Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Story Time Chess for the Holidays!

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Story Time Chess is a really neat gift idea for your children this year.  It is designed to teach young children how to play chess and it is recommended for ages 3 and up.  I really love the concept of this game.  We have 6 children, all grown now, but my husband taught each of them to play chess.  We ended up with two who love to play and beat their dad.  The others still play, they just are not quite as competitive at it.

Teaching Story Book

This set of Story Time Chess comes with an instruction book for parents, a storybook to read to the children, standard chess instructions, a double sided chessboard (standard chess side and story side), a set of custom chess pieces, 32 Character Cutouts, 30 Crown Tokens, a Crown Card game mat and 30 Crown Cards.

Chess pieces and Card Game

Story Time Chess teaches chess one piece at a time.  There is a story about each King and how he can move with a cute lesson to help your child remember.  Each piece has a story, so there are 8 chapters in all.  Work at your child's pace.  Some may catch on faster, while other may need more time.  You work on one piece at a time until your child understands how that piece can move.  Keep practicing with that piece, and add a new piece.  The Character Cutouts are to place on the pines to help your child recognize each piece.  They can be removed once your child understands the game and pieces.  The Crown Card Game is to play after your child has learned all of the pieces and how they move.  I can see how this method would really help a child learn to play chess.

Character Cutouts

A funny story here.  When one of my daughters was 5, she was visiting a friend who asked if she wanted to play checkers.  She quickly explained that she did not know how, but would love to play chess!!

Extra Game

So consider a Story Time Chess set ($49.99) for your child or grandchild.  Visit the Story Time Chess website and then follow them on their social media.
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Story Game Board

Official Game Board

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