Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Movo VGC-3 Selfie Ring Light Kit

Hey neighbors!!

Know anyone who likes vlogging? Then this is the perfect gift from Movo!!  The Movo VGC-3 Selfie Ring Light Kit has everything needed, other than the phone for making videos for your website, Youtube or Facebook.  This is so simple to use.

The setup is basically a clamp with three flexible, posable arms.  One arm has the selfie ring light.  The second arm is to hold the clamp for your phone and the third arm is for the microphone.  The light has a USB cord with a controller on the cord.  You can change light to three different color settings and 10 different levels of brightness.  The microphone comes with the necessary cords to attach to your phone.

My daughter often does short video clips for her website, so this would be a perfect gift for her.  My husband does a Sunday evening live Bible Study using his phone and this would work for him too!  Now to decide who to give it to.

Below is a very short video clip I recorded using the Movo VGC-3 Selfie Ring Light Kit.  Not the best video ever, but it gives you an idea.  I can tell this would be a good setup for a makeup or beauty blogger too!

Movo has many other great products for photographers, vloggers, bloggers, pod casters and more.  Be sure to visit the Movo website, and then take time to follow them on their social media.
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