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6 Tips For Homeschool Science Labs

Hey all!! Take a few minutes to check out the information below about some great science labs by Greg Landry. You will fin the information interesting and very helpful for most homeschoolers.
This post is sponsored by College Prep Science. Copyright 2020 by Greg Landry
I fell in love with science labs in college and graduate school. I loved being able to “see” the science happening rather than just reading about it. As a homeschool dad and former college professor, I'm passionate about teaching science, in particular, Christ-centered lab science to homeschooled students. But, I know that on average we don’t provide enough lab experience for our homeschooled students – often very little. And, for many of them, that puts them at a tremendous disadvantage going into college – and in understanding how science works.
If you’re a homeschool parent, may I offer a few homeschool science lab suggestions:
  1. Allow your 6th-12th grade students to explore science, dissections, interactions of matter, experiments, etc. Most students love exploring and experimenting once they get started. 
  2. Teach them the scientific method and why it’s important.
  3. As they explore, teach them to record their observations and results.
  4. Teach them to create a lab report (the written result of the scientific method) for each of their explorations or experiments.
  5. Keep those exploration and experiment notes and lab reports in a lab notebook as a record of their work. Label it for the subject and time period – colleges may want to see it.
  6. Periodically review those lab manuals for lab ideas, etc.

If you’d prefer not to dissect/explore/experiment at home, we offer two options that enable your students to complete their lab requirements for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics:
  1. In-Person Two-Day Labs – 15 Nationwide Locations
Our two-day Biology and Chemistry Lab Intensives that allow students to complete a school year of Biology or Chemistry labs in two days or both of them in three days. I have the privilege of interacting with 7th-12th grade students as we cover wide-ranging and in-depth college-prep labs, appropriate background information, and lab reports. These are offered at 15 locations across the U.S. Students earn a full school year lab credit for each intensive they complete.
  1. Our Virtual Homeschool Science Laboratory – Accessed from a Computer
    This enables students to virtually walk into and use a great science lab - from their computer at home. All the experiments are ready to go with background information and step-by-step instructions. Students actually perform the experiment from their computer – filling a beaker with hot water, putting a thermometer in the water to measure the temperature, mixing chemicals by pouring from beakers, determining the mass of items in a physics experiment by placing items on a balance, etc. It’s very realistic and enables them to experience the lab, collect data, and produce lab reports over the period of a school year at a pace they choose.. Students earn a full school year lab credit for each set of labs they complete for either Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.
Homeschool dad, scientist, and former college professor, Greg Landry, offers live, online homeschool science classes, Homeschool ACT Prep Bootcamp, the Homeschool Mom’s Science Podcast, in-person two-day science lab intensives nationwide, freebies for homeschool moms, and student-produced homeschool print publications.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

SpongeBob SquarePants: Complete EleventhSeason Giveaway!!

Hey all!!

This was supposed to be written up a couple of weeks ago, but I accidentally spilled water on my laptop and it crashed and had to be sent away for repairs.  So, anyway, it is back and running, so I was given permission to go ahead and do the giveaway!! Below is some information regarding the Eleventh Season release of SpongeBob SquarePants,  Then at the bottom of this post you will be given the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

Enter DoodleBob’s alternate dimension and take a trip to Bubble Buddy’s hometown. Help SpongeBob keep Fred’s leg out of harm’s way, move Bubble Bass out of his mom’s basement, and stop SpongeGar from wreaking havoc all over town! Make new friends, including an imaginary hamster, a sea bunny, the Krusty Krab’s peculiar night crew and Sandy’s nutty nieces. Plus, take a trip to the moon, solve the curious case of the missing clarinet and hear Gary speak for the very first time ever!

Featuring every hilarious episode from Season 11, plus Plankton’s Color Nullifier, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Eleventh Season 3-DVD set will be available for the suggested retail price of $17.99 U.S.

