Thursday, December 12, 2019

Soap Cauldron - My Type of Gift

Hi neighbors!

I am so excited to be able to share Soap Cauldron products with you for your holiday gifting.  We found them on the internet and thought they sounded pretty good.  When they arrived....they are great!! They are basically divided in two different categories, Three Sister's Apothecary and Soapy Tails.

M has already claimed the Three Sister's Apothecary first Sea Salt Scrub as her own!!  We received the Meyer Lemon Sea Salt Scrub and the Eucalyptus Mint Sea Salt Scrub.  She loves the Meyer Lemon!  Not that she doesn't like the Eucalyptus Mint too, but the Meyer Lemon is her top choice.  It has a perfect citrus scent.  The Eucalyptus Mint is probably my favorite between the two.

We also received some products from their Soapy Tails line, for dogs!!  I LOVE these bar soaps!!  I have never been a big fan of bar soaps for bathing dogs, but I really like these.  They lather up and leave a fragrant scent when you are done.  The dog's coat does not feel gummy or sticky when you are done!!

Tongue out!!
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I will be posting more about Soap Cauldron in the future since I really like the products and feel like I am rushing to get them in the Gift Guide!  Thanks for stopping in, where neighbors share!!

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LauraJJ said...

Oh those look so fun! I know I would also love the lemon!