Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Theraspecs Cut Down on Screen Glare

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Check out the Theraspecs we received!! One of my daughters is seriously bothered by glare from lights, her computer screen, even sun coming in the window.  When she watches something at night, she wants all the lights off in the room, because the glare bothers her.  Since she transcribes, she needs to be on her computer for long periods of time, that is why we checked out Theraspecs!

Theraspecs are designed for people with light sensitivity, migraines and those recovering from a concussion.  They are tinted to filter out harmful light that triggers migraines, headaches and eyestrain.  "In fact, a clinical study of the TheraSpecs tint showed that participants experienced 74 percent fewer attacks per month." 

They say that wearing regular sunglasses inside can actually make light sensitivity worse over time.  Theraspecs on the other hand block the harmful light and filter the pulsing from fluorescent lights. Theraspecs does have glasses designed for outdoor wear also.  Having glasses for light sensitivity just makes sense for us.

A few facts from Theraspecs:
  • The TheraSpecs precision tint filters wavelengths of blue-green light that research shows can trigger or worsen general photophobia as well as light-sensitive conditions (e.g. migraine, traumatic brain injury)
  • About 90% of those who try TheraSpecs find some level of light sensitivity relief across a wide spectrum of improvements—ranging from fewer light-triggered migraine attacks or headaches to reduced eye strain and/or photophobia.
  • Indoor lenses are ideal for artificial light, including fluorescents and digital screens, and are more therapeutic than wearing dark sunglasses indoors.
  • We also offer outdoor lenses, which are dark and polarized like normal sunglasses but which add the enhanced protection of our precision tint for outdoor brightness and glare.
  • We can create prescription and custom frame TheraSpecs for those in need of customized solutions for their light sensitivity.
  • Pricing for indoor, non-prescription TheraSpecs starts at $99; outdoor, non-prescription TheraSpecs start at $129.
  • Customers can order online at https://www.theraspecs.com

Theraspecs will make a great stocking stuffer or gift for that special someone who suffers from light sensitivity or migraines.  The company offers a 60 day risk-free trial.  Be sure to visit their website and follow them on their social media.
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