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Child Actress Turned Author - What One Of The Actresses Who Played Grace On "Little House On The Prairie" Is Up To These Days

  Mercy:  Can you share a little bit about yourself.   Wendi :  Wendi Lou Lee is the wife of her handsome husband, mother of two awesome teenagers, author of A Prairie Devotional, and an upholsterer who spends way more time than she would like working in her garage.   When Wendi isn’t visiting Little House sites, writing, or speaking; you can find her paddleboarding at the beach or walking their Bernedoodle—Mo.  Mercy:  Can you share a little bit about being a child actress?   Wendi:  My twin sister and I started on Little House when we were eight months old and worked for four seasons. You could say that we grew up on the set, we didn't know any different. We loved the interactions with the cast and of course hanging out on location at Big Sky Ranch. We had a lot of fun, but there was work too. We had to follow directions very closely and be quiet when the cameras were rolling. In a sense, our time on the set forced us to grow up earlier than most young children. Mercy:  What was

February Gramma in a Box - Happy Valentine's Day - Giveaway

Hey neighbors!! We had a lot of fun with the February Gramma in a Box !!  And we appropriately planned for it to post today, and then our car had issues this morning, my husband took me out to lunch and then shopping and we did not make it home until almost dinner time!!  So, here is what we thought of this month's Gramma in a Box!! The February Gramma in a Box arrived and I was pretty excited to see what Terry came up with for this month's subscription box.  She always has such unique ideas.  Last month my husband and I did the box together.  This month it was just me to surprise the family. We started with Valentine Candy Cane Hearts.  Above you can see the items we used, and below you will see the finished result.  They are so adorable and quite easy to make.  Gramma in a Box comes with recipe cards with step by step instructions, so you can easily complete each project.  She lists the ingredients need, along with any other items you will need from your kitch

Tips for Transitioning to a New Town

No matter where life takes you, you want to feel comfortable and at home in your city. Whether you are moving to a new town for work, family, or anything else, it can take some time to settle in and find your rhythm. If you are moving to a place that you have never been to before, this can be particularly challenging, so here are some tips for making the transition as seamlessly as possible.  Find New Medical Providers  One of the first things you should do when you arrive in your new city is to find new medical providers. This can be especially important if you have medications that routinely need to be filled or if you have an ongoing medical condition that needs to be monitored. Whether you need to locate a pulmonologist or a  dentist in oshawa , you can use sites like Healthgrades or Zocdoc to find the right professionals for your needs. Don't forget your pets, either - finding a new veterinarian should be one of your first tasks, too.  Find New Banking Establishments 

New Homeschool Mom's Science Podcast by Greg Landry

As you all know, I homeschooled all six of our children. Each one has graduated and are now moving on doing their thing in the world.  I still love to keep updated on homeschool information and try to help others. Greg Landry now has a new podcast for homeschoolers. Be sure to read below to learn more. This post is sponsored by College Prep Science. Copyright 2020 by Greg Landry: Former college professor, homeschool dad, and homeschool science pioneer, Greg Landry, has a new podcast specifically for homeschool moms – the Homeschool Mom’s Science Podcast. The purpose of this podcast to encourage, entertain, and equip homeschool moms to teach science (6th - 12th grade) and to make it interesting and enjoyable for students (and mom). You’ll enjoy a familiar voice with science, stories, and humor every week – a new homeschool mom’s podcast available every Tuesday morning. Episode #1 – Intro & She Married Me Anyway Professor Landry will also cover: - Interesting

Shopping for Jewelry

When the timing for giving gifts to that special someone comes around, men often find it harder to buy something for the woman. They wonder what to shop for and sometimes wait until the last minute to decide. There is something that can solve these men’s problems though, jewelry! Jewelry is something that is always available and is rarely unwanted by women. If you are trying to decide what piece you should purchase, here are a few ideas. Bracelets Purchasing a bracelet is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you could choose. Some stores offer you the option to build a customized piece where you pick the charms that you want on it. This is a great way to give a gift that you could build upon each time a special occasion comes. You will also find companies that specialize in single charm bracelets, but the bands are easily stackable and go together on the same wrist.   Rings Rings can be a tricky thing to buy. If you are not already engaged or married, purchasing one of

Top Things to Do First in Your New Home

Buying a new home is a more complex process than  buying a car  or a major appliance. You might think that once you get the keys to your house, you’re good to go. All you need to do is just move your belongings in and you’re set, right? Not so fast there. Whether you’re moving into new construction or a resale, there are some things you need to do right away for your benefit. Get started on this new phase the right way by following these tips. Change The Locks If you’re moving into a new build, you’ll need to change the locks as many people had access to your home during construction. From real estate agents to contractors and even other potential buyers, other people have come and gone freely to your house. If you’re moving into a home with previous owners, you can’t be sure who also might have keys to your place. It is strongly recommended that you switch out the old locks for security and peace of mind. A professional locksmith can install deadbolts and extra locks on all your

