Monday, April 13, 2020

Celebrating Birthdays During the Coronavirus Crisis

In a time when everyone is social distancing and unable to be with extended family, it can be quite a bummer to have a birthday fall during these months. However, fear not that this means your birthday will be ruined. There are plenty of strategies that can be employed to make a birthday celebration still be an enjoyable party during the coronavirus crisis.

Video Calls
One way to make sure everyone stays connected and is able to celebrate together is through video calls. Organize a video call that everyone can join while you're taking out the cake or have the family together in one room. Although not everyone will be physically present, you can still enjoy the energy of having a gathering of loved ones to celebrate.
Send Presents
Using a service like parcel delivery Newport Beach is a way to send presents without having to physically be near the birthday celebrant. If you are buying and sending presents, just make sure you plan these out more in advance than normally so the gifts have enough time to be shipped and delivered.

Take Out Dinner
Many of your favorite restaurants are still open for delivery and carry out during the coronavirus crisis. This means that you can still celebrate with some of your favorite food from a place you would have gone during more normal circumstances. Taking out dinner is also a unique opportunity to support local businesses that need customers right now. A birthday is a great reason to spend the money on taking food out, and you can feel good about helping out a business in a time of need.

Thanks to video calls, parcel delivery and take-out dinner, birthday celebrations don't have to suffer during the coronavirus crisis. While some aspects of the celebration may be different, the joy and community can still continue on.

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