• 216a Cave Dwelling Sponge
• 216b The Clam Whisperer
• 217a Spot Returns
• 217b The Check-Up
• 218a Spin the Bottle
• 218b There’s a Sponge in My Soup
• 219a Man Ray Returns
• 219b Larry the Floor Manager
• 220ab The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom
• 221a No Pictures Please
• 221b Stuck on the Roof
• 222a Krabby Patty Creature Feature
• 222b Teacher’s Pests
• 223a Sanitation Insanity
• 223b Bunny Hunt
• 224a Squid Noir
• 224b Scavenger Pants
• 225a Cuddle E. Hugs
• 225b Pat the Horse
• 226a Chatterbox Gary
• 226b Don’t Feed the Clowns
• 227a Drive Happy
• 227b Old Man Patrick
• 228a Fun-Sized Friends
• 228b Grandmum’s the Word
• 229a Doodle Dimension
• 229b Moving Bubble Bass
• 230a High Sea Diving
• 230b Bottle Burglars
• 231a My Leg!
• 231b Ink Lemonade
• 232a Mustard O’Mine
• 232b Shopping List
• 233a Whale Watching
• 233b Krusty Kleaners
• 234a Patnocchio
• 234b ChefBob
• 235a Plankton Paranoia
• 235b Library Cards
• 236a Call the Cops!
• 236b Surf N’ Turf
• 237ab Goons on the Moon
• 238a Appointment TV
• 238b Karen’s Virus
• 239a The Grill is Gone
• 239b The Night Patty
• 230a Bubbletown
• 240b Girls’ Night Out
• 241a Squirrel Jelly
• 241b The String

Catalog: 59210066000 (US); 59210067000 (CAN)
Running Time: 9 hrs 51 min
Audio: Dolby Digital English 5.1, French Stereo, Spanish Stereo
Subtitles: Closed Captions
Format: DVD-9
US Rating: Not Rated
CN Rating: PG
US S.R.P.: $17.99
CN S.R.P.: $18.99

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How to Store Your College Kid's Belongings

The return of summertime also means that your college kids are packing up their dorm rooms and getting ready to move back into your house for the summer until the next school year starts up. While it may be great to have them back in your home and be able to catch up with your child, what is not so great is the fact that they usually bring a large load of laundry and all of the decors that they had set up in their dorm room. Having your child back for the summer is great, but it creates a predicament when you now have to figure out what to do with all of their stuff. A lot of times it makes sense to move their belongings into a unit for storage Shreveport LA residents trust, while other things may need to get thrown out.

You're glad to see your child, but maybe not so happy to see all of their belongings. Below are a few things you can do to store your college kid's stuff when they come home for the summer.

Put their stuff in three different piles
Before they even come home, have your child separate all of their stuff into three different piles: keep, store, toss. Some of their stuff can come home with them and be used in their own bedrooms as decoration and, of course, their clothes can be put back into their closets. However, there are some things like desks or mattresses that probably need to go into a small storage unit until the next semester starts back up. There might be some things that they never even used during the school year which means they are not likely to use it in the coming year. This means the stuff can be put in the trash pile or donated.

Let family use their tech pieces
Instead of storing away the TVs that they bring home, or trying to find a place in the basement to stick it, put it in a place in the home where you can use it. It can give you something else to play with during the summer, and if it is already taking up space in your home, you might as well use it while you have it.

Add in a storage area in an existing bedroom
If you have a spare bedroom or some extra corner space in an existing bedroom, you can make the most out of every piece of the room and really create some extra storage space. You can do this by getting a small shelving unit where you can store all of their extra notebooks, textbooks, and little knickknacks. Add in an extra closet rod where you can hang up the clothes that comes home with them and some decorative hooks where they can hang up their book bags and/or their purses that they bring home. You do not need too much space to install all of this. You can get nice, high-quality looking stuff that makes it look as decorative as it is functional for what you need. It may not be the best or most attractive solution, but it will most definitely work well enough for two or three months until they go back to school.

Get storage boxes that slide under the bed
There are plenty of storage containers that are long, but very thin, with wheels on the bottom. You can fit everything from their wall pictures, book bags, clothes, shoes, laptops, books, and more into these bags and store them under a bed or couch in your house where it is out of sight and out of mind. These boxes actually store much more than you would think they would. Once they are closed and rolled under a bed, you would never know that they were there. They also seal so as to protect their clothes from getting a musty smell or getting dusty while they are stored away until they go back to school.

Having your kids home from college and being able to spend time with them after they have been gone away at school for a year is nothing short of a blessing. However, you might need to find a few ways to get creative to store their belongings away so your house is not cluttered and overrun by dorm stuff until they go back the next semester.

Monday, April 20, 2020

What You Should Know About Adoption Services in California

Has adoption been weighing heavily on your mind? After finding out you were pregnant, you might have experienced many emotions, including fear, anxiety, and panic over potentially becoming a parent. If you do not think you are ready or can handle parenting at this point in your life, learning about the adoption services California offers to pregnant women is important.

