Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Party Animal has Gifts for Him!

Hi neighbors!!

So good to see you today.  I want to introduce you to Party Animal.  They specialize in toys, flags, decor and more.  Most of their products are sports oriented, but they also carry a few superhero items.  Here I have a embossed metal sign of Batman!  A great gift for that bat cave!!  This 14.5 by 11.5 metal sign with the classic Batman will look great hanging on the wall.

We also have two really nice Batman LED Nightlights. The switch on the side allows them to be on, off or in auto mode.  Auto mode will turn on in in the dark, and will go off when lights or daylight are present.  One of the nightlights has the caped Crusader, and the other has the Batman Logo.  We Both are LED and both can be set to on, off or auto.  All the Batman items are officially licensed.

The nightlights could easily be used as a stocking stuffer.

Party Animal Teeny Mates and Squeezy Mates are great stocking stuffers for the sports fan in the family whether they are 5 or 55.  The Teeny Mates comes with two small figures, 2 puzzle pieces and 2 player profiles in each foil packet.  The Squeezy Mates include one very squishable figure with a carabiner so you can clip him on your backpack, gym bag, or rearview mirror.

Visit the Party Animal website and take a look around at all they have to offer.  After you are done, you can give them a follow on their social media.
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE
Instagram - HERE

Nice to talk! See you soon, where neighbors share!

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