no one I loved more than my granddaddy, and I would love to be able to sit down with him and see what he thinks about everything. 

Cody: John the Baptist because he was a prophet and everyone thought he was crazy. I would have loved to been there when he first met Jesus. 

I would also like to have a conversation with the first person who decided to eat a chicken egg, because who in their right mind would have thought to eat a chicken egg. 

Mercy: What does your perfect Saturday look like?

Bubba: On a perfect Saturday, I would wake up, feed all the cattle and then take the family to the lake. 

Booger: I have two ideas of a perfect Saturday. The first would be to take my whole family to deer camp during hunting season; there is just something so special about being all together when it is nice and cool out.  

My second idea of a perfect Saturday would be to visit my childhood friends, who are also cowboys, in the country where I grew up and spend the whole day together working with cattle. Both ideas sound like excellent Saturdays to me. 

Cody: Nothing is better to me than Saturday in the beginning of fall. I’d wake up early, tend to the cows, visit my local feed store and start cooking for an afternoon watching Saturday college football.

Mercy: What is one thing most people do not know about you?

Bubba: I am a night owl. Sometimes when I lie down at night, I will start thinking about a project, and I’ll get out of bed, change my clothes and work all through the night until the next evening when I crash. 

Booger: I am very passionate about teaching younger generations the cowboy way of life. It is so lost nowadays, and those times I spent as a child learning how to be a cowboy were some of the best moments of my life.

Cody: I am 100% self-made in terms of business, cattle and land I own. I did not inherit a house, a business or land. Everything Misty and I have we have because of God and a lot of love, blood, sweat and tears. 


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