Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Buying Food Online or In Store

There are many factors to consider surrounding the choice of where you should buy your food. A substantial number of people prefer to buy food online while others prefer to visit the store. Regardless of your preferences, there comes a time when you have to make a choice to buy your groceries online or visit the store.

Advantages of Buying Food Online
Buying food online will save you the time you would have spent driving to the store and wandering all the aisles to locate what you need. Online all you have to do is order from the comfort of your home, and the store will have it delivered to your doorstep. You might also see new foods that you will want to add to the list of items you were going to purchase. This way you will ensure you buy everything you need. If you are shopping for groceries for a week or month, it might be challenging to shop in store. However, when you order online, the burden will be taken off your shoulder since the food will be delivered to your doorstep.

Disadvantages of Buying Food Online
If you buy food online, you will not be guaranteed its quality and whether it is fresh. This means the chances of you receiving a lower quality of food, or your produce could be too ripe or not ripe enough. Once the food has been delivered to you, you might not open the package immediately and you may find the need to return something makes ordering online more of a hassle than it is worth. If you planned to cook the food that day, you may find the need to run out anyway.

Advantages of Shopping in Store
If you have been buying your food from the local store, you will know the quality of the groceries you are purchasing. Once in the store, you can confirm whether the food item is fresh before deciding to buy it. You will also have an opportunity to choose the food that pleases you most. In the store, you will see other products that could remind you of the food item that you had forgotten to place on your list.

Disadvantages of Shopping in Store
The main disadvantage is that it will cost you a lot of time. You might walk into the store only to find long lines. The store could be out of one or more of the items you need to purchase. Such time can be spent doing other things, especially if you have a tight schedule. If you plan to buy a lot of groceries, you will have the burden of loading and unloading the vehicle. A large amount of groceries can be inconvenient if you have to walk or if you are using public transport.

Therefore, the choice of where to buy food will depend on the advantages/disadvantages of both methods. If you wish to buy high-quality seafood such as live Dungeness crab, it is important to focus on which option would give you the best value and results. No matter which choice you make, you could still not be happy with your purchase.  Decide ahead of time which option works best for you. You may find the need to do both and purchase some things online while others you will need to do in store.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Shopping Sam's Club

 Hi neighbors!

The nearest Sam's Club is about 1 hour away, so we often plan a once a month trip to pick up everything on our list.  We shop Sam's for groceries, paper supplies, bottled water (our water quality here is bad, so we go through a lot of water), and other monthly needed supplies.  We also shop Sam's for those other not monthly needed items.  We have been Sam's members for many years and have purchased several computers, a sound system, movie projector (my husband used this in the ministry), blank CD's, printers and such.

I am one of those people who seldom pay full price for anything.  I will usually wait for an item to go on sale or be marked down at a deep discount before making a purchase.  For example we saw a specific couch set when they first put them on display.  My husband commented that he thought it was really nice and might work in our living room.  We had no thought of purchasing at the original price, so we took measurements to make sure it would fit, and then put a pin in the idea for a few months.  Wonder of wonders, it was on clearance when we did our monthly shopping one month, for less than half price.  They even had one left in box.  Yes, it now sits in our living room.

Slickdeals is another good way to save and find Sam's Club coupons and deals as well as other stores and businesses.  They even have a way to save on your online purchases.  You can download their app and find deals and coupon codes. 

My husband likes to shop their clothing.  He has found so many good buys there.  He purchased three pairs of one style of pants because they were so comfortable.  He is constantly looking for gift ideas for the family as well. He has a place in his study where he keeps items he purchases ahead of time.  He used to hide them in odd places, and then could not find them when he needed them! So, now he has a specific place.

Many of our baking supplies for the Holidays come from Sam's, Almond Flour, Chocolate Chips, Vanilla, and all the other bulk supplies.  Having large amounts on hand is helpful because we do so much baking and I hate to have to run out for something because we ran out.   M started leaving a basket out front with different baked treats for our delivery men.

So take it from me, Sam's Club is a place to get great buys and using Slickdeals only makes getting the good deals even sweeter!

Monday, December 21, 2020

Shopping Hobby Lobby!

 Hey neighbors!!

