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Guide to Common Childhood Diseases

Any concerned parent often finds themselves worrying about their child’s health. There are a lot of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and allergens that cause both infectious and non-infectious childhood diseases. Having information on how a disease presents, its likely means of transmission, and when to seek a doctor’s help may prepare you as the parent to deal with such situations. Here is a guide to some common childhood diseases. COLD Cold, also called common cold, is usually caused by viruses infecting the throat, nose and sinuses. Children happen to get more cold infections during the fall and winter season since the cold conditions enable the disease-causing virus to thrive. Children are affected worse than adults because they lack a strong immunity to fight off the cold viruses. It may spread through direct skin contact with an infected person or through indirect contact, which involves touching an inanimate object that may have also been contaminated by an infected person. It usual

January Gramma in a Box

Hey neighbors!! If you have never heard of Gramma in a Box , you are missing out!!  This is a really fun box to complete with your children, grandchildren, even your spouse.  My husband actually helped me with mine this month!!  He melted the chocolate discs, mixed ingredients and even decorated a couple cookies.  Of course he ate quite a few too!! We started out with the New Year Sparklers.  After he melted the chocolate discs we dipped the pretzel rods in the chocolate, just the tips about 1/3 of the way down.  We then added the pastel dots over the chocolate on the rods.  He barely waited for them to set before he tried one!! Game Day Crunch was next on our to do list.  For this one we used a bowl to which we added the popcorn, broken up pretzels, cranberries, candy coated chocolate bits and peanuts.  Next we poured the rest of the melted chocolate into the bowl and stirred it all up.  We spread it out on the wax paper that was included in the box.  He definitely ate

The Big Trip on DVD - Giveaway!

Hey neighbors!! The Big Trip released yesterday.  I am a little late posing as we were out all day yesterday.  This is perfect for children.  It is rated G and is from a writer of Madagascar.  This will definitely hold the attention of your children. The story line includes a slightly dizzy stork (Carl), who mistakenly delivers a baby panda to a grumpy brown bear.  A group of unlikely friends join together to make a "big trip" to take the baby panda to his proper family.  Each character has some sort of unique trait.  A rabbit (Oscar) that talks too much, a scared wolf (Janos), a pelican (Duke) who loves to tell stories, and a poetic tiger (Amore), along with the grumpy bear Mik-Mik) and baby panda head out on a dangerous trek.  On the trip they have to travel a dangerous river, cross a desert, make it through an elephant stampede and rescue the baby panda after a sneaky python steals him away.  They find out they can work better together than separately.  This is

Buying a Car? Remember These Simple Steps to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Whether shopping for the latest model of a favorite automotive brand or investing in a pristine used vehicle, taking the keys to a new ride can be a breathtaking experience for any motorist. Of course, that means making it through a purchasing process that can be complicated and marked by unsavory salespeople willing to charge too much, provide too little, or both. Whether it is your first car or just the latest being added to a fleet, there are a few easy tips that can be implemented to speed up the purchase while bypassing any potential roadblocks along the way. Look For a Dealer You Can Trust There are plenty of businesses vying for the next local car buyer to start a search in person or online. Nevertheless, it can also be easier than ever to find  cars for sale in Abbotsford, BC  by dealers and private sellers who are trustworthy and honest. While beginning the process with an internet review of area options is a great idea, there are other ways to get some direction. Ask tr

Interview With Ben Rosenbaum | When Calls The Heart Season 7

  Mercy:  Can you share a little of what you’ve been up to since we last chatted?  Ben:  It’s been a while since we last chatted! I turned another year older; I did a bit of traveling with family and friends on a few different occasions, including to Hawaii and New York; I took up Jiu Jitsu thanks to Martin Cummins; and of course I filmed season 7 of WCTH!  Mercy:  If you could play a role in any movie from the past, who/what would it be?  Ben:  This one is a tricky question, because all of the roles and films I most admire are ones that I wouldn’t want to alter or change by placing myself in them. Does that make sense? But I’ve always liked the idea of being in a movie based around a team of people because I have heard that those actors often form the same bonds off screen that they portray on screen—war movies, sports movies, heist movies, the Avengers, etc. I’d really like top be part of an epic team effort, those seem like the most fun!   Mercy:  What is the most rewarding aspect o