Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Comfy - Gift for the Cuddler!

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Have you heard of The Comfy?  I will tell you ahead of time, I personally am going through that stage in life, where cuddling up in a blanket is not quite so tempting.  I am way too hot too often to want extra covering, but...my daughter on the other hand loves nothing more than curling up with a good book or a Hallmark movies on with her cup of coffee or hot cocoa while she is wrapped in a snuggly, warm, soft blanket.  She also loves to snuggle up on trips.  Here is where The Comfy comes in!  And I will say this is sooooooooo comfortable!!

The Comfy is a large, super soft, comfortably over-sized, hooded sweatshirt.  It is a soft fleece, microfiber on the outside, and is lined inside with premium fluffy sherpa.  Now, I may not want to wear one right now, but if my internal thermostat ever returns to normal, this is what I want on a cool winter night!!  The Comfy has a huge pocket on the front.  The sleeves have ribbed cuffs for a nice fit.  The Comfy has a high low hem.  It is so easy to wash when needed, simply wash and then tumble dry on low and you are good to go.

The Comfy will make a great gift for a teenager, college student, or just about anyone you know who loves to curl up and stay warm.  These would be great to take to sporting events, an evening at the beach, or watching the holiday parade.  The Comfy also comes in kid's sizes and they make Comfy Feet to keep your feet warm.  The Comfy comes in several different colors, so even men can find a Comfy to wear.

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