How many of you LOVE to shop at Hobby Lobby? I know I do and so do my girls!That was one of the first stores we visited after stores started opening again this year after lockdown. This was one of our happy places!  Hobby Lobby had been closed for several months, so they were literally clearing out a lot of product at deeply discounted prices. We brought home bag after bag of home decor.  One of my daughters started buying from their baking supplies, pans, cake stand, etc. The picture below shows some of the home decor in our recently refinished bathroom!

Once that slowed down, and I literally mean slowed down, because we were going to Hobby Lobby 1-2 times a week, we went back to our regular Hobby Lobby shopping.  We had 4 Hobby Lobby stores within 2 hours of us.  Now we go about once a month, unless we take a girls trip. One thing I highly recommend, is if you only need one item and you do not want to spend a lot, go straight to that item, grab it, pay and leave the store.  We seldom leave without purchasing a few extra items, because we always check their clearance and check their flyer for which products are on sale.

Another place to check is Slickdeals.  They will have a list of deals, discounts and Hobby Lobby coupons, as well as for other stores.  They have an app, that will help you locate deals easily.  There is also a browser extension that will automatically add discounts to items you are purchasing online! This is a win win!

One of my daughters enjoys calligraphy and another likes journaling.  You can find all kinds of markers, pens and journals at Hobby Lobby.  We like to scrapbook together as well, so we often pull out all our materials at the same time and sit around and craft together while talking.  I am sure you can find some sort of crafts your family can work on at the same time to spend quality time together.  You can draw, paint, build models, paint shirts, embroider, or do a puzzle.

Most recently we ran to Hobby Lobby to grab some of their Christmas decor, that was on sale at 66% off.  The girls and I each purchased an ornament to decorate at home.  We spent Sunday afternoon using markers and paint to design on our ornament. We decided we need to do this every year and date the ornaments. I think they all came out pretty nice!

So make sure you visit Slickdeals.net before you shop at Hobby Lobby next time.  Then enjoy what you find.  Remember, you can always shop online!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Amazon - Coupons and Deals from Slickdeals

 Hey neighbors!!

I am presently doing some last minute gift shopping.  I am looking for gifts that can be delivered in the next day or two.  We are Amazon Prime members, so this should not be too hard to accomplish.  One of the best things is, I can choose to have it delivered directly to the person I am purchasing it for.  Cuts down on the extra time of getting it here and then shipping it out again.  Many items have gift options, where they can wrap the item.  I usually just choose the option to include a message.

I have already sent a package to my secret sister and we have a few other gifts shipping out today, that will arrive no later than Tuesday.  My daughter even shipped a sort of gag gift to a friend in Florida! He fishes a lot and complains about the dolphins, so she sent a stuffed dolphin! It was supposed to arrive today!! Can't wait to hear his response!

I always check out the daily deals on Amazon, but it is really nice when you can find an extra discount.  Slickdeals would be my next stop to see what Amazon coupons and deals are available on items I am searching for. Occasionally it is a benefit to check Slickdeals first, but sometimes I end up finding other things I don't really need.

Slickdeals has an App to help you quickly find the coupons and deals you are looking for.  You can set up alerts when a new deal is available. There is even an extension that automatically applies available deals! Be sure to visit Slickdeals, and get the App.  They have deals and coupons for many more sites and shops than just Amazon! https://slickdeals.net/coupons/amazon/

I have been scouring Amazon the last two days looking for a popcorn popper.  I am one of those who checks reviews and usually won't purchase any item under four stars.  I often choose from lowest price to highest price as well, although sometimes you have to wade through a lot of cheap, low rated products to find one I am comfortable purchasing.

Along with the popcorn popper we sent some Orville Redenbacher popcorn.  I wanted to send a set of seasonings, but many were out of stock and would not arrive until January, so I am choosing to send a gift card to purchase seasonings.

For my Secret Sister, we had lists of items they liked, so I chose a set of Aloe infused socks and gloves.  I have a pair of these and they are so comfortable.  Her set arrived last week! 