Ripley's Books for Children! Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors!! Many of you have seen some of the previous books we have shared from Ripley's .  They have quality books for all ages, from board books for toddlers to books for adults.  They are well-made, quality books that are worth adding to your bookshelf.  This time around we have some adorable books for young children.  Think Valentines Day or just a something special gift. We have Gabby and the Dark , about an adorable turtle who is afraid of the dark...sort of.  Gabby is an explorer and while on an adventure overcomes her fear of the dark. Norman and the Flight is about a young penguin who believes penguins can fly.  He truly wants to try.  Get the book and see if Norman gets to fly.   Bremner and the Party is about Bremner, who is a puffer fish.  He has been invited to a party and is afraid he will puff up in front of everyone and be made fun of.  Last of all is Sharkee and the Teddy Bear .  Sharkee sees a teddy bear fall into the ocean but can't find it.  He r

Consider Mugadoo for Valentines Day

Hey neighbors!! A new coffee or tea mug from Mugadoo could really make someone's day!!  Just gift a mug, or get creative and put something special inside the mug.  Perhaps a gift card, special candy, or a special coffee.  You could also do a gift basket with a Mugadoo mug and put in a good book, coffee, flavored creamer, candy, a good movie or CD. One of the really nice things about Mugadoo is that they have so many mugs to choose from.  We chose the "Wake up and smell the coffee", but they have mugs that feature dogs, cats, coffee, music, moms, dads, farms, nurses, husbands, wives and more!! Visit their website and take a look around. Give Mugadoo a follow on their social media: Facebook - HERE Twitter - HERE Instagram - HERE Thanks for stopping by!! See you soon!

Interview With Kaley Thompson

  Mercy:  Can you share a little bit about yourself?  Kaley:  I am wife to Bubba, mother to Andie Faith and a soon-to-be baby boy. I am very family-oriented, hard-working and probably one of the most laid-back people you can meet.  Mercy:  Can you share a little bit about the upcoming season of The Cowboy Way?  Kaley:  Season 6 will be exciting and different than all past seasons. I think viewers will be very invested. Mercy:  What has been your favorite scene to film?  Kaley:  My favorite scene to film was when I had Andie Faith. The footage of that evening is something I cherish so much. There is also a scene in Season 6 that I can’t go into detail on, but it’s also a favorite scene. You’ll know when you see it ;) Mercy:  Any favorite behind-the-scene stories you can share from on-set of The Cowboy Way?  Kaley:  Behind-the-scenes are fun because we all just cut up and joke around a lot. Don’t get me wrong; family scenes are great. However, when we do things as a whole group its alway

Interview With Misty Harris

  Mercy:  Can you share a little bit about yourself?  Misty:  I am a born and raised Mississippi girl that spent most of her days in a practice pen preparing for the next rodeo. Growing up with competitive horses has played a huge role in shaping me into the person I am today. The sport of rodeo taught me to be hardworking, driven and dedicated. I may not be an active competitor in the arena anymore, but I still carry those attributes with me. Rodeo can also be accredited for me meeting and marrying Cody. He truly is my best friend and love of my life. I have been blessed to have won many competitions and have many unique experiences, but my favorite is being Cody's wife and Carter's mom. Mercy:  Can you share a little bit about the upcoming season of The Cowboy Way?  Misty:  Season six of The Cowboy Way will display more controversy and more independent struggles for the guys than any of the previous seasons. Be sure to stay up-to-date each week! Mercy:  What has been your fav

Interview With Jaclyn Brown

Mercy:  Can you share a little bit about yourself? Jaclyn:  Overall, I would consider myself a hard-working, organized person. I like to accomplish my goals, but I also like to have fun. My idea of fun is doing anything outside, especially on the water and traveling. I earned my Doctor of Pharmacy degree, and I practice pharmacy at a reputable hospital. I also help my husband, Booger Brown run his business, and I am a cast member on The Cowboy Way. The accomplishment that I am the most proud of is holding the title of ‘mom.’ My son, Matthew makes my life complete, and I am excited to see what our future holds. Mercy:  Can you share a little bit about the upcoming season of The Cowboy Way? Jaclyn:  As usual, there will be plenty of action and going to the Road to the Horse competition will be very emotional. Mercy:  What has been your favorite scene to film? Jaclyn:  I had a lot of fun during a scene where Matthew and I washed Booger’s cow dogs. That scene should be coming up in Season

Valentines Giveaway with Axol and Friends!

Hey neighbors!! I received a Limited Edition for Valentines of Axol !! This Axol comes with a very special Valentines Tin, which you can place an extra special gift in.  Fill it with your sweetheart's favorite candy, place a gift card inside for their favorite store, or even better for you guys getting ready to propose you could place the ring inside this beautiful tin.  There are three different color Axols to choose from, as well as a Pangolin.  They are too adorable!!! Not only will you surprise the person you gift Axol to, but you are also helping to raise awareness with youth of endangered species. Axol is an Axolotl and they are an endangered species of salamander, native to Mexico. Each one arrives in a special box, with a certificate of authenticity.  They are made from eco-friendly organic cotton. You can purchase your Axolotl or Pangolin on their website, HERE .  Be sure to follow Axol on their social media as well. Facebook - HERE Instagram - HERE