Friday, May 15, 2020

Why Pet Dentistry Is Important

You already give your furry companion a safe home, nutritious food, and lots of love. Regular vet check-ups and vaccinations go a long way toward keeping pets happy and healthy, but it is important to add regular dental care to the mix. This is especially true if your pet does not tolerate home dental treatments like tooth brushing. Although many pet owners worry about bringing their cats and dogs in for dental treatment, pet dentistry is key for promoting a long, healthy life. If you are thinking of bringing your pet to a Shoreview veterinary clinic for dental work, consider the benefits that pet dentistry offers.

Fresh Breath
Bad breath is often an early sign of dental problems or gum disease in pets. While the main concern is the animals' health, their bad breath may be unpleasant for their owners, too. Removing plaque and tarter and treating gum conditions makes snuggling with your pets much more enjoyable.
Strong and Healthy Teeth
Pets need dental cleanings for many of the same reasons their humans do. Keeping their teeth free of harmful plaque reduces the risk of tooth breakage and loss. An animal with damaged teeth may have many symptoms, including behavioral changes and difficulty eating. Regular dental exams and cleanings can stop these problems before they start.

Lifelong Health
Much like in humans, poor dental health can have serious consequences for your pet. Bacterial buildup and inflammation due to untreated dental conditions can affect the heart, liver, or kidneys. In severe cases, this can shorten an animal's life. Regular dental checkups may also detect problems like oral tumors or abscesses that can be life-threatening.

Pet dentistry helps keep your precious companion healthy for years to come. Regular exams and cleanings can correct dental issues and lead to earlier detection of treatable conditions.

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