 That is only a small portion of what I have purchased the past two months, and of course the rest of the family shops Amazon as well!! If you still are looking for the perfect gift, check out Amazon and Slickdeals! You might find you can meet that holiday deadline!!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Benefits to Educational Toys in Young Kids

It goes without saying that the main function of a teacher is to teach children a wide range of different subject matters. There are many ways that a teacher can achieve this goal. It is not always with books and lessons that teach students the best lessons. Educational toys, which can be purchased easily at a teachers supply store, have been proven to provide many benefits to a child. When children play, they can learn, and that becomes an important part of development. A child can learn additional skills, including problem-solving, conflict resolution, fine motor skill development, creativity, and independence. 

Educational toys can help give a boost to the IQ of kids. They can help improve coordination, memory, literacy, and identification. Learning with toys is a fun way for kids to learn and not even realize it. Some educational toys are tied to specific senses such. A toy with bright lights can improve the sense of sight. Toys that have sounds can improve the sense of hearing. As they grow and continue to play with these toys, they grow to love sounds and colors and want to explore and learn. They can express their feelings, which ultimately helps them become better communicators as they grow older. 

There are educational toys that challenge the child. These toys are usually some type of puzzle. They can be wooden puzzles that allow a child to solve problems in sequence. They can be math problems that encourage them to think about problems in a different way. The puzzles can become more complicated as the child grows. The puzzles help children think about finding different ways to solve problems, which can be applied in real life. Toys can help cultivate creativity in a child. It helps them be curious about their world and everything in it. They can design, build, experiment, and imagine all types of things. It may be surprising, but toys can help children with social and emotional development. Often, when playing a game, children have to interact with each other or with an adult. This forces children to see emotions like anger, tears, and laughter. They can begin to understand emotions and emotional responses to specific stimuli. They learn how to adapt to situations and emotions. The right toys can help children remain engaged and improve their attention span. Children, by nature, have difficulty concentrating. They often become disinterested in activities quickly. These toys help them stay focused on an activity when learning and having fun. 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Still Gift Shopping? Razor Hovertrax!

 Hi neighbors!

Razor has many exciting items for children and teens.  They have Kick Scooters, Electric Scooters, Hoverboards, Skateboards, Trikes, Skates and more.  They of course also sell accessories.

Ours is the Hovertrax Black Label. Designed for ages 8 and up, it has a maximum weight of 176 lbs.  The charge last approximately 40 minutes with a maximum speed of 9 mph. There are two 150 watt motors. We received a black one, but you can also choose purple. The Hoverboard comes with a few choices of grip tape so you can customize it somewhat. The wheel hubs light up as well as the front of the Hoverboard. As always be sure to practice safety when riding the Hovertrax.  The system has Razor's EverBalance Technology to help first time users.

I have a feeling there are a lot of youths and teens who would love to unwrap a Razor Hoverboard this year!

Thank you again for stopping in.  Be sure to click on the Holiday Gift Guide at the top of the page to view other gift ideas!

Highkey for the Holidays

 Hi All,

Many of you are aware that I am diabetic.  I was diagnosed about 10 years ago and have thus far controlled it through diet.  I get so excited when I find products that are designed to be low carb or Keto.  This allows me to expand what I can eat, or even have as snacks.  I have been waiting for my Highkey products to arrive.  I wanted to get this post up right away, so we have not actually used the baking products yet.  I immediately tried the Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies.  They are in a 2.25 oz. bag that contains approximately 2 servings.  Now, many times "special" foods do not taste the greatest, but these cookies are good! Even my husband liked them.  He finished off the few I left in the bag. 

FOMO NO MO' and yes, I had to look it up! Apparently foam means fear of missing out. Now because of Highkey, I don't have to worry about missing out on great test.

I also have their Highkey Protein Cereal in Cocoa flavor.  Just about anything chocolate is good! The cereal is Keto friendly with 0g net carbs. You get 10g of protein, 5g of fat, and it is gluten and grain free.

We will be trying two of the Keto baking mixes soon. One is Keto Muffin and Cupcake Baking Mix, Blueberry flavored and the other is Bread and Muffin Mix Cornbread flavored.  Each of these is also Keto of course! I will let you know how they are after I get a chance to try them out. Between holiday shopping, decorating and having a litter of pups here, we have been super busy.  But, baking is starting soon!!

So, if you know someone who is on a Keto diet, or who is diabetic and eating low carb, consider picking up a few of the Highkey Keto snacks.  You could make a gift basket and throw in a muffin tin, apron, mixing spoons or a movie for watching while snacking one night.  You might even use a large mixing bowl instead of a basket!

