Tuesday, December 3, 2019

White Elephant Game

Hey neighbors!!

Have any holiday get togethers planned?  If so consider having a White Elephant gift exchange.  Not sure how to set one up?  Well, let me tell you about the White Elephant Party Kit from Solid Roots.  This has everything you need to host a White Elephant gift exchange, except the gifts.

Inside the box you will find:
35 numbered ornaments
1 Christmas Tree Game Board
1 Santa Bag
100 Stolen Stickers
6 Mystery Gift Stickers
35 Game Changer Cards
1 Die

They have included three different ways to play.  There is  Classic Play, Game Changer Cards, and Blitzen (using the die).  They also includes hints and tips to make the game go smoothly.

The Origins of the White Elephant
White Elephant dates back several hundred years when the King of Siam, who was a tad bit passive aggressive, gave outrageous gifts to people he didn't care for.  One gift was an actual white elephant- something the recipient couldn't refuse, but would have a terrible time logistically and financially caring for.

Over the years, White Elephant became synonymous with gifts one would rather not have.  It became the perfect name for a gift exchange in which you might get something incredibly useful, or you might just go home with a "white elephant".

Today the game is played every year by millions of people who have to make that all important choice: do I steal the awesome headphones from Uncle Patrick or do I take my chances on the one with the big bow?

Be sure to visit the Solid Roots website where you will find the White Elephant Party Kit, normally $24.95, now $16.99.  Then try following them on social media.
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