Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Moji Heated Lower Back Wrap - Gifting

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Here is a wonderful gift idea for the holidays!!  A Heated Lower Back Wrap from Moji.  This wrap provides a moist heat when you remove the cell/pack and heat it in the microwave.  This wrap is not electric or battery heated, so you can move around while wearing this wrap.

Back of the wrap.

It is easy to use the Moji Lower Back Wrap.  Simply remove the cell. which is velcro attached to the wrap.  Only heat the cell in the microwave, never the actual wrap.  Heat for 1 minute 45 seconds.  They say to never heat for more than 2 minutes 10 seconds.  Make sure your microwave is clean before heating.  The wrap by itself will work as a quality compression wrap.
Cell attached by velcro to the wrap.

Moji has other heated wraps.  They also have heated rollers and massagers.  If you are interested in more than one item, be sure to look at their bundle deals. Moji wants to help you to be more active and to live pain free.
Other side of the heating cell.

Both my husband and I experience lower back pain.  We are going to be getting a lot of use out of the MojiHeat Lower Back Wrap.

Small pockets on each side of the wrap to help get it on and snug.

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