Thanks again for stopping by! Check out our other Holiday reviews, by clicking the tab for our gift guid at the top of the page.  See you soon!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Four Tips to Take Your Destination Wedding To The Next Level

With a new diamond ring on your finger, it’s time to start planning a wedding. Remember, your wedding is no run-of-the-mill event. It needs to be luxurious, personal, and just a bit over the top. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for both you and your spouse to be. A destination wedding is a surefire way to have a celebration that is the perfect mix of glamour and excitement. Whether you are thinking of tying the knot on top of a mountain in Colorado or on a beach in Tahiti, these tips will elevate your destination wedding to the next level of luxury.

Hire a Wedding Planner and Take a Planning Trip
One of the joys of a destination wedding is embarking on a new chapter of life in a new locale. But, your wedding trip should not be the first time you visit the area. You will need to hire your wedding planner at least 10 – 12 months in advance, which makes this the perfect time frame for a planning trip. Schedule a face-to-face meeting with your planner and spent the time together discussing your unique style, getting to know each other, scoping out the ceremony and reception venues, and meeting with potential vendors.

Fly Private
During your wedding celebration, you want to be relaxed and present at the moment. Dealing with the hassles of busy airports, waiting in endless lines and spending hours squished into small airplane seats is not the way to start the trip of a lifetime. Instead, charter an aircraft through a private jet company and you will get to your wedding destination in luxury. Even better, invite your nearest and dearest friends and family to join you on your private flight and let everyone start the celebration a bit early. 

Hire Local Vendors
The key to infusing your destination wedding with the unique flair of your locale is to trust local vendors to set the atmosphere. Planning from afar and choosing local vendors may mean letting go of a little control. But, your wedding planner is likely an expert in all the best chefs, florists, and entertainment options. When you select locally-grown flowers and authentic flavors, you will set the stage for an event that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. 

Bring in Your Own Vendors
While food and flowers are perfect spots to use locale vendors, there are some key players on your wedding day that you should bring in for the big day. Ideally, you should fly in your own photographer, makeup artist, and hairstylist. Though there will be added expense, in terms of travel and accommodation costs, the results of working with a team that knows you well are priceless. Sticking with the same photographer for your engagement photos, bridal portraits, and wedding photography means all of your memories will have a cohesive look. Plus, your personal team of photographers and beauty professionals will know your style and all your best angles so that you look stunning at your celebrations.

The Loneliness Solution by Jack Eason

 Hi Neighbors!

2020 has truly turned into one of "those years".  It has affected everyone in one way or another.  Many have been at home for months, with little contact with family and friends.  I know we have missed our nursing home ministry, where we have been some of the only visitors some of those patients have.  For many loneliness has become a way of life.  Even with technology, it just is not the same.  Alcoholism, depression and suicide have all risen this year and I personally believe that much of it is due to lack of personal interaction with others.  So, I was pretty excited to get a chance to read The Loneliness Solution by Jack Eason.

Although the book is not written with 2020 in mind, it certainly applies. He discusses how we have allowed social media making us feel connected to the world, that in fact we are more lonely because it really is not genuine friendships. Don't get me wrong, there are some people I only know through social media and I consider them friends, but we all need that actually contact in person to help us overcome loneliness.

Each chapter of this book will give you something to consider along with questions to answer.  He covers the problem of loneliness first, then gives us the loneliness solution.  He points out that in a recent survey only around half of Americans say they have meaningful, daily face-to-face social interactions. He will give you ideas on how to improve your interaction with others. He cites an example of a man found dead in his home after 4 months. No one noticed him missing, not even his neighbors.  Years ago people used to look out for each other, keeping an eye on elderly neighbors, but we have lost that in our fast paced, internet addicted world. 

Who do you talk to when you feel lonely? We always have a tendency to think of the elderly when we mention loneliness, but it is just as valid a problem for middle age and younger persons. Read this book and find some ways to re-connect.

If you have time, or you could make the time, pick up a copy of The Loneliness Solution, and see for yourself some ways to overcome loneliness and "find a meaningful connection in a disconnected world".

