Friday, December 13, 2019

Know Someone Too Busy to Exercise? Cubii Makes a Great Gift

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Sometimes it is hard to get exercise in your schedule.  You sit at a desk all day long, then after dinner you just want to sit on the couch and relax.  Cubii can help with that.  Cubii is a small compact elliptical, that will allow you to get in some exercise while sitting at your desk or even sitting on your couch watching your favorite Hallmark over the holiday season.

There are a few different styles of Cubii, we received the Cubii Jr. The Cubii Jr. has a built in LED monitor that will track your workouts.  Using the Cubii Jr. at your desk or while relaxing on your couch will add extra steps to your day, burn calories and allow you to get in a quick workout.

From Cubii:
- Patented whisper-quiet design lets you pedal smoothly with plenty of clearance for knees and no noise disruptions.
- Sleek, compact design fits seamlessly into any space.
- Built-in handle makes it portable.
- 8 levels of resistance, start slow & increase performance over time.
- Use at your office, your home or for physical rehab.

You can easily adjust the amount of resistance you want while pedaling by adjusting the dial. The Cubii is very quiet, so it will not disturb your work or if you are watching g your favorite show.  It is convenient to use as you use it right at home or in your office.  No running to the gym to fit in a workout.

Consider purchasing a Cubii for someone this year.  Maybe gift it to yourself!!

Check out the Cubii website and then follow them on their social media.
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