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Plus-Plus - Construction Toy


Are you looking for a toy this season that will encourage creativity, motor skills and use of imagination and is suitable for ages five and up? Look no more! Plus-Plus is a unusual construction toy that will do all these.  In fact even older children and adults will be amazed at the possibilities of creation with this fantastic building toy!  These could easily be a stocking stuffer.

One thing that makes these unique is the fact that they are all one shape! That is correct- ONE shape! Each piece easily connects to the either direction, Yet one can construct on a simple level of flat mosaics or build in 3-D.  Any Plus-Plus set can be mixed with any other set to provide even more fun! Sets include various dinosaurs including a t-Rex, Stegosaurus and others, fish including sea turtles and jellyfish, wild animals like giraffes and tigers, pirate ships, knights and castles, fire trucks and the list goes on!  

Tube sets are especially ideal for travel but are also great for normal daily use such as car rides, a friends home or even in a restaurant while waiting for the meal.  Wherever you decide to open  your Plus-Plus building set, your child can look forward to hours of fun! With each regular tube containing 240 plus pieces in a variety of colors and easy to follow directions, they are convenient to carry and they make ideal gifts! Plus-Plus also has mini tube sets (about 70 pieces), that have less pieces but are still perfect for hours of fun!

They also sell baseplate sets, that give you a small area to build on.  We have the Nature one.  See our picture of the one we worked on.  

So jump in on the enjoyment! Grab a few Plus-Plus construction sets and make a child happy!  Then try one for yourself and you will discover that not only children can get some pleasure from this one shape with endless possibilities!

Plus-Plus USA is the exclusive distributor of Plus-Plus toys in the USA.  Plus-Plus are made in Denmark.  Visit the Plus Plus website and then follow them on social media.
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