You Can Get To Know Potential Adoptive Parents Ahead of Time
When you are thinking about adoption because you believe it is the best option for your unborn child, you can spend time getting to know some of the potential adoptive parents. These candidates are people who would love to adopt a child and raise that child as their own, giving him or her the love, support, and guidance needed. You can find out more about the couples, including what they do for a living, what types of hobbies they are into, and how they plan on raising the child. Learning more about them makes it easier for you to select the parents who you believe are the perfect people to raise your biological child.
You Have the Chance To Select the Type of Adoption You Want
As the biological mother, you can choose the type of adoption you believe is most beneficial for the child. You can have an open adoption where you will get to receive updates on the child and see photos throughout the years. However, you can also choose a closed adoption where you would not receive any information from the adoptive parents. Some women prefer open adoptions, while others feel that closed adoptions are best for the baby. No matter what you are thinking, an adoption counselor will go over these options with you and help you come to a decision.
Adoption Agency Staff Will Help You as Much as Possible
While you are visiting the adoption agency to discuss your options, review portfolios for adoptive couples, and make important decisions for your unborn baby, the staff members provide as much help as possible. They can provide a list of programs that you may be eligible for that can assist you throughout the pregnancy. Adoptions counselors help make sure you have everything you need while going through your pregnancy.

If you are seriously considering adoption, you need to know about the adoption services that are available in the state of California. You can meet with an adoption counselor, get information on available resources, and receive professional guidance while making such an important decision.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Weekend in Galveston

Are you looking for a short weekend away? Take the time to consider one of Texas’ most famous vacation sites, Galveston, for a perfect combination of beach life, history and dining. Follow this guide as you plan your getaway under the sun. 

Embrace the Sun
Once you have booked your Bush Airport transportation, find your way to the sea. Whether your hotel has a beachfront view or your looking for some activities by the water, Galveston offers plenty to fill your weekend with fun in the sun. Start with Public Access Beach 1A for the photo perfect white sand beach. Or you can head to Seawolf Park to see ruins of WWII ships and submarines. If you’re willing to go a little further, make your way to Crystal Beach, you may even see dolphins on the way. No seaside trip would be complete without taking a ride on the historical Colonel Paddlewheel boat along the coastline.
Soak up History
Galveston was founded over two hundred years ago by European settlers. This influence can be felt in the architecture, restaurants and other historical sites that cover this beautiful island city. To get yourself started, go to Pleasure Pier for some fun and games on this historical landmark. After, catch an opera at the Grand Historical 1894 Opera House. Don’t forget to take the time to explore some of the local mansions to get a taste of what early life in Galveston was like. No tour would be complete without shopping at the Murdochs, a famous shopping district built on the seawall.

Eat Delicious Seafood
No trip to Galveston would be complete without enjoying some of the amazing dining options that fill this city. Texas is famous for its steakhouses. In Galveston, these come stocked with raw bars allowing you to enjoy fresh oysters with a Texas steak while overlooking the sea. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, whether it’s shrimp or barbecue, this city offers something for everyone no matter the time of day. Finish off your eating tour by stopping at La King’s Confectionery for some malt shakes or saltwater taffy in this hundred-year-old establishment.

Whatever you are looking for in a weekend away, this island city offers a perfect break from the world. Whether you are taking in some of the historical sites, relaxing by the sea or enjoying some delicious seafood, Galveston has it all. Have a wonderful vacation!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What You can do with Horses

Horses are a versatile animal that anyone can own. Before you purchase one as a pet though, you should make sure you are ready to own one. Not only are they very expensive to buy, but they require a lot of time in order to care for them. If you are able to handle these aspects of a horse, they are a potential pet to own. Here are a few things you can do with a horse.

A horse is able to be ridden and can also pull carts or wagons that you are able to ride in. These animals are very strong. They can go up and down hills, walk through fields, and run across tough terrain. Many horses like water, so they enjoy going through creeks and streams.