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Top Reasons to Hire A Shipping Company for Business Shipping

Regardless of the size of your business, shipping is a crucial part of merchandising. Importing and exporting are vital components for most companies. What more, if your business is based globally, reaching your customers may become an issue, and this is why most companies eagerly invest in shipping companies. If you are yet to make this move, the benefits of hiring a shipping company Toronto will convince you.

Timely delivery
If you are wary of losing good clientele because your order never reaches on time, you should consider seeking shipping services. A legit shipping company will ensure that your order reaches your customers on time by hiring skilled and trained agents, incorporating broad area coverage with multiple locations, and instituting strong internal networking.

Reliability and security
Safely shipping goods is a major cause of concern for most businesses. However, transporting goods both locally and internationally doesn't have to be a reason to worry when you can get it right. A shipping company can take the stress away by guaranteeing the safe delivery of your orders with top-notch packaging and shipping strategies.

Supply chain management
Shipping goods from one country to another involves various transport modes and awareness of shipping laws in different countries. A professional shipping company will handle everything from order processing and management and workflow management to ensure all supply chain needs are met.

Broader supply chain network
Hiring a shipping company's services offers your business access to a broader network of carriers, custom officials, and agents. With so many options to work with, you can determine the best shipping cost hence saving you money in the long run.

Knowledge and expertise
Shipping is what shipping companies do best and working with one exposes you to their knowledge of real-world experiences. They are up to date with the current shipping technology and methods to improve their efficacy and you can be sure your shipping needs are in the best hands.

Proper documentation and logistics management
The shipping company will handle everything from planning to documentation both locally and globally. They will perform all legalities and formalities, and all you need to do is let them know about the destination.

Whether you need shipping agents or warehousing services, cost-cutting is likely to be on your mind. Shipping services allows you to cut cost because they transport goods in bulk and advise you on shipping procedures hence helping you with several financial issues.

Depending on your company's needs, the shipping company can offer you different capacities throughout the various business quarters. This means you will be more relaxed throughout the season demand highs and low of your business encounters.

Build a partnership
Hiring a shipping company builds a partnership. They work for you to prioritize your needs and interests. They do everything they can to streamline your shipping needs and help you grow.

Better ROI
A legit shipping company is familiar with international shipping laws; hence, it will take less time to complete the shipping process. By dodging unnecessary delays and collecting various shipment projects, you can cut the goods delivery's total cost.

Refinancing the Mortgage on Your Home

 Hey neighbors!!

Now, that most of the holiday shopping is over and we have time to look closer at our finances we are considering refinancing the mortgage on our home.  We really did not overspend, but with everything going on this year my husband thought he it would be a good idea to look into refinancing in 2020.  My son, who worked at a credit union said he recommended checking into our options to refinance.

So, my husband has been checking in to a few different avenues we could go with.  One is working with the bank we already are financed through and getting a lower rate.  They said they should be able to help us with that.  He is also looking into outside options through other companies. 

We have found a mortgage calculator that will help figure payments and that will help us to make a good choice if we do refinance. This calculator is handy even if you are doing your first mortgage.  You simply enter all the necessary information and it will figure out payments for you. 

There are many different reasons why you might consider refinancing.  You can see some of them here. You can possibly lower your payments, save more quickly on your equity, or become more financially stable.  No matter what reason you have for considering refinancing your mortgage, be sure to look at all the different aspects and choose wisely.  Seek advice from a trusted friend or banker before making your final decision.

Have a great holiday!!

Saturday, December 12, 2020

How to Match Christmas Gift Baskets to the Recipient

Christmas gift baskets are one of the most popular choices for gift-giving. Gift baskets are appropriate for people of all ages and there’s a wide range of options for filling the baskets. It is important to choose a Christmas gift basket that is suitable to the recipient, such as their likes and dislikes. For instance, if you are sending a gift basket to a vegan friend, you should consider including vegan chocolates instead of traditional chocolates. Here are some ideas on how to choose the ideal gift basket for everyone on your Christmas gift list.

Relationship to Recipient
The relationship you have to and/or with the recipient is important when choosing what to put in your Christmas gift baskets. For instance, if you are sending a gift basket to a family member or a close friend, you may want to include gifts that are of a higher value. For example, a close friend may prefer to have a variety of vegan chocolates and various tea bags, whereas an office associate may only expect a few traditional chocolates in various flavors and sizes. You can choose almost anything to put in the gift baskets, so take your time and consider their likes and dislikes when filling.

