Friday, December 13, 2019

Simplily - Great Gift Idea!!

Hey neighbors!!

When you are looking for gifts, consider Simplily Co.  They have wonderful travel bags and other gear!!  We took ours on our Pigeon Forge trip in the fall.  It was so nice!!  

They have weekend bags, toiletry bags, jewelry bags, bags for shoes, small backpack, totes, and insulated bags!  Any bag you could possibly need for travel bags can be found at Simplily, other than huge suitcases.  

The above bag hung in the cabin bathroom the entire week, and I could just grab what I needed.

This little bag worked great for carrying my jewelry and a couple small hair clips.

Slipped it right inside the weekender bag.  I was also able to stuff in the bathroom bag!

I love this set and have them all stored together in my bedroom for our next trip!!  Simplily presently has some deals going on, so be sure to visit the Simplily website and grab a few gifts!  Also take a moment to follow them on their social media.
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See you soon, where neighbors share!!

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Tracie Cooper said...

This would make the perfect gift for my mom!