Horse racing is one of the most popular uses for a horse. It is so much fun to watch horse competitions, even if you can't compete. The time and energy that it takes to raise, train, and compete with these animals make them very valuable. The proper training and practice with racehorses can be expensive. They need barns, racetracks, roll top horse jumps, and open space so they can learn to compete at their best.
There are different types of horses that can be raised for show. People have raised both miniature horses and full-size horses for various types of shows. It takes proper feeding and perfect genetics to raise these animals to look their best. Their color, size, and hair are some of the key components looked for in best in show events. Many people who compete in these competitions have many horses and keep the genetics of them for decades.

Horses are amazing animals that have many types of uses. If you can afford to own one, they are a unique animal you are sure to love.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Most Interesting Stories Behind Some Famous Fine Artworks

Art is perceived differently by everyone who views it. Aside from the artists, fine art restoration Minneapolis MN may be the only others who see the masterpieces precisely as they were created. Most people view the art through filters based on their own history, preferences and experiences. It is sometimes surprising to find out the backstories of some of the most famous paintings that we only thought we knew.

American Gothic
An afternoon drive in the countryside inspired this iconic portrait of farm life. Artist Grant Wood saw the house he later depicted in this painting and received permission to recreate it on canvas. However, he felt something was missing without people in the foreground. The farmer and daughter were actually Wood's sister and his dentist. 

Christina's World
This landscape by Andrew Wyeth appears to show a young girl lounging in the grass, gazing at a house in the distance. The real subject is much less wistful and reflective. Anna Christina Olson was the artist's neighbor who suffered from a degenerative muscle disease and refused to use a wheelchair. He would often see her dragging herself across the homestead and wanted to pay homage to her bravery and courage.
One of the most hauntingly beautiful and romantic paintings, Ophelia, was created by Sir John Everett Millais. His inspiration for the foliage was from Shakespeare's Hamlet. But to create the aquatic scene, his model, Elizabeth Siddall, didn't have to pose in the wild. Instead, she posed in the artist's bathtub.

The next time you find a painting you admire in a museum, do a little research. Sometimes, the backstory of the piece can change everything you thought you knew about the art. You may find that the more you know, the more you can feel a connection with the artist's creation.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Celebrating Birthdays During the Coronavirus Crisis

In a time when everyone is social distancing and unable to be with extended family, it can be quite a bummer to have a birthday fall during these months. However, fear not that this means your birthday will be ruined. There are plenty of strategies that can be employed to make a birthday celebration still be an enjoyable party during the coronavirus crisis.

Video Calls
One way to make sure everyone stays connected and is able to celebrate together is through video calls. Organize a video call that everyone can join while you're taking out the cake or have the family together in one room. Although not everyone will be physically present, you can still enjoy the energy of having a gathering of loved ones to celebrate.
Send Presents
Using a service like parcel delivery Newport Beach is a way to send presents without having to physically be near the birthday celebrant. If you are buying and sending presents, just make sure you plan these out more in advance than normally so the gifts have enough time to be shipped and delivered.

Take Out Dinner
Many of your favorite restaurants are still open for delivery and carry out during the coronavirus crisis. This means that you can still celebrate with some of your favorite food from a place you would have gone during more normal circumstances. Taking out dinner is also a unique opportunity to support local businesses that need customers right now. A birthday is a great reason to spend the money on taking food out, and you can feel good about helping out a business in a time of need.

Thanks to video calls, parcel delivery and take-out dinner, birthday celebrations don't have to suffer during the coronavirus crisis. While some aspects of the celebration may be different, the joy and community can still continue on.

What To Do When a Wild Animal Visits Your Home

When we come into contact with wild animals on our property, our first inclination is that the animal has invaded our space. However, animals made their homes in Pennsylvania long before people settled there. Every year, animals get pushed out of their habitats even more. If you come into contact with a wild animal on your property who is a nuisance or poses a threat to your family and property, here are some precautions you should take.

1. Contact Animal Control
For animal control removal Delaware County PA, there are professionals who care about your well-being as well as the safety of the animals who are native to your surroundings. They can san safely remove the animals and return them to their habitat or re-home them if they have become a nuisance to human habitat.
2. Keep Your Distance
Don't try to remove any wild animals yourself. You could become hurt and rabies remains a problem for animals that live in the wild. Leave the work of removal for the professionals.
3. Secure Your Trash
Many animals visit human homes in search of food, which becomes more scarce as their habitats dwindle. Make sure you don't leave food out that is accessible to them, as this creates habits and they come to rely on humans as a food source. Ensure proper management of your trash. Trash can lids should fit tightly, and if you have a garage, it's best to keep them in the garage where animals won't become tempted.
4. Protect Your Pets
Your pets are at risk of exposure to disease carried by wild animals, including rabies. Get your pet vaccinated every year, even if your pet spends the majority of its time indoors. Situations can happen where pets escape, and their natural curiosity will lead them to other animals.