Visual Appeal of the Basket
One of the best things about giving Christmas gift baskets is that you can choose anything from baskets to hampers as the container. The design of the basket should also be chosen to suit the recipient’s likes, such as favorite color, the material, and the shape and size of the basket. Although your first thought may be to simply choose a red or green wicker container for your Christmas gift baskets, you can choose almost any type of container and make it Christmas themed.

Gift baskets are usually designed around a theme, so your first choice to celebrate the holidays would naturally be to send a Christmas themed gift basket. However, the contents, the container, and the decorations are completely different things. So, just because you are sending Christmas Gift Baskets doesn’t mean that every part of the basket must be Christmas related. For instance, if one of your recipients is a golfer, you may consider filing a plain wicker basket with a variety of golf-related items, such as tees and golf balls as well as a few snacks to enjoy while golfing and the final touches could be colorful ribbons and a Christmas card. To design and send the perfect Christmas gift baskets simply think about what the recipient enjoys and create a theme around their likes.

Manly Man Co - Gifts for the Males in Your Life

Hey neighbors!

Here is a company that has some really neat gifts for the male member in your family or your circle of friends.  Manly Man Co has Jerky in some pretty amazing flavors, and they are shipped in some of the most unique containers.

For example we have a Best Jerky Tactical X-mas Stocking Kit!  It is filled with 7 different types of Jerky, a Manly Man coaster and a Man Card, a unique bottle opener. It is personalized with my husbands name. It is definitely a gift he will remember.  I did pull the two alcohol flavored Jerky as we do not do anything alcohol, but that still leaves him with five new flavors to try.  They also have several other stockings with different flavors of Jerky.  I have a feeling my husband is going to love this!

They also have Ammo Can gift sets, Jerky you can personalize with a message, as well as other gift ideas. One thing I have to share though is they have bacon scented wrapping paper! Sound strange? Amazingly enough, it truly smells like bacon.  I am hoping none of the dogs think it is a treat for them! LOL!

SO if you are still looking for a great gift idea, check out the Manly Man Co.

LocoKidz - Indoor Forts for the Holidays


Are you a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle etc. looking for the perfect gift for the kid/s you know? If so then I have a wonderful idea for what you could get them! LocoKidz had kids forts that are so adorable and something every child will love. They sent us the Fantasy Fort and the Fantasy Space Fort. I know several little kiddos who would love to receive these as a Christmas  present. This is the perfect gift for any child but especially something great to get for multiple siblings, a good, fun way for them to play together. 

These are easy to build and a great way to bond with your children, they can *help* you build. The space fort comes with a space storybook. These forts are a creative, interactive way for your kids to let loose, have fun and learn. As I mentioned above they are easily put together and you can easily take it down, they come with a bag for quick storage. 

As you can see above the Fantasy Fort comes with 439 pieces.  It includes 2 blankets to cover the fort, 5 meter long lights, and 62 balls.

The Fantasy Space Fort has 239 pieces. It includes a book, 5 meter long lights, 2 space blankets, and 21 balls.

I am thinking these forts will make great indoor winter fun for children. They can be used to play in, take naps, read in, or even an overnight sleep out in the house. Definitely a lot of fun to be had!

VocoPro - A Gift to Give


Hey all!

VocoPro has the most amazing setup for someone who does interviews, podcast, videos, etc. online.  I am hoping to get a lot of use out of this system over the next several months, as well as my daughter using it for her interviews. It is called the Streamer-Live.

This system has a ring light, a microphone, a place to hold 2 cell phones, and an amazing board.  You can plug in earphones, and a second microphone. You can connect to your computer or use wireless Bluetooth input.

From VocoPro: The STREAMER USB audio interface also has tons of features including Bluetooth wireless input, 16 sound effects, both chat and singing mode with features like pitch correction, pitch bend & vocal eliminator for accompaniment music. This makes it one of the most flexible AND affordable audio interface packages on the market for content creators.

We are just beginning to learn how to use the system, but be assured you will see some of the interviews and Vlogs as we get more comfortable. This set is also easy enough to put assemble and take down, so you can take it with you if needed.  

VocoPro also carries many other supplies and equipment for your recording needs.