Free Homeschool Student COVID-19 Printable Lesson & Worksheet

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Greg Landry's Homeschool Labs. 

Hey all!!

I know this virus quarantine seems to be lasting forever.  I am sure your children at home may be having questions, so here is something to help! Check out this source that is available to you.

Students in Greg Landry’s online science classes have had a lot of questions about COVID-19 (by the way, this is not the name of the virus), and your children may also have questions. Greg has created a PDF to address the common questions and to give students an understanding of viruses in general, and this virus in a way that's fun for students.

 For example, Greg Landry believes that in science, it's very important for students to have what he calls "magnitude perspective". We all know that viruses and bacteria are very small but few people really have a perspective on how small they are and how they compare with each other and to the width of a human hair. He does this not only with numbers but also with graphics they can easily understand.

 Free Homeschool Student COVID-19 Printable Lesson and Worksheet (and a free bonus lesson and worksheet on the muscular system).

Greg Landry’s FREE PDF also covers:
- Are viruses alive?
- How do they affect humans
- What's the actual name of the current virus? (few people know this).
- What is "coronavirus"?
- What do they look like?
- Where do viruses come from?
- What are some common diseases caused by viruses?

 This PDF includes a printable student worksheet with graphics to label and color plus a virus quiz. Click here to get a free COVID-19 Student Printable Lesson + Bonus! When you submit your email to receive this freebie you will also have access to a free "muscular system" lesson and worksheet!

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3 Great Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Together

Looking for effective ways to bring your family closer together? Whether you have young kids or your children are grown and out of the house, it’s important to maintain strong family bonds. Try out these three great tips to get closer together as a family.

1. Take a Family Vacation
What better way to get closer together than to go on a family vacation? Choose a destination that offers something for everyone, from shopping and dining to outdoor activities and fun tourist attractions. All that’s left to do is pack the bags, grab the kids and head out for a trip filled with fun and adventure. Taking a vacation is the best way to make memories that each family member will cherish forever.

2. Eat Dinner Together
Studies show that when families eat together, ties between each family member are strengthened. Each person in your family likely has a very busy schedule, but try to make time as often as possible to sit together and enjoy a family meal. Think about having a designated family dinner night every week, and invite extended family like grandparents, aunts and uncles to join in on the fun. To maximize bonding time, you could even cook the meal as a family and give everyone a role during cleanup time.

3. Iron Out Your Differences
If your family needs a little help getting along, consider signing up for sessions with a professional provider of family therapy Westchester County NY. Your family may be somewhat resistant to therapy at first, but you’ll soon find that therapy can have so many long-lasting benefits. By coming to terms with your individual differences, your family can focus on creating stronger bonds and enjoying time spent together.

It’s important for families to take steps to stay connected and maintain family ties. By following these tips in your daily life, you’ll be sure to keep your family close together.

3 Tips For Downsizing Your Home

Whether your kids have moved out, money has gotten tight or you simply feel like changing things up, downsizing and moving to a new home is a common practice. However, you should make sure that your downsizing does not have negative consequences for your ability to live your life as you have been. Here are three tips for what to do when downsizing your home.
Use Public Storage
When you are downsizing, you are eliminating space that you used to have for all of your stuff. And because your new place won't have the same amount of space, you're going to need a place to put that stuff. Using a public storage facility Petaluma enables you to have a safe and secure home for your stuff that you can access whenever necessary.

Consider New Neighborhoods
Downsizing brings about a blank slate of opportunity for you in terms of the home you can move into. Because you will be paying for a smaller property, you have the ability to move into a neighborhood that you've always wanted to live in but haven't been able to afford before, such as an urban center or a beach community. Embrace the move as a chance to start something new.
Think About Visitors
If you are downsizing because your kids are moving out, there are high odds that they are still going to want to visit you. When finding your new place, make sure there is enough room for visitors to spend the night if you think that is a possibility. If you downsize into a new, exciting neighborhood, chances are you're going to have a lot of visitors that you'll end up wanting to entertain.

Using public storage, considering new neighborhoods and thinking about visitors are three tips that you should think about when in the downsizing process.